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Datsun related emblems

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Assorted emblems specific to Datsun, in no particular order or year.


Datsun logo. Datsun logo. "DAT" for the constructors K. Den, R. Aoyama och A. Takeuchi, "sun" for "son"; the first car was named DAT, the following cars got the name Datsun.

datsun logo.gif

Datsun shield.

datsundecklid 240z

Datsun Decklid emblem, from a 240z.

240 280z hood emblem 70 78

Datsun Hood Emblem for 1970-1978 240Z and 280Z.

datsun d center grille emblem

Datsun "D" center grille emblem. "D" emblems were used on Export models. "S" and "Sunny" emblems were used on Japan Market 1200s (marketed as Sunny 1200). (source: Datsun 1200).

datsun 1200 d grill emblem 73

1973 Datsun D1200 front grill emblem.

datsun 1200 deluxe emblem 1 73

1973 Datsun D1200 "deluxe" emblem.

failadyz 260z 22

Failady Z 260z 2+2 emblem.

salvador dalidatsun 180b emblem

Salvador Dali's 180B Datsun Wagon "Datsun 180B" side rear emblem.

salvador dalidatsun wagon emblem

Salvador Dali's 180B Datsun "Wagon" side emblem.

salvador dalidatsun emblem

Front grill "Datsun" emblem from Salvador Dali's 180B Datsun Wagon.

z emblem datsun 300sx 84

1984 Z emblem from a Datsun 300sx.

datsun 280zx targa turbo 79

1979 Datsun 280zx Targa Turbo emblem.

datsun 1200 emblem 2 73

1973 Datsun D1200 "Datsun" emblem.

datsun 1200 emblem 1 73

1973 Datsun D1200 "Datsun 1200" emblem.

datsun 1200 deluxe tag 73

1973 Datsun B110 Deluxe tag.

Datsun   "DAT" for the constructors K. Den, R. Aoyama och A. Takeuchi, "sun" for "son"; the first car was named DAT, the following cars got the name Datsun.
Datsun 280zx : 1980   10th Anniversary Edition
Datsun ads   
Datsun miscellaneous   
Dali's Datsun   Salvador Dali's 180B.
Datsun 15 Phaeton : 1936   
Datsun Go : 2014   
Luis Rodriguez3356 days ago

I want to know if you have available the ones for Datsun 1200 ( the last 3 pictures on this site).

miguel alvarado3217 days ago

nesecito piezas de datsun delux 1200 del 1973:grill original en metal,todas las micas,letras y otras.

Glenda Santiago2929 days ago

1973 Datsun D1200 "Datsun" emblem, (please I need two emblem) Thanks for your help.

Dat280ZXT2625 days ago

What, are these for sale?

Targa Turbo emblem for sale?

José Valle2555 days ago

hi i what 2 know if you have emblem 4 the trunk and side 4 a Datsun B110 (3 EMBLEM) Thanks.

romel vucuña2500 days ago

hola nesecito todos los emblemas del la camioneta datsun 1200 incluida la mascarilla .... si alguien me podria ayudar

angel 2399 days ago

hola necesito enblemas de datsun 1200 de los paneles y la tapa de baul de fastbag gracias por su ayuda

maximo2325 days ago

hi there, i need the emblems for a datsun 120 y 1974, i need the one that goes on the trunk; on the sides (datsun 120 y) both sides. thenk you; and i have a question, a grill from a datsun 310 1976, will this grill fit on a datsun 120 y del 1974

swap344 days ago

I have plastic big deluxe roundmark somewhere, at ´73 datsun;from side at 1200-model and 1600 bluebird 70-s mark at frontgrill,colored. But i need for change couple isuzu bellett de luxe-emblems to frontside under the bellett-textmark. very hard to find.even here this site won´t tell isuzu history of this car since 60-s to 70-s,odd... and only one emblem shown. There are several emblems in bellett and also florian-models, but yankees didnt took to sell so old isuzus then?

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