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Viper concept : 1967

By Rafael Reston.
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The design of the Viper concept 1967 came from the idea of how the car would be if he had appeared in the 60's to compete with the corvette among others, for example.

viper concept 6 67

From that idea, Rafael Reston did a great deal of research on materials and construction techniques of the 60s, so that the car was as faithful as possible to what could be done in 1967.

Large circular headlamps, 15in rims, a lot of chrome and surface of the car with enough curves to follow the design trend of the moment are also present in the concept, not only Dodge’s line of 60’s, but always escaping to a more sporting side of a car that did not exist at that time,

The concept borrows from the traditional lines of the striking Vipers of the 90s, like the curved roof, huge hood, with the driver driving almost on the rear axle, air-intake in the hood, and side air out-take in arc.

Under the hood, is the 440-MAGNUM which was used in the Challenger R/T, but modified to gain some more HP, thus leaving aside the V10, which would, in his view, be a bit impractical at the time of production.

Inside, Rafeal used a lot of chrome and leather, with mahogany wood on the stearing-wheel while respecting the luxury cues from a car in 1967, and bearing in mind that, above all, the Viper as a car primarily to generate emotion, not as a luxury car.

The options of colors, dominated by warm tones, as in the early 90s Vipers, with several shades of yellow, red and orange, besides the traditional black (in this case, black pearls), and traditional colors of the season as blue metallic, dark green and lead, besides the wine, which in my view, identify the viper 1967 and identifies the red today.

Rafael even examined what the basic price of the car would be in 1967. $4110 U.S. dollars, making it truly a great competitor to the Chevrolet Corvette.

About Rafael Reston.
Rafael Reston, 29, is a Brazilian, car and product designer, graduated in transportation design at FAAP (Faculdade Armando Alvares Penteado) in Sao Paulo, Brazil and is currently living in Milan, Italy. Worked for companies as Renault RDAL (Renault Design America Latina), The Underground World, SpeedDesign and The OSD.

Author of the book "Do Sketch ao Concept, o basico do design automotivo" - 2008 (From sketch to concept, the basic of autodesign) and is currently searching for a position in Europe.

(source: Rafael Reston)

viper concept 7 67

viper concept 1 67

viper concept 3 67

viper concept 2 67

viper concept 4 67

viper concept 5 67


A sequence of a concept car based on 90's Viper trying to show how would be a 1967 viper, by Rafael Reston. Hand-made sketchs and 3D model on Alias StudioTools.

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Dodge trucks3265 days ago

Viper is the most beautiful car and If the Dodge Viper had been conceived in 1967 rather than the early '90s, this might have been the result. Rafael Reston's renderings of a Viper that would have dragged off C2 Corvettes is muscular yet elegant. But it might have been mistaken for another Corvette - we're struggling to see the Dodge design cues in this pixel-based creation, with the 1967 Viper looking like a mutated C2, with a hint of 1969 Stingray!

Truck Campers3265 days ago

That thing looks amazing… Chevy would have crapped in their pants if they had this up against the vett. Now I’m not saying the viper would have beat the vett in sales but rather it would have given the buyer a real option for a performance car in the 60s…

Chip3265 days ago

I love it! If you can believe it, it reminds me of this:

bigenginesismythang2858 days ago

i dont think thats what it wouldve looked like it looks more like another version of a corvette or aston matrin not a viper im only saying this because a viper always looks ridiculously vicious this car looks too classy to be called viper

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