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For as long as cars have been around, all types of animals have been used to represent and position brands, cars and companies. Here are just a few. Keep visiting, many more to come...


Simca logo.


Iso logo.

trekka logo.gif

Trekka logo.

ogle logo.gif

Ogle logo.

debruyne logo

De Bruyne logo.

eicher logo

Eicher logo.

asl emblem 1.gif

ASL emblem.

manx logo1.gif
auto speciali logo 1

Auto Speciali logo.

tygan logo

Tygan logo.


Isdera logo.

tigr logo.gif

Tigr logo.

triumph logo lion.gif

Triumph logo.

galy logo

Galy logo.


Bean logo.

peerless logo.gif

Peerless logo.

durant logo 5

Durant logo.

gumpert logo 1

Gumpert logo.

ruxton emblem

Ruxton emblem.

albar shield logo bw 1.gif

Albar shield b&w logo.

auverland logo 2.gif

Auverland logo.

cg logo.gif

CG logo.

fnm emblem.gif

FNM logo.

panther cat logo

Panther logo.

dragon logo.gif

Dragon Motor logo.

bonetti logo

Bonetti logo.

elisar logo.gif

Elisar logo.

delfino logo1

Delfino logo.

rush logo 1

Rush logo.

anteros shield emblem 1

Anteros emblem.

spatz logo

Spatz logo.

american lafrance logo 1.gif

American LaFrance logo.

lizard logo.gif
arden shield logo 1.gif

Arden logo.

intermeccanica shield
storero logo.gif

Storero logo.

brm logo1.gif

BRM logo.

fast logo1.gif

Fast logo.


Lea-Francis Coventry logo.

argyll round shield 1.gif

Argyll emblem.

bianchi circular.gif

Bianchi logo.


Corre-La Licorne logo.

matra cock.gif

Matra "rooster" logo.


Bizzarrini logo.

tornax logo 1.gif

Tornax logo.

sunbeam logo4.gif

Sunbeam logo.

cheetah emblem

Cheetah emblem.

adler logo 1.gif

Adler logo.

elcar logo 2


anadol logo 1.gif

Anadol logo.

bedford 2

Bedford logo.

eysink logo.gif

Eysink logo.

kougar logo 1

Kougar logo.

cree logo

Cree logo.

artega shield 1

Artega shield logo.

corbin logo.gif

Corbin logo.


Eagle logo.

fairthorpe logo.gif

Fairthorpe logo.

gk emblem1.gif

Gordon Keeble logo.


Tramontana logo.


Cisitalia logo.

turchetti logo.gif

Turchetti logo.

asquith logo 1.gif

Asquith logo.

southeast logo

Southeast logo.

standard logo1.gif

Standard logo (Germany).

doretti emblem1.gif

Doretti logo.

crane simplex.gif

Crane Simplex logo.

avia logo 1.gif

Avia logo.

american austin emblem 1.gif

American Austin emblem.

cizeta logo.gif

Cizeta logo.

kieft logo.gif

Kieft logo.

studebaker icon

Studebaker "Hawk" icon.

rossion shield

Rossion incorporates the Peregrine Falcon as their emblem to exhibit the finest form of speed.

sbarro logo 1.gif

Sbarro logo.

bellier logo.gif

Bellier logo.

bignan bw logo.gif

Bignan Sport logo.

aquila logo 1

Aquila logo.

chaparral logo1.gif

Chaparral logo.

duesenberg logo2.gif

Duesenberg logo.

armstrong siddeley horse emblem 2.gif

Armstrong Siddeley emblem.

wiesmann logo.gif

Wiesmann logo.

kaiser buffalo logo

Kaiser Frazer "Buffalo" logo.

lmx logo.gif

LMX logo.

bandini logo 1

Bandini logo.

avions voisin emblem 3.gif

Avions Voisin emblem.

lasalle logo.gif

La Salle logo.

gilbern logo

Gilbern logo.

bossaert logo1

Bossaert logo.

stoewer logo 3

Stoewer logo.

chenard logo.gif

Chenard logo.

templar emblem

Templar logo.

ferrari 1

Ferrari logo.

stevens duryea emblem2
bell aurens logo 1
chapron logo.gif

Chapron logo.

secma fox1

Secma logo.

turner badge

Turner logo.

ats logo 1

ATS logo.

abarth logo 1

Abarth logo.

alta logo 1.gif

Alta logo.

gaz auto 3d logo

GAZ logo.

lamborghini logo emblem 1
arash logo 1

Arash logo.

glaspac logo

Brazilian Cobra replica (submitted by Fernando).

iran khodro logo 1
saab 3

Saab logo.

scania logo 1

Scania logo.


Dodge logo.

gta logo 1 sm
venturi logo 1

Venturi logo.

vauxhall new logo 08

New 2008 Vauxhall logo.

aspid logo

Aspid logo. (Aspid is the Spanish name for the small and very quick snake that killed Cleopatra.)

1953 mg arnolt 2

Arnolt emblem from a 1953 MG Arnolt. (photo by Segura)

hispano suiza brid emblem 2

Hispano-Suiza bird emblem.

toyota soarer lion emblem.jpeg

1981 Toyota Soarer front Lion emblem.

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