Ronn Scorpion - 2008

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Ronn Motor Company is blending the world of exotic performance cars with eco friendly fuel solutions with its first car, the Scorpion.

ronn scorpion rs

Exclusive styling and uncompromising performance engineering will deliver the ultimate driving and ownership experience.

Hydrogen Fuel Injection (HFI):
Produces hydrogen during vehicle operation through electrolysis of water using the power generated from the vehicles electrical system. A small amount of hydrogen added to the vehicles intake air/fuel mixture allows the engine to operate with less fossil fuel.

Ronn Motor Company will use this technology in its revolutionary Scorpion to achieve lower emissions and vastly improved fuel economy.

There are two main kinds of Hydrogen Hybrid automobiles. Fuel cell vehicles and Hydrogen internal combustion engines, (HICE) like Ronn's first automobile, "The Scorpion".

Fuel cell vehicles are electric cars. Hydrogen is pumped into a tank in the car, just as gasoline. The hydrogen gas is then fed into the fuel cell where it is electrochemically converted into electricity - with no combustion, no moving parts and no emissions other than water vapor. The electricity is used to power the vehicle.

Hydrogen ICE vehicles use a regular combustion engine modified to use gaseous hydrogen instead of liquid gasoline (much like a natural gas vehicle is modified). They burn hydrogen or a combination of gasoline and hydrogen, but since there is no carbon in hydrogen, there are no, or almost no, CO2 emissions and only trace amounts of NOx (oxides of nitrogen). Hydrogen ICE vehicles are typically about 30-50% more efficient than comparable gasoline vehicles.

While the technology has been around for awhile, advances in technology have made it possible to produce hydrogen on board, on demand as needed. Ronn has a strategic partnership with Hydrorunner, which has allowed Ronn Motor Company to bring to market quickly, a premium exotic automobile, that is a perfect first step to a solution of the problems, facing the automobile industry as it enters into this transitional phase.

(Source: Ronn)

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Ronn Motor Company logo.

Ronn Announces H2GOTM Hydrogen-On-Demand Systems   Can be installed on any existing car or truck.
Ronn Buys New Assembly Plant Building   
Ronn Motor Company   Official site.
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