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Armstrong Siddeley

England, 1919-1960.
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Armstrong Siddeley was created by an amalgamation of Armstrong-Whitworth and Siddeley-Deasy of Coventry. The outcome of this union was a fairly massive first car, a 5 litre 30 hp, though a smaller 18 appeared in 1922 and a 2 litre 14hp came in 1923.

armstrong siddeley horse emblem 1

Armstrong Siddeley emblem.

The year 1928 saw the introduction of a 15 hp six while the following year a 12 hp car joined the range. It was also a pioneering year for the marque with the Wilson preselector gearbox being offered, originally as an optional extra, though it became standard equipment on Armstrongs from 1933. In 1930 four models were being marketed, of 12, 15, 20 and 30 hp, the latter costing ?1450. Armstrong Siddeley's rather staid image was endorsed during the 1930s by a range of six-cylinder cars with ohv engines though a four cylinder 12hp was produced up until 1936.

A reminder that Armstrong Siddeley was one of, the country's largest manufacturers of aeroengines came in 1933 when the 5 litre six-cylinder Siddeley Special was announced with Hiduminium aluminium alloy engine. The model cost ?950.

The very week the war in Europe ended, Armstrong Siddeley announced their first postwar models: the Lancaster four-door saloon and the Hurricane drophead coupe, echoing the names of aircraft built by the Hawker Siddeley Group (as it had become in 1935) during the war. These cars were powered by 2 litre six-cylinder engines though the capacity was increased to 2.3 litre in 1949.

From 1953 the company announced the Sapphire, with a six-cylinder engine of 3435cc, and in 1956 the number of models was increased: these were the 234, a 2.3 litre four, and the 236, with the older 2.3 litre six-cylinder engine. Armstrong Siddeley's last model was the Star Sapphire of 1958, with a 4 litre engine and automatic transmission.

In 1959, however, Bristol Aero Engines merged with Hawker Siddeley to form Bristol Siddeley. A casualty of this union was Armstrong Siddeley cars: the last one left the Coventry works in 1960.

(text source: Vintage European Automobiles)

armstrong siddeley horse emblem 2.gif

Armstrong Siddeley emblem.

armstrong siddeley logo 1

Armstrong Siddeley logo.

armstrong siddeley poster 1

Armstrong Siddeley poster.

Featuring twelve new colourful Saloons and Convertibles for 1935. This poster is wonderfully nostalgic and really proves that British motor cars were superbly made back then. Attention to detail has been highlighted with small round vignettes showing dashboards, radiator grilles etc. Original letters (shown bottom left) from satisfied owners provide amusing testimonials. (available at Art Of Motoring).

armstrong siddeley atalanta 37

1937 Armstrong Siddeley Atalanta 25 HP.

Marley3227 days ago

we have an Armstrong siddely star and we do not know what the car is worht could you email me a rough price
Many thanks Marley

Robert Bruin3117 days ago

When I was a 17 years old in 1968 I bought a car called a Lancaster, I was told by the dentist I purchased it from that a few of these cars were sent to Australia for a Royal visit in the fifties. This was only a small car with a four cyclinder engine and a four speed "Pre-Select" gear box, supposedly made by the people responsible for the Lancaster bomber of war time fame. Could you supply any information and hopfully a photo graph of these cars as I hope to restore one of these cars as I found the one I owned so long ago.

oren3067 days ago

hi, i just bought myself a 12hp 1930.....i am looking for any parts at the moment because there is alot of bits missing.
anyone out there know where i can get some parts pleaseee


Paulo Leite2085 days ago

Good morning,
My name is Paulo, I am from Brazil and working with restoration.
I am restoring a steering wheel of a 1948 Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane.
The restoration has become difficult due to a piece that is missing in the center of the wheel.
I would like to know what the name of this piece and how I can get an equal with price or literature that give me the dimensions and an exploded view of internal components and their functions.

I have tried to contact with the owners of these sites:
But nobody answer my messages.

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