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On September 22, 2022, Citroën unveiled a new Brand identity and a new logo, marking the beginning of a new modern, unifying and exciting era for the brand born 103 years ago. With this new identity, Citroën illustrates its desire to accelerate its mission towards affordable electric mobility and to extend the values of accessibility, audacity and well-being of customers who are at the heart of its genes.

citroen logo flat 22 2500w

2022 Citroën logo update.

The new logo is a reinterpretation of the original logo, formerly adopted by founder André Citroën and inspired by the success of his first metallurgy company that produced chevron-shaped gear systems. The familiar and technical reference of the "two chevrons" has since remained at the heart of Citroën's identity.

The elegant new emblem, which marks the transition and evolution of the brand towards a new era, will be presented at the end of September on a concept car that represents a real manifesto for the Brand. It will then be gradually declined on future Citroën production vehicles and concepts from mid-2023. The prominent and highlighted vertical oval will lead to a new direction in the language of design. More visible, it becomes an immediately recognizable signature element of all Citroën models.

This new logo is part of a new brand identity applied to all physical and digital media and is accompanied by a promising new brand signature "Nothing moves us like Citroën".

Vincent Cobée, CEO of Citroën, says: "The time has come for Citroën to adopt a new, more modern and contemporary tone. Our new identity symbolizes progress: by transporting our customers both physically in avant-garde vehicles but also on an emotional register by ensuring that their entire experience - especially in the transition to electric - is more accessible, comfortable and more pleasant. Our tradition of inspiring consumers with bold vehicles guides us to a different and more welcoming approach to tomorrow's family mobility. We are convinced that all our past, present and future customers will agree that "Nothing moves us like Citroën.”

The central element of the brand's new identity is the evolution of Citroën's "two chevrons" symbol, famous throughout the world. This is the tenth major redesign of the Citroën logo since the company's creation in 1919, with wider and more prominent rafters, contrasted and surrounded by a softer vertical oval frame.

A decisive turn, this more prominent vertical oval logo will lead a new direction in the language of product design, the prominent badge becoming an immediately recognizable signature element of all Citroën models. In addition, on all communication media and in the physical contact points of the Brand, it is more modern, graphic, and adapted to new digital communication media.

Alexandre Revert, Global Brand Designer, says: "While we were looking to clarify our future direction, it seemed logical to us to graphically return to André Citroën's first logo, which represented the authentic promise of affordable and innovative mobility for all. The gradual transition to a more prominent and visible brand signature is a significant, although subtle, evolution, where the precision of the technical and functional rafters forms a contrast with the warmth and almost human softness of the oval that envelops them. ”

The new vertical oval logo is accompanied by an innovative and comprehensive Brand identity program. One of the main objectives was to incorporate elements inspired by more personal brands outside the automotive sector, such as cosmetics and clothing, in order to convey a warmer expression of the brand in all environments. For example, the new identity has been designed with a clean and simplified user interface, offering customers an increased feeling of serenity throughout their digital journey with Citroën, from their salon to showroom.

Particular attention has been paid to design to ensure that the digital experience meets the expectations of new customers in terms of ergonomics and aesthetics (including by offering a "dark mode" option) and that it fully meets the rigorous needs and requirements of online sales.

In addition, a new animatic language is being developed to integrate the new identity into all digital contact points, both inside on all the vehicle screens and outside in the My Citroën App, thus offering customers an enriched and consistent Citroën experience.

The new identity will also be deployed to include all points of contact with Citroën, from the shop, merchandise, on-board documentation to the signage of the brand's offices and dealerships. This new effective network signage will be lighter and more energy efficient, and will not include chromium to increase its recyclability.

The comfortable and familiar interior concept of the points of sale, "La Maison Citroën", will gradually be brought to the new identity, since it has continued to demonstrate its popularity since its launch.

A fresh and simplified color palette and new lettering will complete the logo and strengthen the brand's new identity. While white and gray form a base expressing serenity and ease, two other emblematic colors will punctuate specific details and areas in contrast.

Inspired by a landmark color for Citroën, used on iconic cars throughout its history, including the 2CV and the DS, the soothing Monte Carlo blue will soon make an expected return to the range, while embellishing some details of the brand's identity on physical, printed and digital media or in the distribution network.

In addition, a more energetic and distinctive Infrared will replace the red currently used to add balance and dynamic contrast on all supports.

The evolution of Citroën's logo and visual identity are associated with the "Nothing moves us like Citroën" signature to highlight the upcoming revolution in the brand's approach to accessible mobility solutions, as well as its commitment to responsible, serene and sustainable services.

The first physical proof of this identity evolution will be manifested on a family electric concept car, which will carry the new identity and will be revealed by Citroën at the end of September.

Laurent Barria, Citroën Marketing and Communication Director, says: "In reconnecting with our roots and reinterpreting our identity in a modern way, we send a clear message: to remain faithful to Citroën's spirit, shaking up the status quo. Driven by our mission to create bold solutions that make electric mobility more accessible, we continue to look at things differently and we are determined to prove to our customers and ourselves that nothing and no one transports us like Citroën. Thanks to this new identity, we are now extending the well-being felt inside the car to outside it, throughout the journey that customers take with us. ”

The brand's new signature - "Nothing moves us like Citroën" - will be used gradually for all Citroën communications and events.

Developed by the Citroën design team, the brand's new identity has benefited from the resources and expertise of Stellantis Design Studio, Stellantis' Global Brand Design agency dedicated to serving internal and external customers.

Citroën is a French carmaker founded in 1919 by André Citroën and part of the PSA Peugeot Citroën group.

Citroën is renowned for its creative avant-garde technologies that have consistently revolutionised the automotive industry. The brand notably created the Traction Avant, the H van, the 2CV, DS, GS and SM, and, more recently, the C4 Picasso and DS3.

Citroën’s 90-year history is marked by its founder, André Citroën. The brand’s history is also strong on boldness, high standards and creativity, resulting in a CRÉATIVE TECHNOLOGIE brand.


citroen logo 3d 22 2500w

2022 Citroën logo update.

citroen emblem 22 2500w

2022 Citroën emblem update.

citroen logo 16

2016 Citroën logo.

citroen logo new 09 1

Redesigned Citroen logo for 2009. Designed by Landor Associates Paris and Citroën's in-house team led by Jean-Pierre Ploué

citroen 3

Citroen logo.

citroen 1

Citroen logo.

citroen 2

Citroen logo.

citroen 4

Citroen logo.

citroen logo history 2500w

Citroën logo history.

citroen type 6c 29

1929 Citroen Type 6C. (source: John Lloyd)

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