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Cadillac related emblems

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Assorted emblems specific to Cadillac, arranged by year.


Cadillac emblem. (update in 2014).

cadillac logo 09

Cadillac logo (revised in 2009).

cadillac 4

Cadillac logo.

cadillac script logo

Cadillac script logo.

cadillac logo1

Cadillac logo.

cadillac cts

Cadillac CTS logo. The CTS (C-Series Touring Sedan) Designed by Wayne Cherry is a mid size entry level Luxury car made by General Motors for the Cadillac brand. It was introduced as the replacement for the Cadillac Catera in 2003.

cadillac escalade emblem 15

2015 Cadillac Escalade emblem.

image 2

Cadillac Racing logo.

cadillac cue logo

Cadillac CUE logo.

cadillac cts emblem 10

2010 Cadillac CTS emblem.

cadillac dts platinum sill 08

2008 Cadillac DTS Platinum door sill.

cadillac sign 07as

2007 Chicago Auto sign.

cadillac xlr supercharged 06

Supercharged emblem from a 2006 Cadillac XLR-V.

cadillac sisteen concept emblem 03

2003 Cadillac Sixteen concept emblem. (source: GM).

el deora emblem cadillac fleetwood wagon 71 2500w

1971 Cadillac Fleetwood Wagon ElDeora emblem. There were only 3 built by ASC (American Sunroof Corp) in Southgate, Michigan. The custom Craft Division built custom vehicles for Cadillac, this was built to show Cadillac they could build the station wagon.

cadillac eldorado biarritz conv emblem a s 59

1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz Convertible emblem.

cadillac eldorado biarritz conv emblem a s 57
cadillac sedan de ville v emblem s 56

V emblem from a 1956 Cadillac Sedan De Ville.

sedan de ville emblem cadillac s 56

Sedan De Ville emblem from a 1956 Cadillac Sedan De Ville.

cadillac coupe de ville 561

1956 Cadillac Coupe de Ville grill emblem. (submitted by Joaquin Massana)

crest emblem

Cadillac Crest (from the RH hood side of a 1942 Cadillac).

cadillac crest 41

1941 Cadillac Crest (from the RH hood side of a 1941 Cadillac).

16 v16 emblem cadillac 40

1940 Cadillac V16 emblem.

cadillac v16 emblem 1 40

1940 Cadillac V16 emblem.

cadillac v16 grill emblem 1 40

1940 Cadillac V16 front grill emblem.

cadillac v16 grill emblem 4 40

1940 Cadillac V16 front grill emblem.

cadillac v16 wheel emblem 2 40

1940 Cadillac V16 wheel emblem.

cadillac emblem fleetwood 2 40

Cadillac emblem from a 1940 Fleetwood (hood crest for all 1947 Cadillac models).

cadillac emblem fleetwood 1 40

Cadillac emblem from a 1940 Fleetwood (hood crest for all 1947 Cadillac models).

fleetwood emblem cadillac 1 40

1940 Cadillac Fleetwood emblem.

fleetwood emblem cadillac 2 40

1940 Cadillac Fleetwood emblem.

cadillac fleetwood steering wheel emblem 36

1936 Cadillac Fleetwood steering wheel emblem.

cadillac emblem 24 2500w

1924 Cadillac front grill emblem.

cadillac crest 1 20

1920 Cadillac crest (used from 1920 to 1927).

cadillac coupe de ville 2

Cadillac "Coupe de Ville" emblem. (submitted by Joaquin Massana).

cadillac coupe de ville 3

Cadillac emblem from a "Coupe de Ville". (submitted by Joaquin Massana).

cadillac script emblem

Cadillac emblem.

cadillac radiator emble

Cadillac radiator emblem. (submitted by Joaquin Massana).

cadilac emblem flickr r gust smith

Cadillac emblem. (source: R Gust Smith)

cadillac old grill

Cadillac radiator emblem.

cadillac wheel hub

Cadillac wheel hub.

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Yann Saunders3369 days ago

The 3rd and 4th 1940 V-16 emblems should have a red background on the circular part behind the "V16" (not just plain chrome). The emblem shown twice as being off a 1940 Fleetwood is in fact the hood crest for all 1947 Cadillac models; all the colors have faded. The image marked simply "Cadillac Crest" is actually the mini-crest from the RH hood side of a 1942 Cadillac [just as the one below it is from a 1941 Cadillac hood side]; again all gthe colors have faded. The one marked "1920 Cadillac crest" was in fact used from 1920 to 1927.

Patrick C Akins3232 days ago

I Am Looking For Two Logos They Are The Cadillac Escalade And SRX

Cheryl3187 days ago

My cadillar grille emblem was stolen. I'm looking to replace it.

Cheryl3187 days ago

My Cadillac DeVille 2002 grille emblem was stolen. I'm looking to replace it.

Patrick C Akins3168 days ago

I Am Looking For Four Logos They Are as Follows Cadillac Catera,STS,XLR,and XLR-V

Grace2910 days ago

Looking for 1979 Cadillac "Phaeton" emblem in script in silver. Please call if you have one Joe 516 655 4599

Benny2740 days ago

Looking for a 1959-1964 Cadillac Fleetwood fender badge.

Denis Callesen2737 days ago

I am looking for a radiator emlem for a 1918 Cadillac Type 57

Cathi Hammonds2714 days ago

I am looking for 4 emblems that stick to the center of the wheel for a 2001 Cadillac Catera

Katie Conley2557 days ago

I am looking for a Sedan de ville emblem for a 1992 cadillac

Vinnie The Torch2557 days ago

These antique emblems shown '50s on little emblem has more beauty than an entire modern Cadillac. Or most newer cars for that matter.

Ronald Neal2309 days ago

I m looking for a hood ornament for a '86 Cadillac Fleetwood!!! Came without it!

january1079 days ago

I have a cadillac emblem that is not flat it is curved with colors red gold whit and black the top crown like has white circles can there is a screw coming out the back. can you tell me more about this and date

Julia Pottebaun388 days ago

I am looking for a " turbocharged " chrome emblem for 2014-2017 ats-v cts-v- or any turbocharged emblem of any kind

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