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Carrozzeria Touring

Italy, 1926-1967.
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Carrozzeria Touring was an automobile coachbuilder established in 1926. Founder, Felice Bianchi Anderloni previously worked for Isotta-Fraschini as a test driver, as well as the Italian operations of Peugeot.

The company was built from Carrozzeria Falco by Anderloni and Gaetano Ponzoni, adopting the Touring name shortly after. Carozzeria Falco belonged to Vittorio Ascari, brother of Alfa Romeo champion, Antonio Ascari. Anderloni and Ponzoni remained with the company until it ceased operations 40 years later.

touring milano emblem

The Touring Body Shop started its activity in a plant located in a suburb immediately north of Milan (in via Ludovico de Breme 65) only a short distance from Alfa Romeo, Italian Citroen, and the former Isotta-Fraschini plant. Predictably, Touring's first bodywork assignments were for these companies, as well as the creation of hunting and fishing vehicles for Queen Margaret.

Anderloni came to Touring more as an automobile designer than a car constructor, and learned the mechanics of the trade as the company progressed. The company licensed Charles Weymann's system of fabric-covered lightweight frames, a predecessor of their own Superleggera construction system. Touring hired Giuseppe Seregni, who previously collaborated with Anderloni on the 1927 Isotta-Fraschini "Flying Star", as its first professional designer.

Touring's skills with light alloy and fabric-covered tubing forms brought commercial success in aircraft production in the 1930s, leading Anderloni to develop the patented Superleggera construction system. This "super lightweight" system consists of a structure of small diameter tubes to form the body's shape with thin alloy panels attached to cover and strengthen the framewoek. Aside from light weight, the Superleggera technique gave great flexibility, allowing Touring to quickly construct innovative body shapes.

Prior to World War II, Touring gained fame for their Superleggera Alfa Romeo designs, particularly on the 8C 2900 chassis. Another famous Superleggera Touring body was found on the aerodynamic BMW 328. Anderloni died in 1948, just as the company was reconstructing after the war, but he and Federico Formenti were involved in a few post-war master works, the Ferrari 166 coupe and spider.

The company quickly re-energized after the war, with the Superleggera system widely licensed and copied. Anderloni's son, Carlo Felice Bianchi Anderloni (1916-2003), commonly called Cici, took over management of the firm, with the guidance of Ponzoni. Touring was particularly active late in the 1950s, with series production taken on of the Pegaso Z-102, Alfa Romeo 1900 Super Sprint and 2600, Aston Martin DB4, Lancia Flaminia GT, Lamborghini 350 and 400 GT and Maserati 3500 GT. The firm also worked with Hudson Motors chief stylist Frank Spring on the development of the 1954 Hudson Italia.

This expansion proved unsustainable, however, as many companies took coachbuilding chores in-house. Touring also lost out to larger competitors like Pininfarina (with Ferrari) and ItalDesign. The company's efforts to adhere to traditional methods and high standards ultimately led to its downfall.

Many of the company's workers went to Carrozzeria Marazzi, continuing to build Maserati bodies. Cici himself went to Alfa Romeo as an advisor to the design department, and eventually took over the company's design altogether. Since 2003, the Villa d'Este Concours offers the Carlo Felice Bianchi Anderloni Memorial Trophy, to the most elegant car with Touring body.

Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera started a new chapter in modern history when Marazzi entered in a collaboration agreement with the international automotive Zeta Europe BV group in 2006, which also included the transfer of the Touring Superleggera brand rights to Zeta Europe BV. Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera srl. will remain Milan-based and has an extensive automotive design- and prototyping program for the years to come. It represents the continuation of a long and rich tradition of Italian style and coachbuilding.

(text source: Wikipedia)

touring logo2.gif

touring logo1.gif

ferrari 166 48

1948 Ferrari 166 MM Touring Superleggera Barchetta.

Registro Touring Superleggera   Official site.
h.d.dambacher3487 days ago

May we draw your attention to the court cases pending against the infringement of trademark rights by the illegal Superleggera re-launch. Details are available trough newswire press release regarding the touring superleggera brand. Sincerely h. d. dambacher

CT3487 days ago

The Reuters article.

Paul VJ Koot3476 days ago

Dear Sirs,

Following on the previous comment of H.D. Dambacher, please note and that there is absolutely nothing 'illegal' about the Touring relaunch or the Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera srl. company in Milan.
Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information and keep up the good works.


Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera srl.
Paul VJ Koot, CEO
Milano, Italia

CT3476 days ago

Thanks Paul, for commenting on this matter. If you would like me to post any additional information on this, please send it to us and we will gladly post it.

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Thanks for awesome article.

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I have been searching for this stuff since 14days. Lastly i found your site. Great stuff with quality info. I have passed ur site to my friends. thanks. regards, Lilly.

zxdfd3142 days ago

That there is absolutely nothing 'illegal' about the Touring relaunch or the Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera srl. company in Milan. thanks for sharing, Regards, Henry.

games3139 days ago

Well the build Maserati bodies. Cici himself went to Alfa Romeo as an advisor to the design department, and eventually took over the company's design altogether.thanks for post.

acai3125 days ago

Thanks for awesome article mate.

max3087 days ago

The company was built from Carrozzeria Falco by Anderloni and Gaetano Ponzoni.

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H.D.Dambacher2854 days ago

What is illegal about the presumed trademark rights of Zeta BV can easily be learned from the European Trademark Office. Under its cancellation sentence of March 20th 2010 it has ruled the presumed Italian rights to Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera invalid link
The only legal proprietor of the marque is Tourung Superleggera®Ltd. of Birmingham GB.
The infringement of the trademark and abuse of the brand in the media, venues like Autosalon Geneve, Villa d' Este, will be prosecuted. Touring Superleggera®Ltd. is just now implementing its vast business plan with a proper relaunch of the Touring Superleggera® brand in all the fields protected by its trademark rights.

The Mr. Dambacher of the previous comment forgets to state that the so-called trademarks of 'Touring Superleggera limited' , a totally empty postbox company in the UK, are based on a fraudulous and immoral registration committed in bad faith in Germany in 2003, only a few weeks after Carlo Felice Bianchi Anderloni regretfully passed away. Mr. Dambacher and his pirate trademark companies were already condemned in a.o. Switzerland and were forbidden to further use the trademarks by the Zurich court.
Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera srl. will continue to defend and develop its unique, rich and legitimate Italian heritage.

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