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Chang'an Automotive Group (also called Chang'an Motors and Chang'an auto) is an industrial manufacturer in Chongqing, China. The company has three joint ventures to build automobiles with Chinese, Japanese, and Western auto companies, and plans to build self-designed models for export in the near future. As of 2005, Chang'an is the fourth-largest producer of automobiles in China.

changan v logo

Chang'An logo (for passenger vehicles). The V-shape demonstrates Victory and Value.

The company began assembling inexpensive commercial trucks under license from Suzuki Motors in 1990. Shortly after, in 1992, the two companies formed Chang'an Suzuki to built licensed versions of the Suzuki Alto and Swift. In 2001, Chang'an Ford was formed to build CKD Ford Focus, Fiesta, and Mondeos. The company is currently building a new factory in Nanjing to build Mazda cars. The company's own self-branded vehicle, the Chang'an CM8, was launched in 2005.

ChangAn Auto Co. Ltd, or simply called ChangAn, is one of the most renowned carmakers in China. Its headquarters is located in Chongqing. ChangAn has a long history. It was founded in Shanghai in 1862 by Hongzhang Li, a famous character in the Westernization Movement of the Qing dynasty. It was called Shanghai Foreign Gun Bureau at that time and soon developed to be the first industrial group in modern China. ChangAn first dabbled in the auto industry in 1957 and made the first Jeep, called Yangtze River, in China. It began a technical and commercial cooperation with Suzuki company of Japan in 1984 and the two companies jointly produced ChangAn mini-cars and Jiangling engines. From then on, cars and engines steadily became the mainstays of ChangAn. ChangAn was officially renamed as ChangAn Auto Co. Ltd in 1997.

ChangAn is a fast-growing group. It has three production bases, one each in the southwest, east and north of China. It cooperated with international auto leaders such as Ford, Mazda and Suzuki and has established several joint ventures in China. They are ChangAn Suzuki Auto Corp. in 1993, ChangAn Ford Auto Corp. in 2001 and ChangAn Ford Nanjing Corp. in 2004. Since the establishment of ChangAn Group, its production and sales of cars have been increasing by 30% annually and hit 580,000 cars in 2004. The brand value of ChangAn also rose to RMB 8.02 billion in 2004 from 2.5 billion in 1998. ChangAn is a promising group. It has 28,000 working staff including a thousand scientific and technical personnel and has also set up auto engineering research institutes and branch institutes in Italy, Germany, Shanghai and Chongqing of China. It operates eleven car-making factories and forms a complete model line including low-, middle- and high-class passenger and commercial vehicles. Production and sales of ChangAn cars ranks in the top 20 worldwide and is No.1 in China. ChangAn also attaches great importance to safety and quality and it is the first company to enforce crash regulations for mini cars in China.

ChangAn adheres to a goal of fuel efficiency, environmental protection and functionality in making cars. Its guideline is to continue mini car production, chiefly develop sedans, expand commercial car lines and enter the service market. The key values of ChangAn are to offer the best choice for customers, the largest dividends for shareholders and the most returns for its working staff. ChangAn strives to become a world-class group in a very short term. ChangAn is shifting its key manufacturing facilities from old production bases to industrial parks for a leap-forward development. The company initiated a strategy of "withdrawal from cities and entry into suburbs" due to the limited space for development and strict environmental protection in cities. This strategy is highly conducive to city construction, restructuring the company, satisfying its real production and development needs and expanding the company. To this end, ChangAn has built industrial parks in Yubei of Chongqing, Hebei and Nanjing.

Joint ventures:
Chang'an Suzuki - 1992-present - With Suzuki Motors
Chang'an Ford - 2001-present - With Ford Motor Company
Chang'an Ford Mazda Engine - 2005-present - Produces engines with Mazda
With Jiangling Motors - Produces the Jiangling Landwind SUV

(source: Changan Auto)

changan logo 2

Chang'An logo.

changan logo

Chang'An logo.

changan logo 3

Chang'An logo. Based on the running track of celestial bodies - oval, capturing C and A, two key pronunciation letters in Pinyin CHANGAN as the basic elements for design. The interlocking elliptical and circular as well as circular and the cross-arc echoes with each other, a symbol of the unity of all staff working together.

The standard red color symbolizes passion, progress and prosperity. It represents Changan Automobiles' entrepreneurial spirit of continue improvement and sustainable development.

changan logotype.gif

The logo of ChangAn Corp. is based on an elliptical shape, the orbit of a celestial body. Two key Chinese phonetic letters "c" and "a" in CHANG AN are the basic elements in the logo. The two letters are combined and transformed into patterns of a forever moving celestial body, an upward arrow, a delicate steering wheel and a nimble car running on a crisscross highway.

Patterns of the logo have a feature of Chinese cursive writing, implying an abstract generalization of mini-cars and modern overpasses. The elliptical shape symbolizes a kind of firm unification and combined efforts of ChangAn staff. The interlocked ellipse with circular arcs and the interface between circular arcs show a kind of dialectical relationship among ChangAn workers, leaders and engineers who are base, core and mainstay of the company respectively. The pattern also shows the fruit created by the all three combinations and also a multi-way, collectivized and internationalized development of ChangAn Corp.

The logo features a simple, compact, rich and smooth pattern, having a strong sense of modern, rhythmical and forceful style. The perfect combination of movement with quietness and firmness with gentleness fully embodies the characteristics of ChangAn's image and ChangAn itself. The image of ChangAn Corp., one of the key enterprises in China, is highlighted. The logo also reflects the philosophy of the company, which is to strengthen the nation and help people get rich. Meanwhile the spirits of sincerity, unification and striving for a higher living standard of ChangAn staff are shown vividly. The logo creates a sense of vigor, efficiency and diligence, encouraging ChangAn staff to work harder for a newer and higher status.

The standard English word "CHANA" is a simplification of Chinese phonetic letters "CHANG AN" The word in the logo is based on boldface and is designed and painted by hands. It features a moderate, powerful and elegant shape, harmonious with the patterns in the logo and expresses perfectly the characteristics of ChangAn Corp.'s brand.

The standard color of the pattern in the logo is red, which symbolizes enthusiasm, improvement and prosperity. The underlying meaning is that ChangAn Corp. is always of great vitality and strength. The standard color of the word in the logo is black, which symbolizes formality, firmness and everlastingness. The underlying meaning is that ChangAn Corp. will build itself on firm ground and try to achieve a further and sustainable success. (source: ChangAn).

changan fonts

Changan font specifications. (source: Changan).

changan colors

Changan color specifications. (source: Changan).

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