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Future car images.
Filed under:  Design-Art-Photo
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As a bi-product of my ongoing research for Cartype, I have come to know Larson from Germany, one of the best car renderers in the world. He has been very supportive of Cartype and continues to contribute to the vision of future concept and production cars.

larson audi r8 conv

Audi R8 Targa by Larson.

The following are just a few of his creations. All images shown here were created by Lars Saeltzer from Germany.

larson audi s7

Audi S7 (by Larson).

larson audi a7 cabrio

Audi A7 Cabrio (by Larson).

larson audi a5  sportback

Audi A5 Sportback (by Larson).

larson audi q7

Audi Q7 (by Larson).

audi rs5 larson

Audi RS5 (by Larson).

larson porsche boxster 10

2010 Porsche Boxster (by Larson).

tesla model s larson
larson audi ktm 1

Audi KTM Roadster sketch by Larson.

larson audi ktm

Audi KTM Roadster by Larson.

honda s3000 front larson

Honda S2000 rendering by Larson, unofficially titled the S3000.

nissan 370z larson

Nissan 370z (Larson/Road&Track)

honda s3000 rear larson

Honda S2000 rendering by Larson, unofficially titled the S3000.

acura nsx lars 1

2008 Acura NSX by Larson.

acura nsx lars 2

2008 Acura NSX by Larson.

larson audi rs3

Audi RS3 by Larson.

larson porsche speedster

Porsche Speedster by Larson.

larson acura coupe

Acura Coupe by Larson.

larson kia sportscoupe

Kia Sports Coupe by Larson.

lars ferrari dino

Ferrari Dino by Larson.

larson toyota supra

Toyota FT-HS by Larson.

larson lambonuvolaespada

Lamborghini Nuvola Espada by Larson.

larson pontiac gto coupe

Pontiac GTO Coupe by Larson.

larson ferrari enzo

Ferrari Enzo by Larson.

larson chrysler imperial coupe

Chrysler Imperial Coupe by Larson.

larson logo

Acura NSX : 2008   
Porsche 991 Targa   
Lamborghini SUV : 2012   
ELMO3569 days ago

If thats what the RS3 is going to look like then i wont be buying one. First glance it looks just like a Golf GTi. Very ordinary!

Todd3535 days ago

Simply amazing...

Dejan3534 days ago

Larson knows how to are great...hope they go in production

cataboom3310 days ago

the Porsche Speedster perspective is soo wrong .... omg :-o

Madhukar3270 days ago

wow the Acura NSX and coupe looks amazing.

John P3031 days ago

It's great to see people who have yet to become disgusted with the car mfrs who make cheaper & flimsier cars every year in order to support the wages & benefits of their labor union employees. You are the people who still buy little plastic cars for $1,000,000 because the lightweight of their plastic bodies & cheap, minimalistic parts allow them to go faster. Dont give up hope. Thee are lablr union workers to support. When you wake up to the truth, the mfrs will be forced to move production to China to finnaly free themselves of the labor unions.

Jack Pumphrey2967 days ago

Your skills as an artist are amazing.

Sonya2721 days ago

An amazing collection of renderings! Would you be able to point me in the right direction where I might be able to view more of Larson's work? Does he have a website/blog?


Masaki Komine2396 days ago

some of these are rips from Japanese/European publications that have been touched up...

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