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Such a varied selection of Shield and Crest emblems exists that it is almost hard to believe that they don't run out of ways to illustrate such a basic element.

Here is a sampling showcased by brand.

As with most articles on Cartype, they never remain static and are always being updated with relevant content to the issue of the article. Keep visiting, you'll always see something new.

austin a35 emblem 58

1958 Austin A35 shield emblem.

barris customs shield emblem

Barris Customs shield emblem.

buick electra emblem 4 60

1960 Buick Electra crest emblem.

buick electra 225 shield 2 74

1974 Buick Electra 225 shield emblem.

crest emblem

Cadillac Crest.

chevy corvette shield l82 80 sm

Gas cap shield from a 1980 Chevrolet Corvette L82. The L82 was an optional engine on the Chevrolet Corvette C3 (1968-1982 Stingray) with an output of 205 hp.

chevy corvette 9

Chevrolet Corvette emblem.

chevrolet monte carlo custom 72

1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Custom shield emblem.

chevrolet monte carlo 71

1971 Chevrolet Monte Carlo shield emblem. (This was the only year to display the "MCMLXXI" on top of shield).

chevrolet monte carlo detail 71

1971 Chevrolet Monte Carlo shield emblem detail. (This was the only year to display the "MCMLXXI" on top of shield).

corvair chevy

Chevy Corvair emblem.


1960 Chrysler grill emblem.

lion chrysler

Chrysler lion (by spineapple).

chrysler imperial crown shield 60

1960 Chrysler Imperial Crown shield emblem.

cord shield 2

Cord shield emblem.

cord shield 1

Cord shield emblem.

datsun logo.gif

Datsun shield.

dodge coronet shield emblem 49

1949 Dodge Coronet shield emblem.

ford super pursuit

1966 Ford Super Pursuit emblem.

390 ford galaxie

Ford Galaxie 390 emblem.

ford galaxie 500 shield emblem 64

1964 Ford Galaxie 500 XL shield emblem.

hummer alpha h3 emblem

Hummer H3 Alpha emblem. Hummer announced the H3 Alpha at the 2007 New York Auto Show. The Alpha moniker returns, originally seen on the H1, giving the H3 5.3 liters of V8 power.

hyundai genesis emblem 08

2008 Hyundai Genesis logo.

lincoln v8 shield

Lincoln V8 shield emblem.

lincoln continental mark ii conv 56

1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II convertible emblem.


Mercury hood emblem.

mercury montclaire shield 1 55

1955 Mercury Montclaire shield emblem.

mercury montclaire shield 2 55

1955 Mercury Montclaire shield emblem.

mercury phaeton emblem 56

1956 Mercury Phaeton emblem.

mercury park lane shield 64

1964 Mercury Park Lane shield emblem.

mini shield1

Front Mini emblem. (submitted by Joaquin Massana)

mini old shield 5

Front Mini emblem.

nash rambler country club a 521

Nash emblem, from a 1952 Nash Rambler Airflyte Country Club.

olds 48

Hood emblem from a 1948 Oldsmobile.

oldsmobile super 88 shield 2

Oldsmobile Super 88 shield emblem.

oldsmobile super 88 shield 1

Oldsmobile Super 88 shield emblem.

oldsmobile 88 shield 1

Oldsmobile 88 shield emblem.

olds woodie wagon 47

Oldsmobile emblem from a 1947 Woodie Wagon.

oldsmobile starfire world emblem 1 61

1961 Oldsmobile Starfire "globe" shield emblem.

packard caribbean shield

Packard Caribbean crest emblem.

peugeot plaque 1961 71

1961-1971 Peugeot lion emblem. (image source: ©Automobiles Peugeot)

peugeot plaque 1960 73

1960-1973 Peugeot lion emblem. (image source: ©Automobiles Peugeot)

peugeot plaque 1955 66

1955-1966 Peugeot lion emblem. (image source: ©Automobiles Peugeot)

peugeot emblem old

Peugeot emblem.

plymouth crest

Plymouth crest.

pontiac firebird formula eagle shield emblem 76

1976 Pontiac Firebird Formula eagle shield emblem.


Pontiac emblem. (by J Lemons).

renault regie nationale crest flickr r gust smith

Renault Regie Nationale crest. (source: R Gust Smith)

renault emblem old

Pontiac emblem.

renault emblem crest flickr r gust smith

Renault emblem with crest. (source: R Gust Smith)

ursaab logo1

The Ursaab Emblem. The Ursaab Prototype, the fist SAAB automobile, was designed in 1946 before SAAB Automobile became officially incorporated in 1947 as an automobile manufacturer (source: Saab History).

seat licensia fiat

Seat 1500 (Licensia Fiat), (submitted by Joaquin Massana).

studebaker golden hawk crest flickr r gust smith

Studebaker Golden Hawk crest. (source: R Gust Smith)

champios studebaker hood crest emblem s

Studebaker Champion hood crest emblem.

volvo 262c bertone coupe crown emblem 81

1981 Volvo 262c Bertone Coupe "crown" emblem.

1800s volvo

1800s Volvo emblem.

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