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Plymouth Cricket : 1971

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The Plymouth Cricket was a subcompact automobile sold by the Plymouth division of Chrysler Corporation in the American market from 1971 to 1973. The car was a captive import, a rebadged version of the British Hillman Avenger, built by Chrysler's UK subsidiary (formerly the Rootes Group). Curiously, only a four-door sedan and station wagon were available, at a time when two-door subcompacts were much more popular, and a two-door body was sold in the Avenger range.

cricket logo

Plymouth Cricket logo.

The car was not successful in the US, primarily because of complaints of poor quality, an issue plaguing the British industry at the time. It was discontinued midway through the 1973 model year, paradoxically, just as the gas crisis of 1973 began to increase demand for small cars sharply, and Dodge began to see real success with its similarly-sized Dodge Colt, built by Mitsubishi Motors.

The Cricket name lived on in Canada though, as Chrysler Canada replaced the British-built Cricket with a rebadged Dodge Colt in mid 1973 model year. The Cricket's version of the Colt GT was called the Cricket Formula S. For the 1975 model year, the Plymouth Cricket was rebadged as the Plymouth Colt. Thus began Chrysler Canada's dual marketing system, selling the Colt as both a Dodge and a Plymouth. The later Plymouth Arrow was similarly sold as a Dodge Arrow.

The last British built Cricket's were actually imported into the USA in the later part of 1972 but were sold until mid-1973 as "1973" models. This was because US safety and emission laws became effective based on the calendar year the car was manufactured in or imported in, NOT the model year. Chrysler used this loop hole to continue selling what were essentially 1972 cars through 1973 as 1973 models.

plymouth cricket 71

1971 Plymouth Cricket.

plymouth cricket emblem

Plymouth Cricket emblem, located on right side of trunk lid.

plymouth cricket ad 72

1972 Plymouth Cricket ad.

plymouth cricket service manual 71

1971 Plymouth Cricket Factory Service Manual. This is the Factory Service Manual the Chrysler-Dodge-Plymouth-Eagle Dealership Technicians used. Sections Include: Lubrication & Maintenance, Suspension, Differential & Driveline, Brakes, Clutch, Cooling System, Electrical, Engine, Exhaust System & Intake Manifold, Frame & Bumpers, Fuel System, Steering, Transmission, Tires & Wheels, Body, Heating & Air Conditioning, and many more.

plymouth cricket catalog 71

1971 Plymouth Cricket catalog.

plymouth 2

Plymouth logo.

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victor fereira2310 days ago

os plymouth cricket são os modelos norte- americanos baratos pós crise do petroleo serviria muito bem a serem vendidos no BRASIL como esplanada GTX ou simplesmente GTX mas a chrysler os venderam bem como polara e 1800 até serem absorvidos pela VW em 81

Richard 1936 days ago

I bought a Cricket in 1971. I was in college at the time ,married with one child and I loved the car. Had dual carb model with 10 extra horsepower and car had lots of pep. Plenty of room for all the baby stuff. Fun to drive. Sadly I totaled it on icy road shortly after making the last payment.

Lee1922 days ago

My dad bought one new in 1970 or 71, it was lime green. dad said it should have been painted yellow, they had lots of trouble with it. Wish I had it now.

Manuel1869 days ago

In Argentina this car was introduced by Chrisler in 1971 and it is known as Dodge 1500. It had a 1.5lts engine, very economic and reliable, later they released the 1.8lts engine, which was very succesfull too. Here in Argentina it was a very apreciated car and it was used often as a family car and taxi cab, which proves its cualities and reliability. In 1982 when Chrysler left the country it was manufactured by Volkswagen, who introduced minor aesthetic changes and produced it until 1990.

Steve1825 days ago

My aunt bought one of these brand new in 73, I think. I bought it from her in '78 for $300, the best money I ever spent. It was a great little car. I drove it all over the eastern seaboard and it moved my friends and I around from party to party for 3 years! I joined the military and sold it to a friend for $600. I came home on leave a year later and bought it back for $500, it was a great little car, comfortable, great milage, and I added in a decent stereo. I sometimes wish I had kept it!

Deborah Ramser1792 days ago

We purchased a 1972 Cricket Station Wagon, red in color, in 1975. Ours should have been painted yellow as well. We had to replace the transmission (Borg-Warner) 3X in the 2 yrs . Thankfully a woman ran into us and totalled it. We pulled into a Chrysler dealership to question a trade-in and were told to get the car off the lot.

rebelknight1783 days ago

i owned a stable of these crickets all '71 ans '72 models i had two for parts as well when i was in high school loved them. by the time i wore them all out i could change engines and transmissions as a unit in a matter of hours. wish i had them back at the price of fuel these days .

karen1704 days ago

I had a light blue Cricket in high school, mid-70's. I paid $800, used, for it. My dad found it for me and helped negotiate the sale. It was a wonderful car and I loved it to death. It was my first car I bought with my own money and it was perfect. I remember it got amazing gas mileage, back when it didn't really matter cause gas was only 25-35 cents a gallon, but it could get around 35 mpg and I could drive all my friends around for practically nothing. It was a stickshift and very roomy inside. I don't remember having any problems with it at all. It was just a great first car and still a great, and very happy, memory for me.

dave1675 days ago

my sister had two crickets. a 1871 and a 1972, she totaled the first one and turned right around and bought a second one, much to my dad's dismay. when it ran, it ran good. when it didnt nobody wanted to work on it. in 1977 i followed her to ford dealer to trade it in. she said follow me. i m not stopping for any traffic lights(bad brakes0 and i am not turning it off( might no start again) Salesman offered her $500 for it. She put it down on 1978 Mustang, which for 200,000 miles with no problems at all!!

Brian H1513 days ago

My dad bought a new Cricket in the early 70"s. It was kind of a cool car. It was a brown, two door, with a horn that was stolen out of the road runners. It had a 4 cylinder with a 4 speed and rack and pinion steering. It did not have any guts but with the 4 speed it was fun to drive. For $5.00 worth of gas in the tank you could cruise for a week. I was about 16 when dad bought it and I think I put more miles on that car than dad did. My friends and I dubbed it the Wicket Cricket and used it as our concert car.

Kaveh1156 days ago

Does anyone know how and where can i find one of this model in Canada or US?

Kathy1003 days ago

My Dad bought me a brand new 1971 Plymouth cricket so I would have a new car when I started college. It was brownish color with gold pin stripes. It had flow through ventilation and an automatic transmission. My Dad found the original hand written receipt a few years ago. The price was $1995.00. I kept the car for a few years. It had some mechanical problems so I sold it. I wish I still had that car. My Dad passed away 2 years ago. He always said I should have kept it. My Dad would give me $5 a week when I went to college- that was enough to fill up the gas tank and I would have enough money left over for lunch for the week! Thanks, Dad.

Janis McKibbon987 days ago

I bought a used little yellow standard four door cricket in 1979 and I loved it. A few years after buying it there was in a huge hailstorm and it had dents all over it. The damage to the car was more than it was worth so they just paid me some compensation. It looked pretty bad so I spray painted in great big letters the word HELLO on the whole side of the car and had tons of fun driving it like that for years. People were always waving and smiling.

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