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Amsterdam, Nederlands
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After WW-II Mr. Arie Ruska Sr. earned his money with restoring cars. At that time new wasn't for sale yet. In the early sixties, former neighbor and friend, Paul Huf, the best known Dutch photographer, came to him with the request to build a fun car like the ones he had seen in America. And this is how the first Ruska buggy was born.

logo ruska.gif

Ruska logo.

It took Mr. Arie Ruska Sr. a year to finish the first copy but right from the beginning it became a tremendous success. Other people saw the result and wanted to have such a fun car too.

Those cars were constructed on a Volkswagen-chassis and ditto engine. The bright colored vehicle attracted a lot of attention in no time, and to their own stupefaction the Ruska's got more and more orders to build buggies. From a few copies in the first year, the annual production grew up to 250 - 300 cars in the seventies. The number of models grew up to ten. But in spite of the numerous new looks, the reliable Volkswagen engine, the VW-chassis and the use of fiberglass for the bodywork, remained.

Soon after the first model war released, new models followed, some of them designed by Ruska Sr. himself. Once a new model was finished, they made a wooden molding in which they poured the fiberglass body. The pouring - because of the smell - was done outside the city. Ruska also made replicas of other famous cars.

The Ruska Buggatti was a replica of the famous Italian 12-cylinder and the Ruska Regina was a little brother of the Morgan. Also kits were sold. Once in a while a shipload of stripped VW-Beetles was delivered. The chassis were sandblasted, and shortened depending on the model they wanted to produce. The engine got overhauled and the fiberglass body got tailored to fit. Al the work was done manually. For this reason the Ruska company was also referred to as the "last car builder of the Netherlands".

For years and years, Ms Christina Ruska was the leading lady behind the company. Her enthusiasm, kindness and business insight were known everywhere. That's how she got her nickname: Christine the buggy Queen!

(source: Low Budget Club).

ruska regina royal

Ruska Regina Royal. (source: John Lloyd)

Ruska brochures   
daphne3037 days ago

Hello! I've got a ruska regina for twenty years, and very pleased with it! I would like to know if this company still exists and if so, what is the adress, and phone number.
Furthermore has this car been imported in france, if so also, by whom?
thank you ansd best regards

Hamid Alghamdi3001 days ago

A friend of mine got one named Rusk Regina, he wants to know the year of manufacture and where it was built> Thanks.

Hamid3001 days ago

I forgot to say the Ruska Regina my friend has is in Taif, Saudia Arabia.

Ken Ivey2222 days ago

I've owned my Ruska Regina For 30yrs but it hasn't been driven much.
I need a new or used hood and frame...can anyone help?
I live in Birmingham England

bill slate2057 days ago

got aruska regina left hand drive complete running hood and tonneau needs a little tlc want to sell it will be cheap any interest

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