World's 5 Most Successful Cars

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Success in the car industry is measured only through results of sale, although in the last decade this criterion started to lose value as well.

Increased competition and lowered profitability resulted in continuous losses per sold car recorded by the leading car makers. It was caused by multiple reasons, from expensive labor and costs of restructuring to manufacturing deficiencies caused by trying to present the whole range of new cars as soon as possible, which inevitably led to many withdrawals and expensive corrections of the cars.

Still, some cars gained the buyers' trust all around the world. Different generations of cars such as Toyota Corolla, Volkswagen Golf or Honda Civic became more and more popular and sold in higher quantities.

(source: Auto Moto Portal).

toyota corolla

#1. Toyota Corolla is the best-selling nameplate in automotive history. The making of Corolla started in 1966 when Japanese manufacturer decided to present a small compact car which integrates quality, style and cost-effectiveness of more prestigious models. During 40 years Corolla had as many as nine generations, and in 1997 it was the best selling car of all time. To the present day more than 35 million vehicles were sold and we can expect it to stay on the top in the future.

ford f series

#2. Ford - F series. Believe it or not, every year the F Ford model is sold more than any other car. It is almost unbelievable that the second ranked in total sale is a pick-up vehicle. Even more impressive information is that this vehicle reached such a score only on North American territory. However, the most surprising is the fact that Ford's F series is at present the best selling car in the world. Every year Ford sells almost a million cars, that is almost one vehicle every 30 seconds. So far, 25 million vehicles of the F series were sold.

vw golf

#3. Volkswagen Golf. Although ultra popular in Europe, Volkswagen's Golf is lower ranked on the most important market, the North American one. Third ranked is second of two Volkswagens - Golf, which gained in popularity on a global scale through five generations, and to the present more than 24 million cars have been sold. The latest Volkswagen generation will once more try to win the American market, and its advantage is the fact that the American buyers are more and more oriented towards buying more cost-effective cars. Golf has been produced since 1974, and its sports GTI version recently celebrated its 30th birthday.

vw beetle

#4. Volkswagen Beetle. By far the best selling car in the world with the same body for almost 60 years. Volkswagen's Beetle is the best selling car in history. Legend has it that Adolf Hitler himself drew its legendary shape on a paper towel. During almost 60 years, the incredible 21,529,464 Beetles were produced, which is particularly significant when taking into account the fact that during 60 years the Beetle had the same car body, with some mechanical changes. The original form of the Beetle was produced until 2003, when the last car left the Volkswagen factory in Mexico.

ford model t

#5. Ford Model T. Henry Ford: "Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black". With 16,500,000 sold cars, T model is the second best selling car in the world, but also much more than that. This is the first car manufactured by the so called assembly line manufacturing, which simplified the car making, and more importantly, made it cheaper and started more massive production. The famous line of the founder Henry Ford refers to T model: "Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black" since, due to express production, no other color could dry as fast as black.

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