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Mercury Cyclone CJ : 1969

The only white one ever built.
Filed under:  Classic
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MSRP Engine HP Manufactured
$3,224 428 v8 CJ Cobra Jet 335.0 1968 - 1969
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On Saturday January 3rd, 2009, I went to the Hollywood Wheels Auction and Show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida looking for rare and unususal cars to add to the site.

To my surprise, I found this Mercury Cyclone CJ and fell in love with it. I was not very familiar with this car, and it is not the usual car I tend to favor, but the presence of this vehicle, and the mint condition it was in was overpowering.

mercury cycone cj 7 69

1969 Mercury Cyclone CJ.

Practically impossible to capture in pictures, this is a real one of a kind collectible.

According to the seller, of the 117,421 1969 Montegos and Cyclones...
6,968 were Cyclone Fastbacks,
260 were built with 428-4v CJ engine,
152 came with automatic transmission,
14 of those had 428 Super Cobra Jet engines,
1 of them was painted in white,
and this is that Cyclone. vin number 9H15R607753.

The original vehicle order documents indicate the Cyclone 2-door Fastback (code 15)was built at Lorain (code H) on June 14, 1969 (code 14F) with White paint number Ford #1619-A (code M), Red Vinyl bench seat (code 4D), a 3.91 Traction-Lok axle ratio (code V), a C-6 Cruise-O-Matic transmission (code U), a 428-4V CJ Ram Air engine (code R), at the St. Louis Order District (code 42). The dealer's number was 42D108 in Lincoln NB.

While the car was scheduled to be built on on June 14, 1969, it was actually built on on June 6, 1969, released on on June 19, 1969 and sold on on June 20, 1969.

It was ordered with the following options:
- Body side tape stripe
- C-6 Cruise-O-Matic transmission
- 428SCJ engine Drag Pack after 2/20/69
- Traction-Lok differential
- F70X14 Traction Tires w/ raised white letters
- Ram Air induction
- AM Radio

The Mercury Cyclone CJ.
In 1968, A two-barrel 302 cid V8 rated at 210 bhp was standard in all Cyclones. The GT option was still available and added $168 to the $2,768 base price. The GT option only added bucket seats and trim changes, no performance option.

The engine lineup included a four barrel 302, two 390 cid V8s, and the 427 V8 rated at 390 bhp.

This engine was available only for a few months, when Mercury replaced it with the 428 Cobra Jet V8, under-rated at 335 bhp.

In 1969, only the Fastback body style returned. The GT option was reduced to an appearance group option.

The new hot Cyclone was the CJ which came with the 428 Cobra Jet rated at 335 bhp standard, along with a four-speed manual transmission, Competition Handling Package, and a plain bench seat interior. It sold for $3,224.

mercury cycone cj 3 69

1969 Mercury Cyclone CJ.

mercury cycone cj 4 69

1969 Mercury Cyclone CJ.

mercury cycone cj 5 69

1969 Mercury Cyclone CJ.

mercury cycone cj 2 69

1969 Mercury Cyclone CJ.

mercury cycone cj 6 69

1969 Mercury Cyclone CJ.

mercury cycone cj 12 69

1969 Mercury Cyclone CJ.

mercury cycone cj 11 69

1969 Mercury Cyclone CJ.

mercury cycone cj 10 69

1969 Mercury Cyclone CJ.

mercury cycone cj 9 69

1969 Mercury Cyclone CJ.

mercury cycone cj 8 69

1969 Mercury Cyclone CJ.

mercury cycone cj 13 69

1969 Mercury Cyclone CJ.

mercury cycone cj 1 69

1969 Mercury Cyclone CJ.

mercury cycone cj eng2 69

428 Cobra Jet engine.

mercury cycone cj eng1 69

428 Cobra Jet engine.

mercury cycone cj in1 69

1969 Mercury Cyclone CJ interior.

mercury cycone cj in2 69

1969 Mercury Cyclone CJ interior.

mercury cycone cj interior emblem 69

1969 Mercury Cyclone CJ "Cyclone" interior emblem.

mercury cycone cj cyclone front grill emblem 69

Front grill Cyclone emblem from a 1969 Mercury Cyclone CJ.

cyclone cj decal 1

1969 Mercury "Cyclone CJ" side decal.

cj 428 decal 1

CJ 428 front fender decal from a 1969 Mercury Cyclone CJ.

mercury cyclone cale yarborough special model

Models of The 1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II, modified to improve its aerodynamics.

The Dan Gurney Spoiler had a dark blue roof and striping and a signature decal on the white lower portion. The Cale Yarborough edition featured red trim and a signature decal.

mercury cyclone cj ad 2 69

1969 Mercury Cyclone CJ ad.

mercury cyclone cj ad 1 69

1969 Mercury Cyclone CJ ad.

mercury logo2

Mercury horizontal logo.


1969 Mercury Cyclone CJ

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Dale Oakes3286 days ago

This car is in my shop! It was purchased at the Mecum auction two weeks later for $41,000!

CT3286 days ago

You're a lucky man Dale, I saw it in person it was stunning. I wanted it very much. Enjoy.

Joanne Bailey2968 days ago

I live in australia and imported a 1969 mercury cyclone 426 19 years ago, I am restoring it. It does not have an exhaust system can you please give me some info re whether OE was twin or single system and any pics etc and spec's. Hey I need rubber moulds for it and outer door handles can you help me. Mine is auto and baby blue.

Mate I would really appreciate some help from you guys over there.

Robert 2898 days ago

This car might be more rare than you think.

Robert2898 days ago

Just wanted to see if it would post it, but here's why: You list body style number as 15-that's a standard Cyclone, acc. to my info. The body style number for a Cyclone CJ is 16, once again, acc. to my info. The 428 CJ was standard in the Cyclone CJ, an option in the std. Cyclone (302 was std). They made @3261 Cyclone CJ cars-all with 428 CJ, of course. So to find a STANDARD Cyclone with the 428 is rare-only 260 made, as you state. And a SCJ car on top of that-doubly rare. But I'm not so sure the car in these pics, if a std Cyclone, has the correct (CJ 428) decals on the side-looks like Cyclone CJ decals-I know, kinda confusing, but I'd check deeper into this......The long stripes are probably correct, as per options list, though......One other thing-it's not the only white Cyclone made, just the only 428CJ, automatic trans, Drag Pack Cyclone made. Ford, obviously, made lots of white Cyclones- a " Marti* " report would confirm this. Super nice and super rare car.

ac2873 days ago

The first time I saw this ride, I already fell in love with it. The exterior looks very stylish and the vintage feel just did it for me.

stick2846 days ago


2845 days ago


Mickey2822 days ago

I think i have one as rare or rarer then this Cyclone. Mine was also made on June 6th, 1969 (on schedule) at the same plant (Lorain).
Mine is a 1969 Cyclone CJ Super Cobra Jet with a 4 speed and a 4.30 rearend. Has anyone ever saw another one? Please let me know if you have.

Joe2796 days ago

I have a 69 Cyclone CJ with a 428 SCJ. but only 3.91's and a 4 speed. Buckets in red.

thomas jennings2758 days ago

nice car i have a1968 cyclone looking for chrome for front fenders and bonnet could you help me out thank you

Connie2713 days ago

I have a 1969 428CJ Automatic-Color is yellow with black bucket seats. All original, never touched,no rust with 26,000 actual miles. Gentlemen it is for sale.

chris 2646 days ago

Connie, is the 69' 428 cj auto-yellow still for sale? if so, please call me at 210 978-2171, thanks, Chris.

Michael2646 days ago

I have a 1969 Mercury Cyclone 428 Super Cobra Jet (1 of 1 according to Marti Report) repainted Meadowlark Yellow with black stripes which is the original color. 76K original miles. Auto c6 trans. Prestine Car! Anyone have an idea what it's worth?

Unk2535 days ago

Every time I see a Cyclone CJ I cringe, I would give just about anything to have mine back..... I had the only black 428 SCJ car, the car went to the bone yard in 1985

Lungs_of_Steel2492 days ago

This is not a Cyclone CJ. Rather, it's a Cyclone with the 428CJ engine - there's a difference.

Additionally, this is not the only white one built. It's the only white Cyclone built with the CJ motor, Ram Air, Drag Pack, and automatic transmission

budi2490 days ago


Bo2355 days ago

I have a 1969 Cyclone CJ vin #9H16R564138 sitting in the garage but getting ready to get back on the street. It is a Ram Air car that is yellow with black bucket seats and a C6 tranny. The original rearend was a 3.91 Taction Loc that was taken out before I got the car.

UNK2339 days ago

Have to love these idiots that seem to try and correct everyone when we know it is a Cyclone with the 428 CJ people call them Cyclone CJ'S when they have the 428 we also know that there is other white, red, black yellow etc; we are talking about the few SCJ Cyclone’s.

Jack Holton2291 days ago

I owned a British racing green 428Cobra CJ in the army. Wish I still had it. Only problem was keeping a starter in it. Finally put in a truck starter. Great fast car.

cyclonej692287 days ago

I have a 428 CJ engine for sale for any info email or for fastster response call 1 440 230 0916 Thanks Jim

Lungs_of_Steel2282 days ago

UNK, I agree - the idiots like yourself who doesn't know anything about Cyclones. By the VIN, there are two Cyclones: The Cyclone, and the Cyclone CJ. The CJ was the model to compete with the Plymouth Road Runner, much like the Fairlane Cobra. The "regular" Cyclone was available with a bunch of engines up to the CJ.

Sometimes it's much simpler to be nice instead of disparaging and ignorant.

BILL2259 days ago

I have a friend who has a 69 Cyclone CJ that he purchased new in 69. All original, including the paint.The car is a fully documented SCJ, bench seat, auto car, 391 rear end. It is exactly like the photos of the white car shown on this site, including the maroon interior. He has the original bill of sale in his name and all other documents from the day he bought the car. He is now THINKING about selling it. If anyone is interested let me know and I can put you in touch with him. 919-767-9283

Clinton Arrington2237 days ago

I purchased a 1969 Mercury Cyclone CJ it was delivered on Feb 14th.
I ordered it with the minimum, no power steering, no power brakes bench seat, C6, 428 Cobra Jet ,Burgundy with silver trim in Richmond Va. It would turn in low 13's at strip off the show room floor. didn't lose but 5 street races 2 or them was my fault. Any one who might know where it is now. I would like to own it it again.

Turnkey2233 days ago

I bought 2 Cyclone CJs about 10 years ago. A Calypso Coral 3.91 auto SCJ,and a red over white 3.50 automatic car. Acording to the door tag it was a dealer special order into Atlanta.212110 vin#535165. I ran across another one while at the Carlisle Ford show. DSO 212114 vin#537211.2121 for Atlanta special order,and mine the 10th,his the 14th. Kevin Marti was not able to tell me what color it was due to no paint code on the door tag,but it was in mostly original paint.There were 101 Cyclone Cjs built with no paint code,and 80 with my paint/trim code. I have talked to 2 people from Ford in the 60s and they have 2 explanations.
1. These cars were ordered to look like Gurney Spoilers for southern race fans.
2. These cars were backdrop cars for Nascars official Spoiler count,and sold at a discount price to the Atlanta district.
When removing the paint for restoration,we found that the car had been painted red (complete),then white,then two toned to the correct location. After that all paint work in the quarter panels was kept below the tape stripe. Allmost like they had started painting it the wrong color. It was also built 12 days behind scedule. I want to find more of these without paint codes to determine a real production number,because it doesn't seem sensible that Atlanta ordered 80 red over white CJs,and that I found #10,and #14.

UNK2046 days ago

All the Cyclone CJ'S were 428. The 428 SCJ was a CJ Cyclone and all the "CJ" Cyclones ordered with the 428 SCJ said Cyclone CJ on the side, I am talking about the Cyclone CJ dip shit not Cyclones, or Cyclone GT'S

Lungs_of_Steel1997 days ago

UNK, you don't get it - it was available to get the 428 on the base Cyclone, hence "all of the 'CJ' Cyclones ordered with the 428 SCJ said Cyclone CJ on the side" is an incorrect statement.

So, to summarize:

* You don't know what you're talking about
* You are rude

What a wonderful way to be, right behind your computer screen, no less.

Steve Tenpenny1942 days ago

Beautiful car. My Cyclone CJ was built at Lorain within 48 vehicles of your car.
I would love to get them together for a photo shoot sometime.

BILL1891 days ago

I have previously posted a comment regarding my friend's 69 SCJ that he purchased new in 69. See above comment under BILL. This is an all original 69 SCJ with all documentation. Phone number is now 289-232-8330 for anyone requiring information on the POSSIBLE sale of this car.

Leon Will1803 days ago

I am seeking information about the whereabouts of a 69 Cyclone 428 SCJ, prefer auto, prefer good condition original or restored. Must be an original car with all accessories, prefer with ps, pb, bucket seats, without any modifications. Open to what you may have.
Great cars and got my attention when new, I was 18. Cheers. Leon

Don Lorrens1633 days ago

I have my brothers 69 Cyclone CJ 428 Compaction Orange 45,000 miles
C6 auto trans. Vehicle was bought new in Hamburg NY.

L. H.1583 days ago

I hate to break it to you but this not authentic.
Rocker panel moldings was not available on CJs.
They came on just the Cyclone.
I had one in 69 and my family owned a Mercury dealership.

Lungs_of_Steel1553 days ago

It may not be correct for a Cyclone CJ (can't say one way or another), but it doesn't make the car a fake.

Mickey1322 days ago

L.H. ,
I hate to break it to you but Rocker Panel Mouldings did come on Cyclone CJ's. I have the Marti report stating so!

RoadKill 1196 days ago

In the 70s I bought a 1969 Mercury Comet with a 428 SCJ and a 4 speed trans. Loved that car. I found it weird that it had the battery in the trunk and no headliner or any material on the dash. I was told later on that it was probably used for racing. Any comments on this. I honestly could lift the front wheels off the road in 1st gear. Did I have something special and just didn't know it .

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