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Owned by the Estes family.
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Founded in 2005 by the Estes family, Trifun is now partnered with a motorcycle company in China and has their own manufacturing line in their brand new plant.

trifun logo

Trifun logo.

After starting by test marketing four sedan samples from China, one electric and three gas they came to the conclusion that there was a market for these types of vehicles in the United States.

All vehicles have the same drivetrain, a midengine manufactured by Wuling and GM, which is a joint venture.

The plan is to build and sell 3000 units in 2008 through a Dealer network located all over the U.S. After 2008, Trifun will be capable of building as many vehicles as the US market demands.

In 2009, Trifun will have a full electric version.

(source: Trifun)

trifun emblem

Trifun emblem.

trifun truck

Trifun 1/4 ton truck.

trifun trucks

Trifun 1/4 ton trucks.

Trifun   Official site.
Norman Power3360 days ago

Where is the 42 mpg? With the check engine light on it gets 17mpg.
The fit of the doors is terrible 2in gaps are the norm. Rust and bare wields abound on the unit.
The radio works sometimes sometime not.
Heater that is a joke!
Scared to see what the air does probably does not work or poorly at best.
No information for the dealers about wiring engine oil and none forth coming all under guise of it is a “motorcycle” Buyer beware.

Normans Best Friend3229 days ago

Hes just mad because he bought a 1/4 Ton EXT and didnt take care of it, and if he read his owners manual properly he would understand that the engine break in period does not allow the vehicle to get its maximum performance nor the 42+ MPG.

also, if properly registered TriFun sends a Care package and a car cover for protection.

And one last thing about the rust, I have never met anyone who decided one day to drive a motorcycle, enclosed or not in the snow, and espically when it it made of steel.

Its just common sense to me...

So before being so ignorant, read, and do research.

Norman Power3181 days ago

Last time I saw the advertisement much was made about the "rust proofing" at the FACTORY.
Maximum performance lets see RAW FUEL = not a broke in engine but a JUNK engine. The fuel system over fueled the engine so bad it MISSES!
I think you better do YOUR research before replying.
No information for the dealers about wiring engine oil and none forth coming all under guise of it is a “motorcycle” Buyer beware
If I bought a motorcycle that missed this bad the dealership would get it back. Which I have, the dealership has had this JUNK more than I have had. Guess what the mechanic has worked on this JUNK and is tired of the JUNK falling apart before he can even get it back to me.
So your turn and trust me there is more "suggestion" use more than one brain cell I have the work orders with dates and you have shit.

Norman Power3177 days ago

Now the dealership where I purchased mine is so tired of working on them that there is no warranty on any of the units now so why in this economy would one pay out $8,495.00 for something that is as problematic as these are. This dealership sold three (3) and they like mine have been back for MAJOR PROBLEMS. You would be money ahead to buy a used s10!!

Normans Best Friend3125 days ago

I have owned one since October. when they first came out, I now have 8k miles on it. And If you look at the owners manual and the blue shop manual that came with it you will see the wiring diagram and the oil to use.
Get a life instead of trying to sue some poor little company

Norman Power3108 days ago

Interesting the dealership that sold me the unit had no information and had to threaten the Co to even get factory support of any kind.
Again no undercoating "Rust" the lights not sealed up "Rust" Again on the web page much is said that is not true the "powder coating" I have had it back to the dealership NOT my statement cheap paint no primer units on the lot at the dealership "RUST"
Air filter filling full of water? How is that? Is the only time you can Drive said unit on sunshiny days with a mobile tent around it?
The fuel system I suppose I was supposed to “fix” it with a magic wand?
The heater motor locked up oh yes just forget it, it is nothing major you are only supposed to drive it on SUNNY days.

I do say you seem to know more than about my unit than just an owner whichever one at TriFun that is posting here you do need to think about it. I WILL NOT STOP COMING AFTER YOU.
When you have junk that you do not trust to take you to the local store five miles down the road and have had said junk and have only 610 miles on it since Dec 3rd of last year there is a problem.
The dealership had the unit in there shop and the “factory” ignored phone calls for help from said dealer ship
I suggest if anyone was to buy on hope you have a good relationship with the towing Co.
And hope you never have ANY trouble with your unit because you will be shunned and ignored that is what this bunch does.

I did not try to sue a “poor” little company I gave them PLENTY of options to make it right.

Sir you need to get some facts instead of trying trash me 8k how many transmissions have you replaced? How many times the windshield has fallen out? How many times has the front-end locked up? How many times the windshield wipers have fallen off? You want to compare notes? I have plenty.

Norman Power3063 days ago

It is intresting the dealership has had so much and so many problems with the TriFun's they have sold Three (3) that they sell them "AS IS" NO warranty now what does that tell you about the quality?
Do not tell me about how I am a problem seems the product is.

Scott2969 days ago

I paid 10K for my Trifun----it came with many problems that for the most part were taken care of by the dealership. All the problems mentioned + a few that weren't on the list. Since Trifuns problems, and the loss of the warranty, I will give Troy Estes some credit. He still as he said, is standing by me on parts. I had some problems with after Trifuns problems and he did send the parts to me. I've worked with vehicles all my life and for the most part, I realize that this purchase would be what it is. Trifuns best friend is high quality silicone and personal care, and know how. Hope they get back on their feet.

Dale2878 days ago

I talked with Troy Estes at great length about purchasing a Trifun. He really talks the unit up. They are still offering 1 year 12000 miles on parts only, no labor. He told me they were registered and tagged as a motorcycle, but that isn't true, when I attempted to look into this before purchase. I've found 2 dealers offering them at $6995 shipping included. The 1 dealer told me that they are registered and tagged as a car in FL. They say motorcycle and you have to have a motorcycle rating on your driver's license, but why would that be if you register it as a car?? Estes has yet to return my calls after I found this all out at DMV. When I started emailing the dealers about the same issue motorcycle/car, then then stopped responding.

On another note, does anyone know about the seizure of Estes 2010 imports in Miami. I would really like to know what happened from the Goverments point rather then Estes'.

pat2834 days ago

oh it is a love hate relationship it was named correctly tri to have fun with it is what it really is i bought mine in july of 09 it was in the shop more than it was out the dealer went out of business troy may or maynot call you back you have to love the vehicle when it runs but the highlight is when it runs mine stops so many times i built a tow bar on the front of it to save on wrecker bills so for those people who got one in a million im glad to hear it because like its name i will try to have fun with it but most of time it is a hunk of junk and mine only has 3000 miles on it dont worry i am going to post junk on utube

pat 2824 days ago

tri-fun they named it right you try to have fun. that is a piece of junk. it does not run 42 miles to the gallon somebody dreamed that up. I own one everyone here that has one hates them because they have so many problems with them. There was no thinking outside the box they just took a box and threw a bunch of patrs in it and threw them in there and called it a tri-fun you cant sell them and you cant trade them in because everybody knows they are junk. I have started making a video log of how this runs and acts I will post the videos on you tube for the world to see because it breaks down so much that I had to build a tow bar for the front of it. It sets in the driveway because i constantly work on it but even the birds know what it is because they use it for target practice and Troy is no help. It was supposed to have a two year manufactures waranty on it what it is a two year you get no parts you have to try to find other parts to fit it that is a big piece of sh**. I will let you know where to find my video when i get it complete. I encourage others to do the same

pat2822 days ago will hear is 1 of the video to look at on the trifun and why i call it piece of junk

pat2817 days ago

ok guys here are a couple of fixes for problems with the tri fun the first one is the fuel pump you can use the fuel pump out of the 85 and up geo metro make sure it is a carburetor or throttle body because the tri fun puts out 50 psi on its fuel pump and the geo puts out 40psi you cannot find the fuel pump at any automotive store and troy does not have one the second fix is a problem to the door lock that holds the door locked while driving mine would pop open so i went looking for the part to fix it one will fit out of a 1987 toyota pickup truck it works quite well and zero modifications and is a good replacement for the factory lock and as always post your videos on utube about the tri fun good or bad as you know i will still working on the problem of it stop running when i find out what that problem is i will post the fix here and a video on utube thank you very much looking forward to seeing your videos and fixes about your tri fun

Guy from VA2756 days ago

I wouldn't mind taking one of these pieces of junk of of your hands. If you haven't scrapped them already. All I really want is the body and frame so I can title it as a motorcycle. I want put my own drive train in and use it on the HOV. If anybody still has theirs and wants to get rid of it let me know maybe we can work out a deal.

Dale From MD2741 days ago

I checked into these and you can't register them as Motorcycle. I tried FL and MD and both wouldn't do it. Can it be done in VA?

Nina2729 days ago

I purchased the tri fun after reading an article about this amazing vehicle (Peoria Journal Star, March 2009).
The tri fun is a gem!

I paid over $10,000.00 for it and it was worth every cent ! It has more than paid for itself - I get close to fifty miles to the gallon !!!On the ranch it is a workhorse. The only problem I have with it is people stopping and asking questions about it. I purchased mine from the private owner in Geneseo.Illinois. He has purchased several for his grown children.

I love it!There is a problem - I can drive it on my ranch. but not on the street. I passed the written test;however,there isn't a course for the driving portion of this test. It seems Illinois is way behind the times - there is not a course for the "M" license I was told by the secretary of states office to use my drivers license for the time being.

jeff2714 days ago

I saw a used one in upstate NY. 2009 for $5,000. Looks good shape, but maybe it never ran far! Did not buy it?

Norman Power2712 days ago

I have 700 Miles on mine so the government seized them? Hope they all go to prison!!

The whole Estes family needs to go to prison for fraud.

Roy Hill2661 days ago

I just tagged mine today in North Carolina as a motorcycle. The challenge will be to get thru the pylons on the driving test.

You get what you pay for- and they don't cost much. I think it is a great little buggy- I expect that it will be a challenge sometimes to repair due to parts, but I talked to Mr. Estes and he is willing to work with me to get parts- What more can you ask?

hey- if you can't work on your own stuff- don't buy anything unusual. I saw what seemed to be thousands like it in China when I was there last year and could not wait to get one.

Mine has 4,000 miles on it and it runs like a top and gets 35+ miles to the gallon going up and down mountain roads.

Ron Leone2617 days ago

Just got my new 2009 Trifun and will put my 1957 BMW Isetta on its pickup bed to take to local car shows. It is only 1 cylinder and 12 Hp. and 89 inches long and I think will look great mounted in the bed. I installed a Reese hitch to the rear frame rails so I can tow my little micro bass boat to the boat ramp. I am the retired President of the Antique Automobile Club of America and a car show judge and intend to show off this unique 3 wheel truck where ever I go. I hope to keep you all posted as I use it and submit a photo of it with the Isetta in its bed.

johnnie richards2438 days ago

hi mr. estes,
love my trifun, got 8000+miles on it now.could you tell how & where i can get parts for my baby. Live in n.c., been to the beach, mt.s, everywhere in it drive it daily.

cynthia shaw2401 days ago

who the heck insures this vehicle? NO ONE in northern Wisconsin will touch it...and trying to get it registered and tagged is another long catch-22 story. Any ideas?

bruce fox2322 days ago

my trifun did good for 5000 miles . now the fuel pump relay keeps cutting off and on. any suggestions? and where can i get parts?

Alan2143 days ago

Purchased mine used and it did have a few issues that were easily resolved with a little TLC. Can some one tell me where I can get an owners manual?

william2097 days ago

i have a red one for sell in indiana it has been in the garage for 2 years it has around 5k miles on it i have some new parts and the owners manual and dvd that comes with it when you buy it i have had mine insured and plated best milage i got was 20mpg gets better at lower speeds less than 40mph have had it up to 70mph but very unstable selling for best offer email me at

Norman Power2089 days ago

Have a Blue one 800mi on it would like to get rid of it may Ebay it.
Best I ever got was 17 mpg before the check engine light came on then it got 9-10.

DANNY1947 days ago


jaymac1353 days ago

I have a chance to purchase a 2009 Trifun at a reasonable price. It is a cute little whatever. I have driven it around town and the only problem so far has been when you come to a stop sometimes the engine stalls. The top fuse box 2nd fuse down has a BAD short. Put fuse in pops right away. Horn does not work, wiper on driver side fell off. Have not purchased it yet. You have to have a mtcyle endorsement on your drivers license in Mi. to operate a mtrcycle. It sure would look nice at a bike or car show.

Luis garcia1310 days ago

I just bought a use trifun in a very good shape on the body, but no computer in it, if any one can help me to get parts for it!!

Leonel1268 days ago

I just bought one of a friend. It is not running but I bought the Ecu and fuel pump. But when I tried to start it I noticed it was missing some fuel lines and probably a sensor close to de intake. Please anyone help me! I just need pictures of your engine to see where the fuel lines go to. And to see what parts I am missing. There is little technical info on these units so your help will be appreciated! Thanks!!

Norman 1233 days ago

I have a blue one for sale has 820 mi on it wireing needs work the computer works new clutch the other one died syn oil engien rearend and tranny $2000.00 You want the title will +$200.00

Anthony991 days ago

So, my wife bought one of these. It's a 2009 with the 250 cc engine (so the title says). So, far I need to do a coolant flush, replace the battery and I am assuming change the oil. The person she bought it off told her that she doesn't have to change the oil. With that said, can anyone tell me where the crankcase, drain plug, and oil filter is located? I'm at a loss right now as this has me scratching my head.

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