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Autokadabra is a Russian online social networking site where every user of owns a virtual garage where he keeps all of his vehicles.

adabra logo

The final Autokadabra logo approved by Thematic Media. "I can feel the spirit of the site", said Denis Kruchkov.

Thematic Media set up the social network for motorists and asked Turbo Milk to create the vehicles.

(source: Turbo Milk)

adabra logo sketch

Thematic Media expressed their desire to have a cool logo with a heritage of the successful Habrahabr logo. Turbo Milk pondered over this task for a long time: "What do we draw? Maybe a steering wheel or the gearbox lever? Or maybe we write up the name in a spiral?" But then they had an insight: "A ball of tires!"

process 1

"As a rule the size of the icons within one set is the same however the real vehicles feature different sizes so we had to decide on how to accommodate for that. First we thought about splitting cars into classes and affixing a certain length in pixels to each class. Then we decided to use a more accurate system and scale the vehicles down. We took 60 millimeters of the real length of the vehicle to be one pixel. Thus in order to get the icon size we needed to measure up the real vehicles and divide this value by 60."

process 2

"In order to make the coloring easier we needed to work out a special drawing technique. First we draw the car's contour and then apply black shadows and white hotspots. This results in this kind of semitransparent car"

process 3

When the semitransparent car is superimposed over a color background, the car acquires the color of any background color.

process 4

The result is that Turbo Milk has drawn icons for all the most popular cars in Russia. They are nicely parked in virtual garages of happy Autocadabra users. These are just some of the examples of car icons.

process 6

The cars are not limited to solid colors, as these examples show.

process 5

A few more examples.

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