Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA.
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Nash Motors was an automobile manufacturer based in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in the United States from 1916 to 1938. From 1938 to 1954, Nash was the automotive division of the Nash-Kelvinator Corporation. Nash production continued from 1954 to 1957 after the creation of American Motors Corporation.

nash logotype

Nash logo.

Nash Motors was founded in 1916 by former General Motors president Charles W. Nash who acquired the Thomas B. Jeffery Company. Jeffery's best known automobile was the Rambler. Nash enjoyed decades of success by marketing mid-priced cars for middle class buyers.

Much of the early success of the company was owed to Charlie Nash's faith in engineer Nils Erik Wahlberg. Wahlberg was an early proponent of wind tunnel testing for vehicles. Wahlberg is also credited with helping to design modern flow-through ventilation, a process by which fresh, outside air enters a car's air-circulating system, is warmed (or cooled), and exits through rearward placed vents. The process also helped to reduce humidity and equalize the slight pressure differential between the outside and inside of a moving vehicle. One unique feature of these cars was the unequal width of the wheels. The front wheels were set slightly inside of the width of the back. This added stability and improved cornering. It did, however, create some discomfort when hunters and fishermen attempted to drive down the 2 rut roads common in many of the midwest states.

Nash's slogan from the late 1920s and 1930s was "Give the customer more than he has paid for" and the cars pretty much lived up to it. Innovations included a straight-eight engine with overhead valves, twin spark plugs, and nine crankshaft bearings. The 1932 Ambassador Eight had synchromesh transmissions and free wheeling, automatic centralized chassis lubrication, a worm-drive rear end, and its suspension was adjustable from within the car.

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nash motors logo

Nash Motors logotype.

nash logo.gif

Nash emblem.

nash logo2.gif

Nash logo.

nash emblem

Nash emblem.

nash type 1920 1633w

1920 Nash type.

nash healey 51

1951 Nash-Healey 3.8.

its the nash airflyte 59

1950 "It's the Nash Airflyte" ad. (source: Plan 59).

nash statesman custom 55

1955 Nash Statesman Custom. (source: Plan 59).

nash ambassador custom country club 55

1955 Nash Ambassador Custom Country Club. (source: Plan 59).

nash ambassador eight conv

1937 Nash Ambassador eight convertible.

nash ambassador eight coupe

1937 Nash Ambassador eight coupe.

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