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Zimmer Motorcars Corporation was established in 1978. The idea for this automobile was initially drawn on a napkin at a private dinner between Paul H. Zimmer (Chairman and President of Zimmer Corporation) and Robert P. Zimmer (Paul Zimmer's son, employee and shareholder of Zimmer Corporation).

zimmer emblem 1

Zimmer exterior emblem from a Zimmer Golden Spirit.

Paul Zimmer drew what was to become the Golden Spirit Motorcar on a napkin, handed it to Bob Zimmer and told him that not only were we (the company) going to build a neo-classic automobile, but that he (Bob Zimmer) was going to be responsible for the product development, initial manufacturing set-up, staffing for all functions of the operation and ongoing supervision of Zimmer Motorcars Corporation.

The Zimmer Golden Spirit was the flagship of the Zimmer Motorcars Corporation with a more than 1,500 being produced during its production run. The second Zimmer Motorcars Corporation offering was the Quicksilver which was built between 1984 and 1988. Both models were built in the same factory in Pompano Beach, Florida on simultaneous production lines.

At its peak, Zimmer Motorcars Corporation employed 175 people and produced $25 million dollars in annual revenue.

In 1988, Robert Zimmer, President of Zimmer Motorcars Corporation sold his shares in the company and purchased an automobile dealership. Shortly after that, Paul Zimmer, Chairman and President of Zimmer Corporation suffered a major heart attack, required a triple bypass and lost the energy, creativity and stamina that had been his trademark throughout the years.

At that time a group of employees and members of the Board of Directors attempted to direct the operation of the company and were not able to navigate such a large entity during a difficult economy and the loss of the company's most important and influential member.

Zimmer Corporation fell into serious economic distress and the $325 million dollar a year parent company was forced into bankruptcy, taking down with it all of its operating divisions, including the highly successful and profitable $25 million dollar a year car company.

In September 1996, a man named Art Zimmer, (who is no relation to the original Zimmer family) acquired the "Zimmer Motorcars" name and various Zimmer Motorcars Corporation materials and started the Zimmer Motor Car Club for Zimmer car owners.

In 1997 Art Zimmer started the Art Zimmer Neo-Classic Motor Car Company which currently builds 10 to 20 automobiles each year.

(text source: Wikipedia)

zimmer logo1.gif

zimmer logo2

zimmer interior emblem

Zimmer interior emblem from a Zimmer Golden Spirit.

zimmer wheel hub

Zimmer Golden Spirit wheel hub.

zimmer eagle hood orn 1

Zimmer Golden Spirit "Eagle" hood ornament.

zimmer plaque 1

Zimmer "Golden Sprit" plaque, custom crafted for Carl DeColis.

golden spirit emblem zimmer

Zimmer "Golden Sprit roof emblem.

zimmer golden spirit 1

Zimmer Golden Spirit.

zimmer logotype

Zimmer logotype.

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