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Edag Rinspeed Chopster : 2005

EDAG and Rinspeed present the
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MSRP Engine HP Manufactured
n/a n/a 600.0 2005
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"The Chopster is a luxury-class life-style SUV that was designed specifically for automobile enthusiasts who appreciate a sporty and highly extroverted appearance in the SUV segment," say Rinspeed chairman Frank M. Rinderknecht and EDAG board spokesman Matthias Topp about their joint project.

"Our inspiration for the design of the Chopster was the image of an American football player whose outfit and athleticism stands for enormous strength and assertiveness," explains Johannes Barckmann, director of the EDAG-design studio.

 egag rinspeed chopster sid

"Customers can individualize the interior of their Chopster to suit their personal preferences," explains Frank Rinderknecht. The 600-hp Chopster will be built in an exclusive small-series production run starting in April of 2005. It can be ordered from Rinspeed AG starting at about 325,000 euros. Small-series production is handled by EDAG.

The "Chopster" is a lifestyle-oriented luxury SUV characterized by an unusually ambitious and commanding exterior design. The EDAG designers chopped the roof of the production vehicle by some impressive 70 mm and provided the 4x4 with highly dynamic muscular sides. A new original front with large air inlets for the intercooler, distinctive side sills and a powerful rear further emphasize the ready-to-prance look of the 600-hp all-round talent. The interior receives a brush-up as well: Four individual sport seats and a futuristic center "bridge" enhance the exclusive and luxurious character even more.

BSO: 600+HP powered by BSO.
By contributing extensive and exclusive know how, engineering and prototyping, the BSO 2001 Group participated significantly in the realisation of the Rinspeed Chopster project.

Ralf Spangenberg, CEO of BSO 2001 said: "It was an intimidating task to us, to participate in the tuning project of Rinspeed Chopster. The challenge was, to take the, from Rinspeed already beautiful executed and innovative designed vehicle and combine this with some true "under the hood" performance."

By redesigning and reengineering the complete exhaust system of this vehicle, a significant reduction of the back pressure in the system was archived. At the same time, generated by these changes, a very distinct and sporty sound level was also archived. By reengineering the exhaust system, some new prototype high performance sport-cats where installed. At the same time a special coating was used for the metallic catalyst, which, with this type of a setup, provides an even better emission result then the factory OE setup. These modifications are the bases for the success of all further engine engineering tasks.

The next significant change was the totally new developed water-cooled intercoolers. This setup reduces the air intake temperature for the engine significantly and lets the engine operate at cooler temperatures under load. At the same time, the turbo chargers where reengineered for a higher output and also the engine ECU programming was reprogrammed with a totally new base programming software. With these extensive changes to the engine, a power increase of app. 160hp was archived. Therefore the engine output was increased from a stock 450hp to app. 610hp in the modified version.

Because of this significant increase in engine horsepower, the torque of the engine increased significantly as well. The torque increase is up from a stock 620Nm of engine torque to an astonishing 800Nm of torque. Subsequently parts of the transmission had to be reengineered, in order to withstand the increased performance of the vehicle. This reengineering resulted into an updating and the reinforcing of some major parts of the transmission. All engineering work was executed exclusively by BSO 2001.

The last point was to install an upgraded brake system, which was also provided by BSO 2001. This upgraded brake system will guarantee a maximum of safety for the vehicle, even under extreme driving conditions. The totally new front brake system is equipped with a two piece floating disc. This type of setup guaranties a significant weight savings compare to the factory setup. It also guaranties a 100% alignment of the brake disc to the brake calliper. Even when applied under extreme driving conditions, this setup guaranties a 100% brake performance. Further, the front discs are cross drilled for better heat dissipation and cooling and are also significantly larger in size then the factory discs. The so called brake hat is manufactured out of specially forged aircraft aluminium and also hard anodized. The mounting of the brake disc to the brake hat is done with a special titanium bolt setup. This setup will provide a maximum amount of strength and a minimum amount of heat transfer from the brake disc. The actual brake calliper is a high performance 8-piston brake calliper, which was originally designed for the use on race cars. The brake lines are special stainless steel breaded brake lines, which are extremely heat resisted. The rear brake discs are upgraded as well and are also cross drilled, in order to provide a better heat dissipation and to match the visual appearance of the front discs.

Continental: Rinspeed Chopster is fitted with ContiCrossContact UHP tires.
The Rinspeed Chopster is a superlative lifestyle sports car: 600 hp propels the all-wheel drive, low-profile design bolide to a maximum speed of 290 km/h (181 mph). From stationary, this all-rounder does 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 4.4 seconds. To ensure the full power of the V8 engine gets right on to the tarmac and the driving characteristics of the tire match the very sporty vehicle concept, Rinspeed fitted the Chopster with ContiCrossContact UHP tires - beefy size 315/25 R 23 Y XL front and back, on five-spoke 11x23 alloy rims. That way the driving characteristics remain sporty and predictable, even when driving at the limit.

Continental has a special tire in its range for exceptionally powerful all-wheel drive cars - the ContiCrossContact UHP. Approved for speeds of up to 300 km/h (187 mph), this high-performance tire offers extremely short braking distances, high cornering stability and safe driving characteristics, even on wet roads. All this makes the ContiCrossContact UHP the ideal tire for a sporty driving style on very powerful, fast, all-wheel drive cars. The design and size of the ContiCrossContact UHP tire also strikingly emphasize the appearance of the Chopster.

CW Fahrzeugtechnik / Borbet.
The family business, Borbet, has been casting metals since 1881. In those days, it was just brass. In 1928, Borbet extended its operations to the casting of aluminium parts. The Borbet group developed the 23? alloy wheel for Rinspeed.

The Borbet Group and its subsidiary CW Fahrzeugtechnik developed the impressive 11 x 23? alloy wheel for the Chopster in collaboration with Rinspeed. This wheel is also soon to be available through Rinspeed for the Porsche Cayenne and the VW Touareg.

The tires are definitely the most important thing between your car and the road. Yet the most important thing between your car's interior and the outside is the door sill.

And since the first impression is the most important, this feature deserves a lot of attention. INTautotechnik specializes since 9 years in high quality design and refining of door sills made of polished or brushed stainless steel.

MP Design.
Mr Kourosh Mansory founded the company MP Design & Technik GmbH located in Munich in 1989. Production moved into the current plant in Brand in Oberpfalz in 1997. The relocation of all other departments to Brand took place in July 2000. Initially, the company''s main line of business was exclusive interior fittings for high-quality automobiles. The increasing demand for specially coated parts led to the construction of the company's own production facilities. Leather workmanship was added in 1993 and wood processing and refining in 1995. This, in turn, made it possible to meet customer demand for high-quality polyester surfaces. Today product range includes gear lever knobs made of wood or veneered synthetic material, veneered original pieces and steering wheels with wooden inlays or leather coating.

Recaro - from bodyshell builder to seat manufacturer.
Recaro has made a name for itself as a manufacturer of sporting, ergonomic branded seats and seat units of premium quality. The name of Recaro stands for mature technical know-how resulting from almost 100 years of company history, and long-standing experience and competence in motor sport. Recaro seats reveal a clear lead in terms of ergonomics, comfort, safety and design. For vehicle manufacturers, Recaro has long advanced from a supplier of high quality seats to a first class partner of the automobile industry.

(photos: EDAG/Rinspeed)

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edag rinspeed fs1

edag rinspeed side1

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 egag rinspeed chopster fro

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 egag rinspeed chopster eng

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Edag genX : 2004   The cabin rises out of the car to create sleeping quarters.
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