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Pontiac Firebird Yellow Bird : 1980

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New for 1980, the Yellowbird became the third and final color scheme for the Esprit appearance package. Like the Skybird, the Yellowbird is a very bright package that's not at all masculine. Yellowbirds are much more rare than Skybirds and Redbirds. Yellowbirds used RPO W73.

yellowbird logo

The Yellowbird's decals are almost identical to the 1979 Redbird's. Both used gold accents, and all the locations of stripes are the same. (The Yellowbird had a sail panel bird on its tail whether or not you had the spoiler).

Yellow snowflakes hadn't been used at all before 1980, but body-colored Rally II's had been very popular on yellow Firebirds like the yellow Formula W50.

Pontiac had figured out that color-coordinated wheels on a yellow car were great styling, and these wheels really make the Yellowbird stand out. Since there was no longer any reason to use red wheel emblems, the Yellowbird also has the gold wheel emblems like a Trans Am Special Edition.

(source: firebirdtransamparts).

yellowbird rear

The Yellowbird's most distinctive new feature was its taillights. It used Trans Am taillights, which have no hint of red when unlit, and added a yellow accent stripe on each rib.

yellowbid in

The interior, departing from Skybird and Redbird practice, isn't yellow. It's Camel Tan, a very popular color from 1978 to 1980. This interior, like Carmine Red, is all one color. The Yellowbird continued to borrow the gold accents from the Trans Am Special Edition, which included a new engine-turned gold shift plate in 1980. This item is very popular with Bandit Trans Am owners, and many have added it to earlier models. As you can see, Camel Tan interior looks mighty fine with the special gold accents. Everything in the interior was now gold, and harmonized better than the earlier models.

The Yellowbird was the first in the series to have its steering wheel shared with other models. By now, it was common for Bandit Trans Ams to have tan steering wheels with gold spokes, the same wheel having been used on all the 1978 Gold Editions (all of which looked mighty fine as well). According to several books on Firebirds, the gold spokes were discontinued on November 20th, 1979, and this Yellowbird has the later black-spoked tan wheel.

You might not notice it, but this particular car has fuzz-upholstered kick panels that are not original. It only has about 28,000 miles on it in these photos, but in Florida, that was enough to fry the tan plastic, so the owner had it all covered.


Pontiac chose unique colors for the Yellowbird that weren't used on other Firebirds. In fact, the Pontiac shop manual marks them "Yellowbird only", indicating these colors weren't used on any other Pontiacs. Code 56 was the main color, and Code 37 was the accent.

yellowbird decals

Yellowbird Decal Placement information sheet. Special Thanks to Heiko Kraatz of Bandit Trans-Am.

yellowbird decals2

Yellowbird Stripe Part Numbers, thanks to Heiko Kraatz of Bandit Trans-Am.


Here's a memo from Pontiac entitled "What is a Yellow Bird?". Read it! Pontiac claims "The Yellow Bird should be very appealing to female prospects."

pontiac 5

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Zero3480 days ago

awesome it's always good to see fellow pontiac fans out there in what seems like a chevy world! theyre really great. thanks

JEFF DIETTERT3282 days ago

I bought this 1980 "yellowbird" with a 1000 miles registered.I have gone completely thru the car and rebuilt everything.This is one of a kind for sure,are there any more around?
Jeff Diettert

Perry Bowering3270 days ago

Hey Everyone,
I also have a 1980 Yellowbird Espirit and have not been licenced since 1991 and it has been sitting in my heated garage all this time. Do anyone out there have any idea how many of these were made for 1980.

Chris Haralambides3251 days ago


I also have an 80 Yellowbird. I've had it for about 14 years its now Viper bright yellow but will be restored back to mostly original condition. Its great to see that there are others out there still.


Ed Rochek3223 days ago

Just bought one in real nice orginal condition. Can anyone tell me how to find out how many where made in 1980 ? Thanks

Keith Rupert3214 days ago

My wife bought one back in 1980 and we took it from our wedding to our honeymoon site in 1982. We did have to trade it in to buy a 4x4, due to where we lived. But 4 years ago I picked one up in New Jersey to redo. Our son is studying Classic Car Restoration in Cleveland, Ohio, so we will be doing it as a project together.

Nick Katsinas3042 days ago

There were less than 1000 made, and they were only made in 1980.

Jason Smith2996 days ago

I have a 80 Yellowbird that has a lot of options like T-Tops,AM/FM cassette with power antenna, P/Locks and P/Windows,Air Conditioning, Rear Spoiler,301 V-8 4BBL engine plus the original build sheet that documents the options. Indeed these cars are very rare and this one even more rare with the option package and it spent its entire life in New Mexico prior to my 4 years of ownership in Michigan, Summers only. This car has been a blast to take to the local car shows as very few people remember them. I am ready to try something different if anyone is intersted in making a fair offer.

Lana Francis2918 days ago

I have a 1980 Firebird Esprit Yellowbird. I purchased it when I was 17 yrs old. It has been in storage and driven occasionally. There were 728 made in Canada only. I do not have any American statistics. I'll admit, it does catch the eye of many passerbyes and especially youth.


jason2683 days ago

From what i hear, there was only like a thousand made. Mine is all original, and only has 28000 miles on it. It seems to be very poular at the car shows. I have won the peoples choice trophy with it at the only two car shows ive ever taken it too, and i take great pride in that. according to nada, they are only worth like 8400 in excellent condition, but i had a collector offer to have it completely detailed and take it to a barrett-jackson auction and guaranteed it to bring 25000 +. If anyone has anymore info on what shes worth, please email me with your information. Thanks all, and enjoy your birds!

Victoria Shehow2505 days ago

I just want to say thank you for posting information about yellowbirds on your site. I've had my 1980 Pontiac Firebird Yellowbird for about 5 years now and plan on getting it restored next spring. Before buying my treasure, i've always wanted a Firebird or Trans Am, but the internet helped me find out what a Yellowbird even was because I've never heard of it. Now that I know it's special, I'll be hanging onto mine. Thanks and go Pontiac! I'm a proud owner and love car shows, even though I am a girl!

tim snow2330 days ago

i would like to buy a yellow bird for me im 50 years old did not have the money when the cars where new just 18 and getting out of high school i think they are fantastic looking cars
if you have one for sale or not--any of the--red --sky --yellow bird cars let me see it send pics to

Susann K2315 days ago

Loved my Firebirds! Had 3 of them and never any issues. #1 was a 1975 Trans Am 4spd with a racing cam, #2 was 1980 Firebird Rally Sport chocolate brown with rear spoiler, rally wheels, small bird decal on mid of spoiler, matching decal wide pin stripes- probably loved that car more than the T/A !! Drove that through more snow storms with the BF Goodrich Radial T/A's on it- even "pushed" a Chevy full size pick up truck UP an incline in a small town in NH... the Chevy couldn't make it up alone.... that was the best!!! Last was the 1984 T/A with the Recaro seats (they were the best part of the car). They kept going downhill after that. Someday I'll get one again.... memories....

scott dyer2192 days ago

i picked up a 1980 yellow bird recently. it had been standing in a garage in england, uk since it was imported from new jersey in 1999. i am in the process of restoring it now. the car is a real head turner even tho it just sits on my driveway most of the time.

Kelly C2116 days ago

My first car @ 16 was the 1980 Yellowbird Espirit and I kept it until I was 23 and had to sell to accommodate car seats for my children back then! Now they are in college and for the last 10 years I've been searching for it or one just like it with the t-tops so that I can restore!
I actually have my first speeding ticket back from 1982 and have tried to trace where the car has ended up, but so far no luck in finding it!!
So if anyone out there has one, I'm a die hard first car Yellowbird fan who has always wished I had been able to keep my first car, but my kids came first...
I would love,love to have that car again!
I'm almost finished with Auto Mechanics school and would like for this to be my first restore project! I'm 45 female and not getting any younger! ;) so please shoot me an email if you have any information to where I could find one and I'm willing to travel the country if necessary!
Thank you!

SCOTT DYER2049 days ago

hi, i have my yellowbird for sale. hard top. 301 v8. auto. car is in the uk tho. anyone interested.

Dennis Wolfe2021 days ago

This is for Jason. Do you still have the yellow bird? We are interested. Have 2 of the Sky Birds.

Keith H1990 days ago

Recently purchased what was listed as a generic 1980 Firebird from a kid here in WI. It was spray painted black, but the snowflake wheels and door jambs were yellow. Did a little research and checked the cowl tag, turns out the car is a Yellowbird! Planning on restoring it to original condition, does anyone have any have any guidance on where I should look for advice? This is my first project, and am taking small steps on learning to resto classic cars. Thanks.

tim snow1981 days ago

i have all 3 colors but have all four years, 1977 skybird, 1978 redbird, 1979 redbird, 1980 yellowbird. Would sell all four. Tim 870-378-0407, walnut ridge, arkansas

Jeff Diettert1666 days ago

Do you still have the 3 colored firebirds?

John Zuck1371 days ago

I have a 1976 Pontiac Esprit Bluebird , a 1977 Pontiac Esprit Skybird , a 1978 Pontiac Esprit Redbird , and I am interested in buying a 1980 Pontiac Esprit Yellowbird preferably with a 350 engine to restore to original . They are all quite remarkable it brings a lot of history back ! Don't let any of these cars that are laying out there go to waste .

stan rakowski1369 days ago

Have owned a 1980 yellow bird for about two months, has 33,000 miles.
Bought it from a guy I have known since the 2nd. grade. It is all original, except the head liner and tires. Has a genuine pontiac engine, non turbo.
Also have the original dealers invoice listing all the options and price, $9,144.05

Debra Hubert1346 days ago

my name is Debra Hubert, from north central ks, I want to post, my mother has a 1980 yellowbird w/honeycomb wheels for sale.. it has been completely restored, and has always been garaged.. only SERIOUS INQUIRES RESPOND... thank you.... please email me at my email address. Thank you for your time... date: 7/16/2014

Amelie1308 days ago

Very good information.

jeri1203 days ago

My father bought mine from the auto show in 1979. I still own it. It is all original. Only 22,000 miles. My baby is in perfect condition. I will always treasure this car. Turns heads and draws attention everytime I take it out of hibernation.

John Zuck1189 days ago

Picked up my 1980 from a classic auto salvage in Indiana on Thanksgiving weekend now have all but 1979 Redbird . I have plenty of work to restore in my retirement .

Teri542 days ago

Wow, I had the 1980 Yellowbird, Ttop....loved it, never drove it in winter, got married sold it bought a truck because of where we live. Would love that car again!

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