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Tempo Matador : 1951

Filed under:  Classic
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MSRP Engine HP Manufactured
n/a n/a 25.0 1949 - 1951
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Just when you think craftsmanship is behind us, you quickly change your mind when to see this gorgeous vehicle and the loving hours it took to get it to look like it's original glory.

173 7399

If this treat isn't good enough, at the time of this posting, you can actually buy it from Oldbug.

All of the images are from Oldbug, but visit the link above because there are many more to see, including the restoration process.

It is truly incredible. This truck is just so beautiful. Frankly, I can not imagine restoring this and then selling it. The satisfaction of the final product would out-weigh any financial return it could bring.

This is a very rare Volkswagen powered truck called a Tempo Matador, built in 1951 by a Hamburg Germany based company by the name of Vidal and Sohn.

These trucks were produced for a short period of time from 1949 through 1951 and used the well tested 25 horse Volkswagen powerplant and a ZF non-synchro 4 speed transmission.

But the placement of the drivetrain was in the front, rather than in the rear live the Volkswagen transporter making it a true front wheel drive vehicle.

They were built in a truck and a van format and only about 1300 were produced in total with roughly less than 10 known to exist today...making it a very rare machine.

One of the most interesting things about the history of the Tempo is that it was well on it's way to being a very successful delivery vehicle throughout Europe, but controversy got in the way. Since Volkswagen supplied the powerplants and they also had their own small truck in the works, eventually the leaders at Volkswagen realized that they were helping the competition. So in 1951 they pulled the plug on Tempo and refused to supply them with the engines so that they would have a clearer path to market with the new Volkswagen Transporter.

Tempo was forced to re-design their truck and then chose to go with a British Austin water cooled 4 cylinder for thier later models.

(source: Oldbug)

front full em 1

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172 7226 em

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173 7306

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173 7356

173 7352

173 7371

under bed em

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173 7321

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173 7350

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173 7358

door complete em

tempo matador brochure cover51

1951 Tempo Matador brochure cover.

tempo logo.gif

tempo type

Bajaj-Tempo   India, 1957 -
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Tempo Wagen A 400   
pablo lugo3463 days ago

tengo tempo matador 1951 para refaccionar cualquier ayuda me interesa mucho colombia

Agnaldo (Brazil)3458 days ago

I have also an Tempo Matador years 1952 search (you tube) and enjoy.......

Eric Parsons3394 days ago

I am the person who owned and restored this Matador. The truck is now in the VW Autostadt Museum in Wolfsburg, Germany for those who wonder if it is still for sale. I have since completed a full restoration of a 1958 Jeep FC150 (every nut and bolt), and am now doing a full restoration on a 1967 Cony Wide 360 cc Japanese micro Pickup truck. I'm interested in finding a DKW Pickup, or another Micro pickup, as my next project to fully restore. Take Care All, Eric

CT3394 days ago

Eric, you have an amazing talent and loads of patience. Send us photos of your projects and we will share it with the world. Best.

Pete3248 days ago

The restoration on the Tempo looked good but many parts are incorrect, such as speedo, ignition switch, indicatator switch, idiot lights, and so on and so on, I have 2 Tempos I am restoring an early 1951 Tempo so keep your eyes open, I have many NOS parts and it will be 100 percent correct... Sorry Eric...

eric parsons that is one lovely matador i have a 1950 matador all complete having trouble with gear box i have had no sucses in trying to find a mechanical book on the matador especialy the box do you have a copy if so can i buy it or could you send me a copy if no go do you know where i may get a copy .do you know PETE who has 2 matadors so i may get in touch with him. he may have a copy of inside gear box. hoping you can help or PETE. I AM ROYCE JAGGERS OF NSW AUSTRALIA AUSTRALIA PHONE 61 0266724212 or email love to hear from you royce

roman3105 days ago

i have one Tempo Matador for sale , 1951, original condicion

ted godfrey3066 days ago

Can remember seeing them new in Toowwoomba Queensland Australia as a child. One was quite strange, it had a very wide rear track and was powered by a BMC engine. Dont think they sold any.

tolopsa3003 days ago

Great job done by you.

Eric2950 days ago

Pete, just checking to see how your two 100% correct Tempo restorations are going? Got photos? Eric Parsons

Pete2817 days ago

Another Australian connection: My Grandparents had one on their egg farm at Nemingha via Tamworth NSW in the 1950's. We had a great time in it as kids - we all piled into the back tray to go on picnics and to take gear to the Easter Scout Camps at Moore Creek.

I don't know what happened to it but I guess it was sold with the farm (now housing).

Have just been able to buy a very good 1/48 model of the Matador in the blue colour - modelled in France, made in China and bought over the internet from the UK

Mario Reuter2284 days ago

I´m looking for a Tempo Matador, does anybody have one for sale?

fran2052 days ago

You have published an awesome resource.

Marcos Hecke2028 days ago

Out of the blue one day I remebered my onkle Franz owned a Tempo Matador before 1960, in Curitiba, Brazil . As I mentioned that to a few antique car fans, they looked puzzled as if I were making this up. So I looked it up, and voilá I saw your restoration! Congratulations!

joaquin ochoa1618 days ago

Excelente restauración estamos en el proyecto de restauración de dos uno 50 y 51 en medellin colombia

ferd968 days ago

I remember these cars. My question, did they have a diesel?

Josh422 days ago

I have a 1959 Tempo Rapid Pickup for sale in NJ if anyone is interested. It's in rough shape, but all of the parts are there.

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