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CarChat with Jennifer Kedinger

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CarChat with Jennifer Kedinger, Social Media Marketing Manager of Hyatt Regency, Chicago. We cover her strong feeling on the green movement, public transportation and talk about the bailouts, the state of Detroit and her unusual car dealer experience.


Question. What was your first car?

Answer. My first car was a 1993 Ford Bronco. Yes. That is the car that O.J. had and I was in high school and I'd get a little harassed about that but I just think that they were really jealous of the car.

Question. If you had a car that you could have without any limitations, what would it be?

Answer. You mean complete full-service, everything? It would be a Mini Cooper hands down. Probably because the Italian Job, although I can't really drive like that. I'm just driving on the Kennedy, to and from work.

Question. Do you think we should have bailed out the car companies?

Answer. Oh jeez... you're gonna ask me tough questions? I mean, look at the state of Detroit. You kind of have to help them out a bit. That city is being overrun by so many people that are struggling. I mean, that a yes and no kind of question. Yes, I do think so, but then, no, 'cause I don't want to pay for it.

Question. What's your favorite car color?

Answer. You know, I've always had green. I don't know why that is. Maybe it's because it was the cheapest car on the lot? I'm not sure. Maybe it's the color of money. You tell me.

Question. Have you had a bad car experience?

Answer. Many. I could start with the most recent. I was driving up to my best friends' bachelorette party and I was maybe 15-minutes out of the city, the radio turns off, the speedometer is not working, the wheel starts to lock up, I can't really brake or accelerate so thank god I was in the outside lane and I just cruised over to the emergency lane to sit on the side of the road for 45-minutes and wait for AAA in 90-degree weather. With no air-conditioning

Question. Have you had a bad car dealership experience?

Answer. Umm... this is really embarrassing. I was dropping a friend off at the Saturn dealership in Schaumburg and the sun was in my eyes in the rear-view mirror and I had just dropped him off and was backing out and I hear a crunch and it was a brand new car. I ended up exchanging information with the dealership so that I could give them my insurance and then, just after I pulled out, I was going really fast. I just had to get the heck out of Schaumburg and I got pulled over by the police for speeding. So within ten minutes, I hit a parked car in the Saturn dealership and got pulled over by the police. But, the police let me off because I was laughing at the stupidity that had just happened. But I did get a warning. So I guess I didn't get completely off scott-free. So...

Question. What are your three favorite cars on the road today?

Answer. The Mini Cooper. I really like the CRV. My mom has one and I like the way it drives, And then I just have to say the Bronco. I know that they're not making them anymore but I really wish that they would.

Question. What do you thin of the green movement in the automotive industry?

Answer. I think it's really important. Cause clearly, not as many people are taking public transportation as they should be. I just think that we all expected it be a little further along by now. I remember in elementary school them talking about how cars were gonna be run off solar power in the year 2000 and it was gonna be a whole new age. Were not there yet.

Question. Do you think cars are important?

Answer. I mean... it's nice to... They're convenient. I don't know how important they are if you have a good public transportation system. They're important for people who live in the suburbs and in the country maybe but, if you're in the city, I feel like the CTA does its job. Its your own personal chauffeur. Every time I ever think about winning the Lotto the first thing I'd is buy a chauffeur.

I wouldn't buy a chauffeur. I'd hire a chauffeur. Don't think you can buy someone. Unless you can. Can you buy someone?

(Thanks to Todd Sines for the music)

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