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Zipcars graffiti in Chicago

Filed under:  Opinions-Tips
Comment(s): 5

Its bad enough we all have to contend with graffiti at almost every corner of our community, so it was particularly troubling when I saw that (at least in Chicago) Zipcars has resorted to tagging our sidewalks to advertise what is otherwise a very welcome service.

zipcars graffiti in chicago 1

zipcars graffiti in chicago 2

zipcars graffiti in chicago 3

Not cool Zip.

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vectorbug3501 days ago

IBM got in big trouble for this in SF for spray painting "peace love linux" stencils through the city. Looks like the same thing here.

Does this ad mean I can park the zipcar on the sidewalk?

CT3501 days ago

Looks like they tagged every single bus stop. (at least in Bucktown/Wicker Park).

Katie 2818 days ago

I think this is a creative way of advertising, i'd rather see this than a stupid bus add or giant billboard with crap we don't need. I think you guys need to relax. Zipcars is a good service just trying to raise awareness.

CT2818 days ago

Katie, Zip is a good service, but that does not give them the right to invade public space and add, as you put it "crap we don't need". It's just now on the sidewalk. If they want to raise awareness, let them purchase advertising on buses and alike just like everyone else. There, now I feel better, and relaxed.

Tracy2786 days ago

You guys, I've seen these around--it's spray chalk. It washes off when it rains. If you've read anything about Zipcar's marketing, it's done on an insanely lean budget and working for a company with a tiny marketing budget, I've gotta say stuff like this is smart.

And it's not exactly bad looking--there was construction outside my office for the past few months and all the markings from the gas and electric companies were WAY worse and those DON'T wash away.

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