Abbreviation for "Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget", Swedish for "Swedish Airplane Ltd." The company started as a manufacturer of airplanes to the Royal Swedish Airforce.
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The company began to build airplanes in 1937. In 1939 Saab moved its production and administrative departments to Linkping, it was also there that the plans for a new car first appeared.


Re-designed in 2000 following the de-merger of saab and scania. It was redrawn by Jon Edge and Miles Newlyn at Wolff Olins.

The production facilities were redesigned to be able to produce cars instead of airplanes. On the 10th of June 1947 journalists was invited to "bilprototyp 2" in Saabs lunchroom in Linkping. Outside prototype nr:1 stood available for test drive. When the production started in 1949 an airplane inspired emblem was fitted on the hood. With the letter SAAB written in a square with wings to its side.

This was the logo that Saab would us for a long time. From 1956 the square had a blue background, this logo was used by Saab up to the 60s. In the 60s the logo was modified so that the letters SAAB was written in a bigger style over the airplane. In 1963 the logo was built in in the front-grille and in 1964 an elegant chromed version was fitted on the trunk of all Saab cars.

Saab had used this logo ever since the 40s on its drawings and other Saab related material. In 1969 Saab and Scania married and in 1973 Saab got a new logo with more modern letters, the logo now said SAAB SCANIA.

The end.
In june of 2009, Koenigsegg, a Swedish manufacturer of high-performance cars based initially in Olofstrom, later moving to Ingelholm attempted to purchase Saab from GM but inDecember of 2009, General Motors announced that the intended sale of Saab Automobile AB would not be concluded.

After the withdrawal of Koenigsegg Group AB in November 0f 2009, GM had been in discussions with Spyker Cars about its interest in acquiring Saab. During the due diligence, certain issues arose that both parties believe could not be resolved. As a result, GM will start an orderly wind-down of Saab operations.

January 26, 2010.
General Motors and Spyker Cars NV confirmed that they had reached a binding agreement on the purchase of Saab Automobile AB.

December 19, 2011.
Saab filed for bankruptcy with the District Court in Vänersborg, Sweden.

saab born from jets

Saab Embraces Aircraft Heritage in new "Born From Jets" Ad Campaign.

Saab Cars USA reaches back to its unique aircraft roots as the foundation for a new advertising campaign created with Lowe New York. The all-new "Born From Jets" campaign launches this month and supports the most aggressive product portfolio expansion in Saab's 58-year history as an automaker.

The fully integrated campaign comprises national broadcast and cable, national and regional print ads, regional radio, outdoor boards, point of sale, interactive, direct mail and nationwide promotional activities.

The objective of the "Born From Jets" campaign is to raise awareness of the storied Swedish carmaker as a premium brand that offers aircraft-inspired design and performance. To that end, it will launch with a 30-hour "burst" of media activity beginning on Oct. 23, 2005 that promises to deliver 75 million impressions in the all-important 25-54 age group.

All versions of the "Born From Jets" campaign will contain two lines of copy that recall the aircraft link: "Saab was founded by 16 aircraft engineers, and their spirit lives on" and "When you used to build jets, you don't just build another vehicle." The copy also contains proof points -- for example, the fuel-efficient 250-hp V6 turbo in 9-3 Aero models or Displacement on Demand which increases the fuel efficiency of the V8-powered 9-7X SUV.

The TV spots are a high-energy combination of actual photography and the latest technology computer-generated imagery.

The first spot to air, "Delta Formation," shows a fleet of Saab Gripen jet fighters performing aerobatic maneuvers over a desert. As the shot cuts to the ground, we see a speeding Saab 9-3, while back in the sky the jets make a delta formation. With highly orchestrated precision they fly over the Saab until, seen from high above, the 9-3 leads the tip of the formation.

The voiceover says, "Saab was founded by 16 aircraft engineers. Their spirit lives on." As the 9-3 storms through a cloud of dust, two attendants flag it in with air crew paddles and the car pulls into a driveway. The voiceover continues, "When you used to build jets, you don't build just another car."

The tagline reads, "Saab. Born From Jets." Different versions of this spot will feature each car in the 9-3 range -- Convertible, Sport Sedan and SportCombi, an all-new 5-door version arriving in November 2005.

The second TV spot, entitled "Transformer," features the new 9-7X, Saab's first SUV. Additional spots are planned for early 2006 to launch new versions of Saab's flagship vehicles, the 9-5 Sedan and SportCombi.

"We are all proud of the "Born From Jets" campaign," said Mark Wnek, chairman and chief creative officer of Lowe New York. "It draws on a unique aspect of Saab's heritage to tell a compelling story and to increase people's awareness of this exciting premium brand."

ursaab logo

The Ursaab Emblem. The Ursaab Prototype, the fist SAAB automobile, was designed in 1946 before SAAB Automobile became officially incorporated in 1947 as an automobile manufacturer. (source: Saab History)

arms skane

The logo of SAAB consists of the crowned griffin from the arms of the province of Skane.

saab old

Saab logo.

saab scania 2

Saab logo.

saab scania 3

Saab logo.

saab 3

Saab logo.

saab 1

Saab logo.

saab scania 1

Saab logo.

saab logo 8

Saab logo.

saab set1

Saab logos.

saab 92 ursaaben

Saab 92 Ursaaben.

saab 92 1950

1950 Saab 92.

saab 93 1956

1956 Saab 93.

saab 96 1960

1960 Saab 96.

saab 92 1950 12

1950 Saab 92 (number 12).

saab 92 26

Saab 92 (number 26).

saab 96 1960 283

1960 Saab_96. (number 283).

saab 94 sonett 1 1956

1956 Saab 94 Sonett 1.

saab 95 1959

1959 Saab 95.

saab sonett 3 1970

1970 Saab Sonett 3.

saab 99 combicoupe 1974

1974 Saab 99 Combi Coupe.

saab 99 turbo 1978

1978 Saab 99 Turbo.

saab 99

Saab 99.

saab 900 se conv

Saab 900 SE Convertible.

saab 900 se coupe

Saab 900 SE Coupe.

saab 900 gle 1979

1979 Saab 900 GLE.

saab 900 turbo sedan 1981

1981 Saab 900 Turbo Sedan.

saab 900 turbo 16s aero 1984

1984 Saab 900 Turbo 16S Aero.

saab 9000 turbo 16 1985

1985 Saab 9000 Turbo 16.

saab 9000 cse

Saab 9000 CSE.

saab 900 conv 1987

1987 Saab 900 Convertible.

saab 9000 cd 1988

1988 Saab 9000 CD.

saab 900 1993

1993 Saab 900.


Story of Saab.

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