Artega GT : 2009

To be introduced during the course of 2009.
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MSRP Engine HP Manufactured
79,950 euros V6 direct injection n/a 2009
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The new German sports car Artega GT stands at the beginning of the brand history. For a list price of 79,950 euros incl. VAT, customers receive a vehicle that is almost fully equipped and can be customized further with a number of special accessories.

artega gt 2 09

2009 Artega GT.

As with earlier forms of classic Gran Turismo vehicles, the Artega GT combines aspects of travel capability, suitability for long distances, agility and driver safety into a futuristic shape. The new German sports car is intentionally aimed at enthusiasts and individualists who are looking for something special which they cannot or can no longer find in the models offered by high-volume production manufacturers. Its inspirational shape combined with excellent economy of space make it one of a kind.

With its completely CAD-based design, the Artega GT already caused a stir at its world premiere at the 2007 Geneva Auto Show, with its concept and its fantastic attention to detail. Together with a renowned partner network (including Michelin, Bosch, Bilstein, Eibach, Brembo, IAV), intensive performance checks and road tests provide the desired level of technical maturity. The extensive development and testing program, supplemented by various climate wind tunnel and crash tests, is exceptional for a small series manufacturer, but is just a consequence of the basic quality requirements of the company.

Rigorous Lightweight Construction.
An innovative combination of materials from racing (aluminum, high-strength steels and synthetic materials reinforced with carbon fibers) allow for an impressively low dry weight of 1,116 kg [2,455 lbs.], and high torsion flexural stiffness. The Artega GT is the first vehicle in the world to have an outer shell made completely of polyurethane.

Inspiring Agility.
Thanks to the power-to-weight ratio of 3.72 kg/hp [8.18 lbs/hp], outstanding even for the sports car class, the new German sports car sprints from 0 to 100 km/h [60 mph] in only 4.8 seconds. Added to that is direct steering and an extremely dynamic cornering ability. Ride comfort, sought in vain in many sports cars, is also amazing.

Outstanding Economy of Space.
The Artega GT combines unusual proportions (short, wide and flat) with surprisingly generous passenger space. In that way, it provides passengers with plenty of elbow room and lots of space for baggage, with a satisfying luggage space of 300 liters [10.59 cubic feet].

High Level of Safety.
Separately effective crash modules at the front and the back as well as steel side impact protection protect passengers, in the case of an accident. Two full-sized front and thorax airbags complete the safety package. Various crash tests have demonstrated the effectiveness of the concept.

Progressive Environmental Balance.
The very latest 300 hp V6 engine and unique six-speed direct-shift gearbox from Volkswagen, together with the light weight, produce excellent consumption values. EU standard consumption is only 8.9 liters/100 km [26 mpg], and produces ranges of up to 900 km [540 miles] on a full tank.

Driver-Friendly Cockpit.
Passengers intuitively grasp operation of instruments, switches and buttons. The whole cockpit has a futuristic, user-friendly, almost puristic design styled like an exclusive hi-fi system.

Highest Level of Production Quality.
The Artega automobile plant, opened officially in November 2008, never set out to be just a vehicle manufacturing facility. Model industrial processes are realized here in small batch series.

Impressive Variety.
The Artega GT comes almost completely equipped as standard. It is available with six different exterior colors, eight seat covers, four roof liners, six carpets, three wheel types and varied customization options.

Lightweight Construction Concept.
With its unique lightweight construction, the Artega GT is a guaranteed sensation on the sports car scene. In addition to the racing-tested material combination of aluminum and high-strength steels, Artega, in collaboration with Elastogran (a BASF subsidiary), has realized a true first. For the first time ever, a production vehicle has a shell made completely out of polyurethane. This sophisticated lightweight construction is an essential characteristic in making the Artega GT distinct, and contributes to efficiency and driving pleasure.

The combination of different polyurethane (PUR) materials with outstanding mechanical properties makes the Artega GT a true lightweight. Fenders and rear, front and side sections of the new German sports car are composed of the carbon-fiber-reinforced, microcellular material Elastolit®, that is extremely tough and has excellent impact strength, even in extreme cold.

RIM (reaction injection molding) technology, with a proven track record in body construction, creates components that have a distinctive inherent rigidity with low wall thickness. This innovative thin-wall technology is a crucial factor in the low vehicle weight of the Artega GT. The low thermal coefficient of expansion of the fiber-reinforced PUR system ensures components have high accuracy of fit and extreme dimensional stability under heat.

With its high surface quality, the lightweight construction material is ideally suited for Class A finishing of visible free-form surfaces. In addition, special PUR material combinations with sandwich structures, distinguished by an even higher torsion flexural stiffness with low weight, are used for the roof and trunk hood for the first time ever. The foam-backed engine hood – another new process – takes advantage of these benefits as well.

Many of the body parts used in the Artega® GT are manufactured by means of the RIM process. Here, the two-component, liquid, fiber-filled and highly reactive PUR system is injected into an enclosed tool within a second. The finished component can be removed from the mold after 15 to 30 seconds, and exhibits a consistently high quality without rework and trimming.

In contrast to conventional injection molding processes, PUR RIM materials are highly fluid during reaction and possess outstanding flow properties. These characteristics are essential prerequisites for the realization of complicated component geometry and filigree design specifications. In addition, the extremely brief mold removal time and lower manual effort required in processing, as compared to the thermoplastic process, result in demonstrably lower production time.

Customization of the Artega GT.
The Artega GT comes almost completely equipped as standard. In addition, the company offers discriminating customers numerous options for customization of the new German sports car. These additional options include, above all, esthetic refinements that transform the Artega GT into an absolutely unique vehicle.

Artega GT standard equipment leaves almost nothing to be desired. The new German sports car sets standards with respect to comfort (incl. paragon automatic climate control with paragon AQS, paragon MirrorPilot navigation system or sports steering wheel with paragon multifunction keys and shift paddles), technology (incl. six-speed direct-shift gearbox, Artega forged lightweight wheels or sports suspension) and safety (incl. high-strength steel side impact protection, four airbags or the latest driver assistance systems).

Customers can choose from an extensive range of colors and materials. Three finishes (Schneeweiß, Feuerrot and Nachtschwarz), four leather/microvelour combined seat covers (Saharabeige, Kirschrot, Tabakbraun and Carbonschwarz), four roof liners (Saharabeige, Kirschrot, Graphitgrau and Carbonschwarz) and six carpets (Pergamentbeige, Saharabeige, Kirschrot, Basaltgrau, Graphitgrau and Carbonschwarz) are available as standard. In addition, the Artega GT comes equipped with silver forged lightweight wheels with a five-spoke look.

Three metallic finishes (Gletschersilber metallic, Rauchgrau metallic and Ozeanblau metallic) are available at an additional charge. In addition, gray metallic forged lightweight wheels with a five-double-spoke look may be selected, which also gives an additional weight advantage. The seat covers can also be ordered in full leather, and combined with leather enhancements to the instrument panel, center tunnel or door panels.

Artega makes additional esthetic customization possible for the new German sports car with finishes in any color desired (plain or metallic) as well as custom seat cover design (combined leather/microvelours or leather) and leather enhancements. Artega will display an example at the Geneva Auto Show with a coral orange-colored Artega GT, whose interior is furnished with attractive decor trim. Drivers who prefer the sporty look will be pleased to see the company also offers a sports steering wheel with a full-grain leather look, sport brake pads and sport tires.

The Artega Automobile Plant. Modern Process-Oriented Production.
Artega gears itself in all areas to proven processes from large-scale production. In addition to its exceptional development effort, this standard exhibits itself above all at the new automobile plant in Delbrück in Westphalia, Germany, opened officially in November 2008. A 65,000 square foot production facility was created right on Bundesstraße 64, in which model industrial processes are realized in small batch series.

The ultramodern automobile plant began operations only 20 months after the world premiere of the first prototype at the Geneva Auto Show in March 2007. Two buildings in the Artega design shape the center of the young automobile brand: vehicles are produced in the factory for assembly chassis and final assembly, and international marketing and customer service take place in the neighboring brand and sales center.

The Artega GT is manufactured on a production area more than 43,000 ft2 in size, and according to the highest standards of quality and industrial processes followed by large-scale production. The production facility, with industrially clocked line production, is intended to be entirely different from a traditional factory and thus reveals the way in which the brand profiles itself. The extensive in-house production includes chassis, wheel suspensions, engine periphery, tank and exhaust system for the Artega GT. Up to 500 vehicles per year can be realized in the first stage of expansion.

The visual highlight of the Artega automobile plant is the brand and sales center that is connected directly to the production halls. The 35 foot high, 3550 ft2 large exhibition hall reproduces exactly the shape of the side air intakes of the Artega GT in 75:1 scale. The steel construction alone of the striking exhibition hall weighs 55 tons. And a window area of over 6700 ft2 ensures that the new German sports car will be displayed in its best light.

Permanent features in the brand and sales center are the Ristorante Artega offering authentic Italian cuisine, the Artega Store with accessories and clothing in the brand design, and the Artega Studio, in which customers can outfit their own completely personalized Artega GT. The spectacular showroom is the meeting place for friends of the brand, and also serves as a venue for corporate and private events.

The Cockpit in the Artega GT.
The cockpit of the Artega GT includes various ground-breaking concepts that have been developed and produced exclusively by paragon AG electronics specialists. These comprehensive systems for operation and driver information reinforce and add to the independent profile of the new German sports car. The spectrum extends from freely configurable displays in the instrument cluster, through projection of navigation data, up to the novel G-Force display.

Paragon Instrument (optional with configurable displays).
The paragon Instrument consists of a high-resolution, illuminated 10.2“ color display with 800 x 480 pixels and a digitally controlled dual-indicator analog instrument with a high-quality metal dial from the luxury watch segment. The display of engine rpm and speed on one axis is a unique concept. Illumination intensity is infinitely adjustable.

- Standard Equipment (paragon Instrument)
Displays for speed, rpm, water and oil temperature, tank level, gear, outside temperature, daily and total distance driven and warning lights.

- Optional Equipment (paragon Instrument professional)
Additional, individually configurable displays for oil pressure, amperemeter, voltmeter and even G-Force (longitudinal and lateral acceleration).

Paragon Headunit integra with Sensor Switches.
The paragon Headunit integra includes a high-resolution color display with VGA resolution, a rotating/pressure actuator and 21 sensor-controlled buttons. It comes in an elegant piano varnish look, with high-quality illumination in an optimal ergonomic layout. Illumination intensity is infinitely adjustable. Red flashing LEDs ensure a clearly visible display when the immobilizer device is activated for a locked vehicle.

- Controllable Functions
Audio system (radio and external data sources), telephone operation (hands-free operation, telephone directory, etc.), climate control, seat heating and defrost.

- Interfaces to External Data Sources
USB, Mini-USB, AUX, iPod (iPod holder in the center console), Bluetooth for mobile phones.

Paragon MirrorPilot Navigation System.
The paragon MirrorPilot navigation system with map displays in the inside rear-view mirror optimizes driver information and road safety. With this innovative solution, the driver can follow the navigation system without losing the line of vision to the road. Integrated reading and ambient illumination is another attractive system feature. As an option, the paragon MirrorPilot navigation system can be combined with the paragon reversing camera system, and the camera image is then shown in the integrated display when the car is put in reverse.

Paragon On-Board Clocks for Time of Day and Stop Function.
The paragon on-board clock cluster consists of the paragon on-board clock and the paragon stopwatch, in the design of classical models. Both clocks have a decorative milled ring made of anodized metal; as an option the faces come in a chronographic look comparable to those of the luxury watch segment.

- Paragon On-Board Clock:
For GPS-controlled, analog display of time of day, accurate for the present time zone. No adjustment required.

- Paragon Stopwatch:
For analog stopwatch functions (start – stop – interim time – reset, countdown mode); can be controlled through steering wheel buttons.

Paragon Automatic Climate Control with paragon AQS (Air Quality Sensor).
The paragon AQS detects gases which are harmful to health (e.g. diesel and gasoline exhaust fumes) and actively prevents corrosive gases and fine dust from getting into the interior of the car. The air quality sensor operates in direct combination with the paragon automatic climate control.

Paragon Shift-By-Wire Technology.
With the paragon position sensor, the selected shift lever position is recorded precisely, without contact and in real time, and is transmitted electronically to the transmission control to change gears.

Paragon Multi-Function Steering Wheel.
With the paragon multi-function steering wheel, not only can drivers control the audio system using buttons, and the direct-shift gearbox using shift paddles, this innovative solution can also be used to operate the analog stopwatch functions (start – stop – interim time – reset, countdown).

Paragon Cell Phone Charging Function and paragon Cell Phone Cradle.
This function enables all standard models of business mobile phones to be charged when the corresponding paragon cell phone cradle is installed in the vehicle in combination with the paragon console.

Paragon Reversing Camera System.
The camera is automatically activated when the car is put into reverse. The entire area located directly behind the vehicle is shown in the paragon MirrorPilot navigation system display.

The Artega Perspective. Current Artega Project Timetable.
Sport and everyday vehicles with precision-engineered components from large-scale production are on the Artega agenda. The young brand has made its first impact on the automobile industry with the new German sports car Artega GT. But Artega does not plan to remain a one-model company; other versions of the Artega GT and additional models will shape future development of the brand.

The global long-term trend for customization leaves increasing scope for exceptional and exclusive vehicles. In this special segment, Artega is not seen as a competitor to current vehicle manufacturers, but as an asset. With its consistent look to the future, Artega intends to fill satisfied customers with enthusiasm for the future of the automobile with its novel and customer-oriented innovations.

The exceptionally strong response to the Artega GT attests to the approach of the company up to this point. The focus of the first half of 2009 will therefore be the series production launch of the new German sports car. Following the delivery of original dealer equipment (that has already taken place), the first customer vehicles will be delivered immediately after the Geneva Auto Show.

Because of the high demand from Great Britain and from the Asian markets, Artega is already working on a right-hand drive version that should be introduced during the course of 2009. In addition, there are initial deliberations on production of a roadster that would complement the coupe ideally. However, it is still much too early to give dates for these versions and for other models.

Artega GT Technical Data.
• Engine: V6 direct injection rear-mounted
• Capacity: 3597 cc
• Power output: 220 kW (300 PS)
• Kerb weight (dry): 1116 kg
• Gross vehicle weight rating: 1495 kg
• Power to weight ratio: 3.72 kg/PS
• Transmission: Six-speed direct transmission
• Acceleration 0 – 100 km/h: 4.8 s
• Top speed: > 270 km/h
• EU-standard fuel consumption (Euro 4): 8.9 l (Super Plus ROZ 98)
• EU-standard fuel consumption (Euro 5): 9.1 l (Super Plus ROZ 98)
• CO2 emissions: 211 g/km
• Range (approx.): 765 km (68 l Tank), 900 km (80 l Tank)
• Chassis: Aluminium space frame, high-tensile steel tube frame rear module
• Bodywork: Carbon fibre reinforced plastic
• Dimensions (L x W x H): 4010 x 1880 x 1180 mm
• Wheel base: 2460 mm
• Luggage space: 300 l

(source: Artega)

artega gt 5 09

2009 Artega GT.

artega gt 3 09

2009 Artega GT.

artega gt 4 09

2009 Artega GT.

artega gt 1 09

2009 Artega GT.

artega gt cluster 09

2009 Artega GT gauge cluster.

artega gt in1 09

2009 Artega GT interior.

artega gt in2 09

2009 Artega GT interior.

artega shield 1

Artega shield logo.

artega logo 1

Artega logo.

Artega   Founded by Klaus Dieter Frers.
Artega   Official site.
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