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In today's global market it seems all major car manufacturers are merging into huge corporations and joint ventures. Brands are nothing but marketing tools and it becomes increasingly difficult to tell cars apart. PGO Automobiles wants no part of this. Instead of boring designs and look alikes, PGO Automobiles promises elegance and sophistication.

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History PGO Automobiles.
Three brothers, Pierre, Gerard and Olivier Prevot (a butcher, baker and mechanic resp.) start making replicas of Lotus Super Seven, AC Cobra and even Porshe 356 Speedster. Initially production levels remain modest.

PGO Automobiles is taken over by Laurent Skrzypczak and Olivier Baudouin. These Frenchmen also take over the moulds (from the Belgian company Apal) to the production of the authentic Porsche 356 Speedster.

The creative spirit of the new team results in the construction of a prototype which is received enthusiastically by the "Mondiale" in Paris; The PGO Speedster II is born! The PGO Speedster II has now graduated from replica school and has become a car manufacturer of its own.

The PGO 356 Classic is a success. Taking over the moulds from Apal proved lucrative. The company now has the means to acquire an industrial building of 18000 m at Al's (Montpellier) in the south of France where they further improve and perfect the Speedster II.

The introduction of PGO Automobiles on the exchange market in Paris helps financing a first phase of development.

July 2003.
PGO Automobiles obtains its European homologation; Europe's got a new thing coming, and this is only just in time.

Because in February the court judges, after a complaint of Porsche because of alleged plagiarism that the production of the PGO 356 Classic must be stopped immediately. The impact can be guessed: the share price of exchange newcomer PGO Automobiles plummets, customers stay away and the venture must request a courts agree. A difficult period in the history of PGO Automobiles begins.

Is the year of the resurrection. After that the dying stocks of PGO Autombiles have been removed from the exchange market and bought up, an investing group from Koeweit takes a share of 51 per cent and invests heavily in image building, distribution, quality and even broadening of the product range. The Al Sayer Group doesn't just put PGO Automobiles back on the map. The company appeal the court's decision and win the case against Porshe. PGO Automobiles is back with a vengeance.

(source: PGO)

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2003, PGO Speedster RSR.

PGO Speedster RSR : 2003   
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