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Parking Meter Violation

Filed under:  Opinions-Tips
Comment(s): 7

It is so difficult to find a parking spot these days, and its bad enough that most meters take quarters only in exchange for 15 minutes (at least in Chicago).

broken meter violation

In Miami, the city has implemented a policy of applying these stickers on broken meters (instead of actually fixing them). Now, even if you find a legal meter, you still get a ticket.


Jamie3499 days ago

I say "kudos" to the city. It seems to me like they're putting the stickers on the broken meters until they can be fixed. So they're saving drivers from getting a ticket by letting them know that the meter is dead and not to part in front of it.

I just don't get why Frankenstein was hired to make the stickers. "Bread good, park at broken meter bad."

CT3499 days ago

That would be nice it there were plenty of spaces to spare. I find it hard to swallow that the city is "trying to be nice" and helping me not get a ticket. PLEEEZZ.

Additionally, why make the public "pay" for them not having their shit together enough to repair the meters. If it's busted, it should be "on the house" (or the city in this case).

One the the reasons for meters is to supply safe and reasonable parking for the public and the fact that we can't legally pay for it because of a meter error does not negate a legal spot. Are they (and you) suggesting it remain empty?

Jamie3499 days ago

I agree people should be able to park there, but until the law is changed, the stickers are a better option than letting people think they're getting a free spot and then hitting them with fine.

CT3499 days ago

My further point on this is that if they don't even have the sufficient resources to get the things fixed in a timely manner, perhaps they should use the money for the stickers, the people to put on the stickers, and the ones keeping track of the meters with the stickers and JUST FIX THEM!

If they didn't ticket people in legal (broken) meters, then they wouldn't find themselves with an unexpected fine.

It should just be a given that if they are not working, they are free. That might get them off their ass and fix them faster. People try to do the right thing and this seems like an underhanded way to get more cash.

Lastly, it's a $50 to $75 ticket, depending where you are. come on man!

Kari3499 days ago

I'm sure people fight tickets from broken meters all the time. This is a nice way for the city of Miami to ensure that their citizens don't get out of the ticket. "Ma'am, the sign was posted."

The city is just looking to secure revenue, imho.

JF3498 days ago

"I agree people should be able to park there, but until the law is changed, the stickers are a better option than letting people think they're getting a free spot and then hitting them with fine."

I agree with this completely. The law should be changed, but until it is, I'd prefer a warning like this rather than a surprise ticket.

Secapp3420 days ago

The real point being, If it were legal to park at broken meters... Just break it and "Ta Da" you have instant free parking. Come on folks, Nothing else works well in this town, why expect this to be an exception ?

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