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A font with 111 tracks.
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Carlos Segura of Segura Inc and Chris Manfre of Metaphors In Motion have created a font of 111 racetracks from around the world and is now available from the T26 Digital Type Foundry.

racetracks title

Racetracks by Carlos Segura and Chris Manfre.

In the world of motorsports, all eyes are front-and-center on the drivers and their racing machines. Not to be forgotten, though, are the circuits on which the high speed action takes place. Each track has its own personality and is a work of art in its own right.

RACETRACKS is a tribute to 111 of the best known tracks in the world. If you’re a racing fan you will surely spot your favorites right way. If carbon fiber and alloy flying by at 320 kph isn’t really your thing, we think you’ll still appreciate the RACETRACKS as forms, and find ways to use them in your design and illustration.

Planning on using these icons in a video game or other product? Contact T26 to arrange proper licensing and feel free to check out the usage guidelines.

Note that the RACETRACKS have been optimized as graphic elements. Tight passages and convolutions have been adjusted to balance the forms and convey the spirit of each track, rather than just the literal cartography.

Produced by Justine Mendoza and Chiharu Tanaka, PSY/OPS.

racetracks 1

Racetracks by Carlos Segura and Chris Manfre.

racetracks 2 asia americas a

Racetracks by Carlos Segura and Chris Manfre. (Asia and the Americas)

racetracks 2 asia americas b

Racetracks by Carlos Segura and Chris Manfre. (Asia and the Americas)

racetracks 2 europe africa a

Racetracks by Carlos Segura and Chris Manfre. (Europe and Africa)

racetracks 2 europe africa b

Racetracks by Carlos Segura and Chris Manfre. (Europe and Africa)

Racetracks   T26 Official site
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