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CarChat with Jamie Tibbetts

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CarChat with Jamie Tibbetts of Epigroove in Chicago about everything from his views on the automotive bailouts, to his first car, his opinion on supercars, what kind of car style he likes, what country he feels makes the best cars, his three favorite cars, his last dealership experience, and his latest road trip story. It's even got a great set of bloopers at the end.


Question. What do you think about the bailouts?

Answer. I'm pro bailout. As far as I know, and I don't know specific details, but I'm for people not loosing their job, I'm for car brands that have long history not going under, and as far as I can tell, the government got most or all of the money back so I don't see how you could be against that.

Question. What was your first car?

Answer. I could answer that three different ways. The first car that was sort of mine... I didn't own it, but my dad bought it off a neighbor was a 1986 used Isuzu Pup four-speed and he got that originally from a neighbor who originally got it to tow his boat in and out of the water but soon realized that truck was wool-fully unprepared for that task. So I got it to go to college and it was good for towing stuff back and forth but it couldn't even get out of my parking spot if there was just a tiny bit of ice. I had to put a huge bag of sand in the back, so I got about a year's worth out of that before my dad took it back and got me a '91 Honda Civic DX, which is like the lowest of the low. Manual everything. In fact, it only came with two speakers. I had to go and have speakers drilled in the back to have rear speakers. That was sort of my first car because that was the first car I actually had to do oil changes and put all money into maintenance but after a while it started breaking down and I was sick of putting money into it.

So the first car I bought and owned outright now, and it's actually the same car I still use is a 2002 Honda Civic Si.

Question. Are you into supercars?

Answer. Nooo. No. You know, you grow up, and you're in junior high... and everybody... I grew up in the eighties so growing up we talked about everybody wanted the Countach, which the doors that (you know), but, at a certain point it wore off. I didn't carry that into adult hood. So, I mean, if you asked me, would I take a Tesla? Sure. But I don't pine over supercars. No.

Question. What kind of car style do you prefer? A hatchback, a wagon, a coupe or a sedan?

Answer. I probably don't have a strong opinion one way or the other. I have a hatchback. My wife has a hatchback. We're hatchback people. If I had to buy a new car, would I buy a hatchback? No. It's just whatever strikes my fancy at that time, whatever's out i'll buy if it looks cool.

Question. What country do you think makes the best cars?

Answer. Don't care. I don't think i'll ever care. I'm more about features I guess. I don't really care where it comes from. My next car, when my Civic eventually dies (and I will run that thing into the ground), by then, I will probably and hopefully have a choice of a ton of kick-ass electric cars and I probably won't give a shit where they come from just as long as they are good.

Question. What are your three favorite cars on the road today?

Answer. I don't follow cars, so I don't really have an answer but I think anytime you ask me that from now on I'll probably say whatever electronic cars are. Electric cars are where it's at. You got Tesla, The Leaf and the Volt.

Question. Tell us about a good car dealership experience you had?

Answer. The only experience I've had with a dealership buying a car is when I bought my 2002 Civic and I went on the internet cause I don't want to deal with people, I'm not a bargaining person. I went on, contacted three dealerships in the area, asked them to give me their lowest price and took that price and went and asked the dealership down the street... I didn't even go in. I just called them. Can you match this price? The sales manager said yes. I will be there in two minutes. Went in. Bought the car and left a couple of hours later.

Question. How often do you drive, and do you enjoy driving when you do?

Answer. I don't drive very often because I work out of the house. Do I enjoy driving? No. Only because usually driving where I live involves stop lights, traffic, everything you can possibly think of that annoying about driving. I'm very rarely on the open road going as fast as I want to go with no traffic so I generally don't like driving.

Question. Tell me a road trip story.

Answer. I'm not a big drive long distances kind of guy, or wasn't, until last year. After four of five hours I gotta get of of the car. I can't stand it. But we did drive last year to Asheville, North Carolina from Chicago so it was 12-hours each way and I made the entire trip back, with dogs and I survived so maybe I will become a road trip guy in later life.

Question. Car color?

Answer. Black.

Question. Chevy or Ford?

Answer. Ford.

Question. Manual or Auto?

Answer. Automatic. Who cares.

Question. BMW or Audi?

Answer. Who cares.

Question. Coupe or convertible?

Answer. Coupe.

Question. Drive or be driven?

Answer. Drive.

Question. EV, Hybrid, gasoline or diesel?

Answer. EV. It's the future. What are you going to do?

The bloopers reel ends the interview.

Jamie Tibbetts is a Chicago-based web designer/developer from Epigroove

(Thanks to Cysion for the music)

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