Volkswagen Thing : 1974

Only about 25,000 things were imported by the end of the 1974 model year.
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The Volkswagen Kubelwagen (bucket/tub car) was a military vehicle designed by Ferdinand Porsche and built by Volkswagen prior to and during World War II for use by the German military.

the thing type

Volkswagen's the "Thing" logo.

It was known internally as the Type 62, then later as the Type 82 and based heavily on the Volkswagen Beetle. A consumer variant of the vehicle debuted several decades after the war as the Volkswagen 181 for the Federal Geman Army and then for the civilian marquet Volkswagen 181 named "Thing" in the US, "Trekker" in the UK and "Safari" in Mexico.

Affordable Classic: 1973-74 Volkswagen Type 181 Thing.
After the success of the Volkswagen Beetle in the 1960s, VW resurrected the idea of an on- and off-road car, and called it the Type 181 "Thing." Inspired by the WWII Type 82 Kubelwagen, the Thing was updated with the Beetle baseline engine and running gear, but with the beefier Transporter/Microbus suspension. Also along the lines of the Kubelwagen was its Dumpsteresque, yet practical, styling. The simple doors and standard soft top could easily be removed, and the windshield folded flat. The rear-engined, rear-wheel drive car was rugged, and well-suited for unimproved roads.

First built in 1969, the Thing wasn't offered in the US until 1973. Power was the standard Beetle 1584-cc air-cooled flat four-cylinder engine, with 46 chirping horsepower, coupled to a four-speed manual transmission. In its initial year in the US, exterior colors available were Blizzard White, Sunshine Yellow and Pumpkin Orange.

In 1974, the Thing got a slight boost in power to 55 bhp (easily differentiated from the 46-bhp version by the side scoops instead of flush slotted vents in the rear quarter panels). The most desirable trim package was called the "Acapulco," and featured a bikini top and blue-and-white striped vinyl seats. The option list included a fiberglass hard top with solid door windows, luggage racks, air conditioning and a padded roll cage.

US sales were discontinued after 1974, while sales in Mexico continued until 1978.

The Thing has a small but faithful legion of followers. Panels for the unibody seem to be the most difficult parts to track down, although rustk?bels are rare. Poor insulation, which led to snow-country interior temperatures reminiscent of the Shackleton expedition's igloos, kept many of them off salty winter roads.

A definitive plus for the vehicle is its extreme commonality of functional parts with the Beetle. It also shares with its air-cooled cousin reliability and ease of repair, part and parcel of being a stepchild of one of the best-selling cars ever built. In the Southwestern states, one can pretty much do an engine rebuild simply by walking along the side of any road for about 10 miles and gathering parts.

The New Beetle craze only slightly affected Thing prices. Instead, interest in various oddball cars of the '70s (Gremlins, Pacers, etc.) has bolstered Thing pricing. Good Things can be had in the range of $2,600-$4,800. As a gauge of the lower end of the market, a non-running #4 1974 Thing with hard top (but no title) recently sold at a Midwest estate auction for $1,600. Pricing may move up somewhat in the foreseeable future, but not by much. Regardless, in an era of $25,000 Fiat Jollys, the Thing represents the best way to cruise the beach on a budget.

(source: Sports Car Market, by B. Mitchell Carlson)

vw thing 74 in fs2

1974 Volkswagen 181 Thing.

vw thing 74 in fs1

1974 Volkswagen 181 Thing.

vw thing 74 in rs2

1974 Volkswagen 181 Thing.

vw thing 74 in rs1

1974 Volkswagen 181 Thing.

vw thing 74 in s2

1974 Volkswagen 181 Thing.

vw thing 74 in s1

1974 Volkswagen 181 Thing.

thing stripe 1

Vokswagen Thing accessory strobe stripes that were offered with the "181" by the U.S. dealers. The color is blue and green. These stripes were originally installed on green, white, yellow, and orange Things.

kubelwagen plan

Kubelwagen blueprint.

volkswagen ad1

1973 Volkswagen Thing ad, From Playboy magazine, July 1973.

gute fahrt 69

1969 Gute Fahrt magazine cover.

181 stripe

Volkswagen 181 Thing stripe.

type 181 thing owners manual 73

1973 Volkswagen Type 181 Thing Owners Manual.

vw hood emblem

The Thing's VW hood emblem.

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