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CarChat with Inger Tanderup

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CarChat with art director Inger Tanderup about everything from her first car, her favorite car, her favorite car brand and her car regrets.


Question. What was your first car?

Answer. It was an Alfa Romeo. We had it for two or three years. It was an awesome car. Broke down all the time

Question. Why do Alfas break down?

Answer. It just does. It's an Alfa. It's beautiful design, it drives fantastic but it's an Italian car. They break down all the time. That was the deal of the Alfa, and you kind of know that when you get an Alfa. It's probably gonna be at the shop.

I remember once, where we lived, the guy downstairs, he actually had a shop, and so one day we had him check out the car just because... I can't remember exactly what was going on, but there was something a little weird about it, and he checked it out. It turned out that had we gone on another ride, the wheel would have fallen off. It was just... like What?!

Question. What is your favorite brand?

Answer. Even tho I could have picked Ferrari, or Lamborghini, I would probably pick something much more tangible. Something I would actually would drive, so in that case, I probably would pick something like Mini.

What I love about the Mini, it's not so much the design interior, because i think it was great when it came out but now it's a little dated, but I love driving it. It's so small. Something that you take on, so any car that is maneuverable, controllable... I just love to drive. So I don't like just sitting in a big boxy car and being on "automatic", I actually like driving my car.

Question. What is your dream car?

Answer. It would be a small vehicle. It would definitely be... it probably would be a two-seater too. It would be, not necessarily a race car, but something like the Mini that you kind of "put on". You feel very small, you feel like it's almost like you're on a bike that you can completely control. It just "does" with you. I don't like big cars at all, so it's a small vehicle.

And then on top of that, it's the design thing, so I would right away, I would be turning to Italy because I like the Alfas, I like the Ferrari. I love beautiful design and so I wouldn't necessarily want to drive a Ferrari, I'd probably think it's too much, but I would totally be looking into the Alfas. Once and a while I see some design of their's and I think "OMG... so beautiful".

Question. What car do you regret selling?

Answer. None.

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