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Started by Joseph Moon.
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At the age of 21, Joseph W. Moon headed to St. Louis, Missouri with his horse and began working in the buggy industry. While attending a buggy convention in 1902 in Detroit, Joseph Moon's interest in automobiles began.

moon radiator emblem 05 30

1905-1930 Moon radiator emblem. (source: Apijunior)

In 1905 the first Moon automobile was an advantageous five-passenger touring model with a 35hp four cylinder Rutenber engine. This debut model came equipped with shaft drive and a sliding gear three-speed transmission

Moons were not the most expensive cars around, but at $3,000, the first examples were big risks. It took five years for the price of Moons to drop to a more reasonable $1,500 to $2,000 and the slogan "Priced Within the Bounds of Reason" was introduced. 1913 saw the release of the first Moon six cylinder. Typically, these were of L shaped heads.

Joseph Moon died in 1919 and his son-in-law, Stewart MacDonald, took control of the firm and sent production and sales figures soaring. In 1919 production figures were 1,633 cars and in 1924 the factory was at it's peak with 7,567 cars made. Merely five years on and the Moon automobile name was out of business.

(source: KTS Motor Sports Garage)

moon emblem 24

1924 Moon emblem.

moon emblem 1

Moon Motor Car emblem. (source: Prorallypix)

moon wheel hub 24

1924 Moon wheel-hub emblem.

moon radiator

Moon Motor Car emblem.

moon grill.gif

Moon Motor Car emblem.

moon roadster 25

1925 Moon Roadster.

moon 648 22

1922 Moon 6-48, USA.

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Jan Arnett3484 days ago

A very nice car and well presented.

Dorothea Pyle2960 days ago

Back in the late 1920's or early 30's we had a Moon car. I do believe it was a 4 door. There were 5 in my family, that is why I think this. We lived in Dorchester, Ma. It seemed like a very large car. Not like the Model T or Model A we had before. It was really something. For years I would mention to people we had a Moon. They thought I was crazy. Then I went to the Peterson Auto Museum in L.A. and by golly, there they were. I wasn't so crazy afterall..

Inte2879 days ago

I love the structure of vintage cars. I was one wondering though if they will revamp the structure and make it more contemporary.

In2879 days ago

I didn't know they have this kind of car manufactured. Great article though, I really loved reading it.

stick2845 days ago


2845 days ago

Moon - An old name :)

Robin Longbottom2629 days ago

My grandfather ran a Moon in the mid 1920's. It was very like the 1922 Moon 6-48 in your photograph except it had wire wheels and a second windscreen in front of the rear passenger seat. My aunt recalls that the second windscreen was shattered when a stone was thrown up by a passing car, which caused considerable alarm. I have two photographs of the motor car. My family lived in Skipton, Yorkshire, England. I would be happy to send a photo if it is of interest.

CT2629 days ago

Yes Robin,
would love to see the photos, please send them.

lou 662113 days ago

Never heard of this car until I bought a book on American cars from the teens and twenties. Classy looking car, especially with that Rolls Royce style radiator.

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