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The commercial director of ŠKODA at the time, Tomáš Maglič, is considered the author of the logo idea.

skoda logo plaketa 1298w.png

A picture portraying a Native American decorating the ŠKODA Plzeň management office around the years 1918–1919 was likely the inspiration for the Skoda logo. (source: Skoda)

The author of the ŠKODA logo is not known. First class Czech sculptors Otto Gutfreund or Otakar Spaniel are rumoured to have been the authors.

Two variants of the trademark were registered with the Office of Trademark and Design in Plzeň on December 15th, 1923. The first, used in 1924 and 1925, was a winged arrow with a five-feathered stylized wing in a circle with the word ŠKODA.

The second showed a three-feathered winged arrow in a circle. The arrow in both variants pointed to the right. This stylistically perfect variant won and has not been significantly changed since. Much of the historical evidence suggests, however, that the logo was probably the outcome of a competition called by the technical director of the ŠKODA headquarters in Prague, Dr. Ing. Sýkora, who also initiated the registration of the trademark. (source: Skoda)

A car is a beautiful product that integrates the expertise of many professions. To make one takes a great deal of joint effort, diligence, and hard work of engineers, designers, technicians, artists, and workers.

Skoda has been making automobiles for a long time. Telling its history is like telling the story of the world's motoring. Few companies (only 4 in the world) may boast of 100 years of know-how and experience in car design and manufacture.

It all began in 1895 with 2 young men joining efforts to make bikes and motorbikes in a family business named Laurin & Klement. By 1905, Grandfather Automobile appeared on the scene.

The initial phase of automobile manufacture was a story of success from the very start. In 1925, following merger with Skoda Pilsen, the company enjoyed enormous progress, producing beautiful vehicles with many fine details and breaking records at international competitions.

The boom slowed down only after the outbreak of WWII, followed by a period of socialism, yet the factory managed to keep up with the West. In 1991, Skoda Auto ties onto the past and reenters global markets under the wings of the VW Konzern.

Update: Skoda Auto produced its 10,000,000th vehicle on July 13 2006. Skoda has produced vehicles since 1905 when the very first L&K Voiturette A was completed at the company's factory in Mlad Boleslav. Leaving the production line on July 13, the jubilee-marking vehicle is a silver Octavia Combi Elegance 2.0 TDI. The ten-millionth vehicle was donated to "Czech Centres", a government-funded organisation that is part of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Czech Centres' mission is to build a positive international reputation for the Czech Republic through a network of Czech Centres across Europe and beyond.

skoda logoset 1359w.png


1895-1905 : The first logo of the L&K Company with lime tree elements symbolizing Slavic nations. It was used on bicycles and motorcycles of the Slavia brand.

1905-1911 : This logo was used on the side of Slavia motorcycles‘ fuel tanks.

1905-1925 : This round logo with the L&K initials surrounded by a laurel wreath was inspired by art nouveau. It decorated the top of the Laurin & Klement automobile radiators.

1925-1995 : The famous winged arrow has adorned the cars made in Mladá Boleslav for almost a century. Its origin is veiled in mystery and is a source of many legends.

1995-2011 : The ŠKODA AUTO logo is perceived as one of the most original and stylistically pure in the world.

2011-2015 : The winged arrow is much larger and more prominent in the latest version.

2016-NOW : One significant change concerns the wordmark, which moves underneath the picture mark with the winged arrow in a chrome ring.

(Source: Skoda)

skoda logo new feb 2011

Skoda logo (2011).

skoda logo new

Refreshed Skoda logo, The 2D Skoda-log with green symbol in the middle was designed by Sedley Place Design in Berlin 1995. The 3D-version is designed by Meta Design in London but on behalf of Skoda Auto as - Czech Republic in 1998. (source: Skoda).

skoda logo 2011

Skoda logo.

skoda logotype

Skoda logotype (with tagline).

skoda history

Skoda logo history.

skoda set 2

Skoda logo history.

skoda auto.gif

Skoda Auto logo.

skoda vwgroup

Skoda "Volkswagen Group" logo.

skoda vwgroup2

Skoda "Groupe Volkswagen" logo.

skoda 1

Skoda logo.

skoda stripe logotype

Skoda "striped" logo.

skoda autosalon logo

Skoda Autosalon logo.


Skoda car.

skoda car 2

Skoda car.

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