Volkswagen Passat Chronology

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The Volkswagen Passat Chronology, from August 1973 thru May 2003.

vw passat new

Volkswagen Passat logo (new).

August 1973.
Presentation of the first Passat as a hatchback saloon and estate, with engines ranging from 1.3-ltr., 44 kW/60 bhp to 63 kW/85 bhp.

April 1975.
Large tailgate on hatchback model.

December 1976.
1,000,000 Passats produced.

August 1977.
Stylistic and aerodynamic remodelling of the front end, leads to a reduction of average petrol consumption of several percent.

March 1978.
Passat Diesel, 1.5-ltr., 37 kW/50 bhp.

October 1978.
Passat GLI, 1.6-ltr., 81 kW/110 bhp.

April 1980.
2,000,000 Passats produced.

November 1980.
Second Passat generation as hatchback saloon and estate, engines from 1.3-ltr. and 44 kW/60 bhp to 2.2-ltr. and 85 kW/115 bhp.

January 1981.
Presentation "Formel E": Economy gear with long gear ratio, consumption display.

September 1981.
Santana, new top model in the Passat segment.

January 1982.
Presentation hatchback saloon Santana.

August 1982.
Turbodiesel 1.6-ltr., 51 kW/70 bhp.

April 1983.
First Santana assembled in China.

July 1984.
First Passat syncro in the estate GT, 2.0-ltr. five-cylinder engine, 85 kW/115 bhp.
3,000,000 Passats produced.

January 1985.
Model upgrade: new front, new rear end; the Santana becomes the Passat notchback.

March 1985.
Closed-loop catalytic converter for 66 kW (90 bhp) engine.

March 1987.
4,000,000 Passats produced.

April 1988.
Third Passat generation, initially just as saloon, engines from 1.6-ltr. and 55 kW/75 bhp to 1.8-ltr. and 79 kW/107 bhp.

June 1988.
Presentation of Passat III estate.

November 1988.
2.0-ltr. four-cylinder engine 100 kW/136 bhp and 1.6-ltr. turbodiesel, 59 kW/80 bhp.

June 1989.
1.9-ltr. naturally aspirated diesel engine with 50 kW/68 bhp.

August 1989.
Electronic-hydraulic four-speed automatic gearbox with torque converter lock-up and two shift programs.

September 1989.
G60-Motor syncro with 1.8-ltr. and 118 kW/160 bhp.

June 1990.
5,000,000 Passats produced.

August 1990.
New 2.0-ltr. engine with long connecting rods with 85 kW/115 bhp.

May 1991.
1.9-ltr. Kat-Diesel, limited-boost turbocharger, 55 kW/75 bhp.

June 1991.
VR6 engine with 2.8-ltr. capacity and an output of 128 kW/174 bhp.

August 1993.
20 years VW Passat, 6.2 million units produced.
Press presentation of the new 4th generation Passat with engines ranging from 1.8-ltr., 55 kW (75 bhp) to 2.8-ltr., 128 kW (174 bhp). Driver and front passenger airbag as well as ABS are standard.

October 1994.
New top model: Passat estate VR6 Exclusive syncro, 2.9-ltr., 135 kW (184 bhp).

June 1995.
All Passat models are equipped with electronic speedometer in model year '96. The speedometer display quality is thus optimised. The design for the wheel trims for the CL and GL models is also new.

September 1995.
Passat "Classic Line" is the new special model for saloon and estate with comprehensive standard equipment, e.g. alloy wheels, metallic paint finish, air conditioning, electr. height-adjustable sports seats, seat heating, electr. windows, radio "gamma", multi-function display.

February 1996.
Presentation of the new 81 kW/110 bhp TDI engine for saloon and estate.

August 1996.
Press presentation of the new Passat saloon (5th generation) in Dresden. The petrol engine range extends from 1.6-ltr. 74 kW to 2.8-ltr. 142 kW and two diesel engines with 66 kW and 81 kW.

March 1997.
Premiere of the new Passat estate (5th generation) at the Geneva motor show.

May 1997.
Press presentation of the new Passat estate in Hamburg. Market launch on 6th June 1997.

September 1997.
VR5 110 kW is added to the range of engines.

October 1997.
Engine range extended considerably with syncro engines:
92 kW, 110 kW VR5, 142 kW V6 and 81 kW TDI.

March 1998.
Isofix fittings, side turn signals now in white, Highline equipment range includes the Winter package as standard, V6 syncro has 2 folding keys with radio wave remote control as standard. ESP is available for the top model as an optional extra.

October 1998.
85 kW TDI unit injector (Pumpe Düse) is added to the program.

January 1999.
V6 TDI 110 kW AG5-Tiptronic extends range of engines on offer.

March 1999.
Curtain airbag is available - DM 765,--, Xenon headlights for 2.5-ltr. V6 TDI - DM 1,605, 110 kW 1.8-ltr. 5V Turbo now fulfils Euro 4 Norm, V6 TDI now also available with syncro drive and 5-speed automatic gearbox with Tiptronic.

April 1999.
Model designation "syncro" is changed to "4MOTION" and "VR5" to "V5". ESP can be ordered for all models - DM 1,600 --. Radio-Navigation system is now available with a monochrome (black/white) display DM 3,210.

September 1999.
ESP is a standard feature.

October 1999.
V6 TDI now with 6-speed manual gearbox in the programme.

December 1999.
Special model Passat and Passat estate "Edition" with generous standard equipment package e.g. alloy wheels, metal paint finish, air conditioning, radio "beta".

March 2000.
New in the programme: 1.9-ltr. TDI 85 kW/ 115 bhp with 310Nm. Multi-function steering wheel, radio and cruise control system can be operated via integrated rocker switches. Integrated child seat for the rear seat bench available as an optional extra.

October 2000.
Dealer presentation of the product upgrading (GP) for Passat saloon and estate.

November 2000.
Market launch of Passat saloon and Passat estate.
Diesel engines: 1.9-ltr., 74 KW (101 bhp) - and 1.9-ltr., 96 KW (130 bhp) PD/TDI engine as well as 2.5-ltr., 110 KW (150 bhp) V6 TDI engine.
Petrol engines: 1.6-ltr., 75 KW (102 bhp), 2.0-ltr., 85 KW (115 bhp), 1.8-ltr., 110 KW (150 bhp) 5V T, 2.3-ltr., 125 KW (170 bhp) V5 4V, 2.8-ltr., 142KW (193 bhp) V6 4MOTION. All petrol engines fulfil requirements of Euro 4.
Diesel engines fulfil Euro 3 requirements.

February 2001.
Rear parking distance warning system (optional).

May 2001.
TV tuner (optional), 17" alloy wheel "Donnington" (optional), Service interval extension for PD/TDI engines.

June 2001.
4.0-ltr., 202 KW (275 bhp) W8 4MOTION with AG5 Tiptronic with EU4 norm. Press presentation Passat W8 at the Geneva motor show.

July 2001.
Seat heating front + rear (optional as of Comfortline).

September 2001.
Market launch Passat W8. RECARO Sports seats, electric, optional for Trendline, Highline and W8. Passat Limousine Protect with 2.8-ltr., 142 KW (193 bhp) V6 4MOTION.

December 2001.
2.0-ltr., 96 KW (130 bhp) 5V engine with MG5 and EU4 norm.

January 2002.
Family package and Business package for saloon + estate.

February 2002.
Special model "Executive"
Radio "Delta" with integrated CD player (optional). 6-speed manual gearbox for Passat W8.

May 2002.
Smoker model (optional, no extra cost) Estate: Net partition (optional) Convenience brake assistant.

November 2002.
Volkswagen Autotelephone NOKIA 6310i (optional)
Passat "Family" and Passat Comfortline "Family" as equipment package for saloon and estate.

December 2002.
Discontinued: 2.3-ltr., 125 KW (170 bhp) V5 engine.

January 2003.
Extension of standard equipment:
Standard: Climatronic, 3 head restraints and 3 three-point automatic seat belts in the rear.
Comfortline: CCS (cruise control system) as standard and foot mats front + rear.
Trendline: Alloy wheels "Wellington" as standard, MFD (Multi-function display).
Highline: Alloy wheels "Road America", MFD, fog light, wood fittings.
V6/V6 TDI: Roof railing in chrome.

March 2003.
2.5-ltr., 132 KW (180 bhp) V6 TDI 4MOTION with MG6 (EU4 norm) and AG5 Tiptronic (EU3 norm).

May 2003.
2.5-ltr., 120 KW (163 bhp) V6 TDI Motor with front-wheel drive and EU4 norm as MG6 and AG5 Tiptronic.
Discontinued: 2.5-ltr., 110 KW (150 bhp) V6 TDI engine. Running gear and steering measures introduced (improved driving comfort and more direct steering).
Visible vehicle number through the windscreen.
EOBD for diesel engines.
Volkswagen Autotelephone with mobile emergency call (optional).

(source: Volkswagen)

volkswagen 5

It's pretty Obvious what the Volkwagen logo is (a V over a W in a blue background, sorounded by a circle). It's origin is rather mundane though. The logo was the result of an office competition to see come up with a logo. The winner of the competition (who won 50 Marks for his troubles) was an engineer named Franz Reimspiess (the same man who perfected the engine for the Beetle in the 1930's).

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