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TVR (England) 1947 to date.
TVR have survived the car kit era, countless management upheavals and a major fire to become a respected manufacturer.

tvr 1

New TVR logo.

The MkI lasted until 1960, followed by the MkII (1960 62) and MkIII (1960-63). Then came the Griffith 200 (1964) and 400 (1965), followed by the 200-V8 (1966), Tuscan SE and Vixen 1600 (1967), Vixen S2 (1968), Tuscan V6 (1969) 1600 M (1972-73), 2500 (1970-73), and 2500 M and 3000 M (1972). The Turbo appeared in 1975, the Taimar in 1976.

Beautifully finished glass-fibre-bodied two-seaters, today's TVRs are elegant, fast and reliable. Ford V-6 versions are available, with or without turbocharger; the 1979 Turbo Convertible could attain 130 mph.

(text source: Vintage European Automobiles)

TVR was founded in 1947 by Trevor Wilkinson, who used three consonants of his first name for the company name. The first car was built in 1949. In 1953 the concept of glass-reinforced plastic bodywork over a tubular steel backbone chassis was born, which is continued to this day. In the early years, a wide range of engines was used.

TVR is the third largest specialized sports car manufacturer of the world. A diverse range of coupes and convertibles are offered, most using an inhouse straight-6 cylinder engine design, others an inhouse V8. These cars are built from sturdy tubular steel frames, cloaked in aggressive (and sometimes bizarre) body designs.

The life of TVR can be divided into four eras, based on who owned the company:
1947-1965: Trevor Wilkinson
1965-1981: Martin Lilley
1981-2004: Peter Wheeler
2004-present: Nikolai Smolenski

In July 2004, 24 year old Russian, Nikolai Smolenski, bought 100% of the company from its owner Peter Wheeler, for about 15 million. Despite Smolenski's Russian origin, he reportedly intends for TVR to remain a British company and continue the tradition of building lightweight high-performance cars that started more than thirty years before he was born.

tvr emblem 1

TVR emblem.


New TVR logo.

tvr tasmin press kit 81

1981 TVR Tasmin press kit.

tvr old logo.gif

Old TVR logo.

tvr grantura emblem flickr r gust smith

TVR Granture emblem. (source: R Gust Smith)

TVR Tuscan S : 2001   Just might come to the US
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