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The Diamond T was in the south side of Chicago at 4503 West 26th Street in from 1905 until 1911. It was founded by Charles Arthur Tilt, who's goal was to make the "Cadillac of trucks". He chose to represent this brand position by creating an emblem with a diamond in the center (signifying quality) and the letter T in the center (for his last name).

diamont t emblem

Diamond T Motor Car Company emblem. (source: Radiator Emblem Collection)

It began by manufacturing a powerful touring car (models up to 70 hp were available), but the company later became known for its trucks after the launch of its first one in 1911. By 1967, as a subsidiary of White Motor Company, it was merged with Reo Motor Company to become Diamond Reo Trucks, Inc.

diamon t emblem 1 47

1947 Diamond T emblem. (photo by Segura)

During World War 2, Diamond T produced a classic heavy truck in the 980/981, a prime mover which was quickly snapped up by the British Purchasing Commission for duty as a tank transporter tractor. Coupled with a Rogers trailer, the Diamond T gave sterling service with the British Army in North Africa, where it's power and rugged construction allowed the rescue of damaged tanks in the most demanding of conditions, often under enemy fire.

The "T" is remembered with great affection by all who drove it and many preserved examples still appear at truck rallies in Britain, where those classic 1940s lines still draw the crowds.

diamon t hood ornament 2 47

1947 Diamond T hood ornament detail. (photo by Segura)

diamon t horn emblem 1 47

1947 Diamond T horn emblem. (photo by Segura)

diamon t horn emblem 2 47

1947 Diamond T horn emblem. (photo by Segura)

diamond t logo

Diamond T logo.

diamond t logo 2

Diamond T logo.

diamond t logo 4

Diamond T logo.

diamond t logo 3

Diamond T logo.

diamond t plant

The Diamond T Motor Car Company truck plant in Chicago, and the insert shows an exterior view of the plant. This company began business in 1905, producing passenger cars only. In 1911 the truck line was added, and a year later passenger car production was abandoned. Up to the fall of I915 production was limited practically to local con­sumption in and around Chicago.

diamond t truck 40

1940 Diamond T Truck.


The History of Diamond T trucks.

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