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Gas Ration Stickers

Issued in 1942.
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The U.S. Office of Price Administration (OPA) rationed gasoline on May 15, 1942 on the east coast, and nationwide that December to assist in the war effort which created massive shortages and issued a variety of stickers to identify users and control the amount of petrol used.

The stickers had to be affixed to the car's windshield, depending on need. To get your classification and ration stamps, you had to certify to a local board that you needed gas and owned no more than five tires.

The "A" sticker is the most common of the WW2 Gas ration stickers, and was issued to the general public.

gas ration a

"A" gas ration sticker.

The "B" sticker was issued primarily to business owners.

gas ration b

"B" gas ration sticker.

The "C" sticker was issued primarily to professional people, physicians nurses, dentists, ministers, priests, Mail delivery, embalmers, farm workers, construction or maintenance workers, Soldiers and armed forces going to duty, and several others.

It has a tab under the "C" for the individual to check his occupation. There are 17 different occupations for this sticker.

In reality this one was more used than the "A" sticker which is pretty much mostly seen today simply because it was larger. Immediately after the war it was quickly scraped off the windshield as it revealed the exact occupation of professional people who did not wish their occupation revealed on their cars.

gas ration c

"C" gas ration sticker.

The "M" sticker was issued to motorcycle drivers which included Western Union and other types of delivery people who used motorcycles for their business.

gas ration m

"M" gas ration sticker.

The "T" sticker was issued to truck drivers.

gas ration t

"T" gas ration sticker.

The "X" sticker was issued in special instances for high mileage type jobs such as travelling salesmen etc.

gas ration x

"X" gas ration sticker.

b sticker a

"B" sticker .

b sticker b

"B" sticker .

b sticker c

"B" sticker .

All of these stickers and much more are all available for purchase at Inspection Sticker, they make any restoration complete.

(text and image source: Inspection Sticker)

Gasoline Rationing   Article
Carolyn2578 days ago

Thank you for posting this info. Important history like this is very small in the scheme of a war, but impacts more people.

Steven F. Scharff2228 days ago

Thanks for posting this. I often direct people to this page when they ask me about the gasoline ration gags on the World War 2 vintage cartoons.

Rafael de Greiff.1702 days ago

Thanks by the info. Can you say me the sizes, please! Thanks a lot.

OldsVistaCruiser1617 days ago

Congressmen also got the "X" card as well.

Lin1602 days ago

I have the "A" sticker in quite good shape. Upper right corner has "R-556" and reads "Gasoline Ration" on the bottom. Does anyone know the value of this. It is outlined in a tan color, but the base is black, just like the one shown above.

John Vincent942 days ago

Thanks for posting these! Very hard to find pics of the various stickers, yet you have 'em all!

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