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In August of 2002, the ZhongHua passenger car was officially introduced into the market as a fully proprietary medium-high grade passenger car. Its now trading as CBA, the intellectual right proprietor, had entered into the market sector and has become an important participant on Chinese automobile market.

zhonghua emblem

In 1997, CBA financed itself $500,000,000 for conducting extensive, capital-linked, global cooperation, thus by integrating global human and technical renovation, successfully developed ZhongHua Passenger car - a premium-quality passenger car adaptive to Chinese particularities and possessing internationally first-grade shape and performance. On Dec 16th, 2000, ZhongHua Passenger car was formally off-line in Shenyang, China.

ZhongHua Passenger car was listed on the bulletin promulgated on May 28th, 2002 by State Economic & Trading Committee concerning Batch16 automakers and automobile products licensed.

ZhongHua Passenger car was designed by Mr. Giugiaro, a worldwide top design master, with the complete car performance tested and approved by MIRA Corp, an international authentification authority in Great Britain; key processing equipment, inclusive of pressing, weldment, painting, and general assembly devices, supplied by such worldwide well-known automotive equipment manufacturers as Schuler, Kuka, Durr and Schenck; parts and auxiliary equipment designed by globally famous automobile factories as committed, and purchased globally in order to guarantee quality parts supply.

MIRA, as an international well-known third party testing and certification center, had fulfilled 68 testing items with ZhongHua Passenger car from 1999 to 2001 in MIRA Corp, including but not limited to engine suspension comparison test, complete vehicle performance evaluation test, collision test, body seal test, driving comfortableness test, bare body torsion test and bending rigidity test.

The climatic test with ZhongHua Passenger car was conducted in China under MIRA's assistance, during which 19 testing items relevant was carried out on a journey accumulatively as long as 100,000 kilometer in mileage, inclusive of stretches in Heilongjiang province of 45 below zero; on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, 4,800 m in height above sea level; and in Hainan island, 38 in temperature, and with high humidity. Besides, ZhongHua Passenger car has successfully passed 34 compulsory tests as required by the State and its type approval test as well, for verification of ZhongHua Passenger car's premium performance and reliability.

Most parts in ZhongHua Passenger car come from "a family of prestige", among which key assemblies like brake system, steering system, and suspension system were developed and designed respectively by TRW, ZF, and LEMFORDER, Germany. In order to guarantee parts quality, a variety of tests concerned were performed, inclusive of aging test, vibration test, salt spray test, and 150,000 kilometer of road test with the complete vehicle, for validation of parts life.

Since ZhongHua Passenger car's coming into the market, several new models of ZhongHua Passenger car has been pushed out in succession, among them 2.0L ZhongHua Passenger car.

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zhonghua 20mt 04

2004 Zhonghua 2.0 MT.

zhonghua 24at 04

2004 Zhonghua 2.4 AT.

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