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Dodge related emblems

Filed under:  Emblems by Brand
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Assorted emblems specific to Dodge, in no particular order or year.

dodge logotype

Dodge logotype.

dodge viper srt 10 logo

Dodge Viper SRT-10 Logo.

hemi 5 7 liter decal

Hemi, 5.7 litre decal.

stratus logo

Dodge Stratus logo. Introduced in 1995. Production ended at the Sterling Heights Assembly Plant in early 2006. (First generation, 1995-2000 and Second generation, 2001-2006).

dodge charger

Dodge Charger logo. There have been many different Dodge vehicles, on three different platforms, bearing the Charger nameplate. The name is generally associated with a performance model in the Dodge range, however it has also adorned mundane hatchbacks and sedans and a personal luxury coupe. The name was also carried by a 1999 concept car that differed substantially from the Charger eventually placed into production for the 2006 model year. (First appered as a 1964 Dodge Charger (1964 concept), A roadster-style show car based on the Dodge Polara.

dodge dakota sxt

Dodge Dakota SXT logo. The Dakota is a mid-size pickup truck from DaimlerChrysler's Dodge brand. It was introduced in 1987.

dodge lafemme logo 55

1955-56 Dodge La Femme logo. The Dodge Le Femme was a lavender and white car that was designed by Dodge for women.

340 dodge duster hood decal 71

340, from a 1971 Plymouth Duster.

duster twister 71 73

1971-1973 Dodge Duster "Twister" decal.

dodge fratzog logo

(submitted by Tim Pehrson).

dodge brothers solomon seal 14 28

Dodge Brothers Solomon Seal from 1914 to 1928.

dodge golden annv seal 14 64

Dodge Golden Anniversary badge. 1914-1964.

dodge cars trucks

Dodge Cars and Dodge Trucks logo.

dodge leaping ram lil red and midnite express pickup truck decal 79

1979 Dodge Li'l Red and Midnite Express pickup truck Leaping Ram decal.

dodge rumble bee 2

Dodge Rumble Bee logo. The Dodge Ram Rumble Bee is the truck remake of the Dodge Super Bee. It bears the bumble bee stripe that is similar to the one that can be found on the old Dodge Super Bee, Charger, and Challenger. This was a limited edition remake, and was only made available in 2004 and 2005 (Second Swarm).

dodge scat pack decal

Dodge (and Chrysler) Scat Pack decal.

dodge trailblazer decal 72

1972 Dodge Trailblazer decal.

dodge k car of the year decal 81

1981 Aries "K-Car Of The Year" decal.

dodge durango 4 emblem 18

2018 Dodge Durango 4 emblem.

dodge charger emblem 15

2015 Dodge Charger R/T "Charger" emblem.

dodge charger hemi emblem 15

2015 Dodge Charger R/T "HEMI" emblem.

dodge charger rt emblem 15

2015 Dodge Charger R/T emblem.

dodge mopar 14 chalenger plaque 14

2014 Dodge Mopar ’14 Challenger numbered plaque.

dodge challenger srt8 392 yellow jacket 12 09
dodge challenger rt 11 05
dodge challenger srt8 392 392hemi emblem11
dodge trazo emblem 09

2009 Dodge Trazo C1.8 emblem.

venon 650r hennessey 1of200  dodge viper logo 08

2008 Dodge Venon 650r by Hennessey (1 of 200).

srt emblem dodge challenger srt8 081

2008 Dodge Challenger SRT front grill emblem.

dodge challenger srt8 emblem 08

2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 trunk emblem.

dodge challenger srt8 grill emblem 08

2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 grill emblem.

6 1hemi emblem dodge challenger srt8 081

6.1 HEMI emblem from a 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8.

dodge challenger srt8 gas 08

2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 gas cap.

dodge super bee sign

Dodge Superbee emblem.

viper srt10 emblem 071

2007 Dodge Viper Snake emblem.

dodge ram 3500 heavy duty chassiscab logo sm

2007 Dodge Ram 3500 Heavy-Duty Chassis Cab logo.

viper srt10 hood 071

2007 Dodge Viper Snake emblem.

dodge demon emblem1

Dodge emblem, from the 2007 Dodge Demon concept.

dodge challenger concept sign 07as

Dodge Challenger concept sign as seen at the 2007 Chicago Auto Show.

dodge rampage concept sign 07as

Dodge Rampage concept sign as seen at the 2007 Chicago Auto Show.

dodge charger daytona rt sm 06

2006 Dodge Charger Daytona R/T emblem. (a limited-production model).

challenger emblem 06

Challenger emblem emblem, from the 2006 concept car, located on the rear right side of the fender.

dodge mega cab

Dodge Mega Cab display, as seen at the 2006 Chicago Auto Show.

dodge daytona iroc rt emblem

IROC R/T twin Cam Turbo emblem from a 1992-1993 Dodge Daytona. The exterior received its last major refreshening that year. The pop-up headlights were gone, replaced with fixed headlamps that Dodge claimed focused 52% more light. All of the hard edges of previous Daytonas were melted away, leaving a body that was sleeker, more slippery looking. The front end now sported a bulls-eye design that would soon become a design trademark across the entire Dodge lineup. The front end and under door sill ground effects were now more integrated with the rest of the body.

adventurer 1501

Adventurer 150 emblem from a 1978 Dodge Li'l Red Express truck.

dodge aspen

1977 Dodge Aspen emblem.

aspen emblem dodge rt 77

Aspen emblem from a 1977 Dodge Aspen R/T.

rt decal dodge aspen 77

R/T side decal from a 1977 Dodge Aspen R/T.

rt grill ebmblem dodge aspen 77

R/T front grill emblem from a 1977 Dodge Aspen R/T.

dodge monaco wagon decal 73

Monaco side decal from a 1973 Dodge Monaco Wagon.


Magnum Nameplate hood emblem. (1972-1974 Charger Rallye with Power Bulge Hood).

dodge charger se 72

1972 Dodge Charger SE (Special Editioin) emblem.

340 71 72

340 decal from a 1971 Dodge Demon.

demon 71 72

1971 Dodge Demon with Pitchfork for front fender. The decal for the Demon is only for a 1971. The 1972 was a clip-in without the Demon. It was left out to appease the bible-thumpers that had a problem with the logo from the '71. The Demon became the Dodge Dart Sport in 1973 and the look was tweaked to change the tail lights as well as the front grill.


Challenger emblem for a 1970-1974 Challenger.


1970-1975 Dodge Dart emblem.

swinger emblem

Swinger Emblem, from the quarter panel and decklid of 1970-1975 Swingers.

challenger charger 440 six pack hood emblem 70 71

Dodge Challenger & Charger. 440 Six-Pack hood emblem. 1970-1971.

dodge dart swinger 340 six pak decal 70

340 Six-Pak decal from a 1970 Dodge Dart Swinger.

383 magnum emblem dodge challenger rt sm 70

383 Magnum emblem from a 1970 Dodge Challenger RT.

challenger rt emblem dodge challenger rt sm 70

Challenger RT emblem and decal from a 1970 Dodge Challenger RT.

dodge superbee 69

1969 Dodge Superbee emblem.

dodge dart 340 four barrel emblem 1 69

340 Four Barrel side emblem from a 1969 Dodge Dart.

dodge dart 340 four barrel emblem 2 69

340 Four Barrel side emblem from a 1969 Dodge Dart.

dodge charger rt se special edition emblem 619 built 69

SE Special Edition emblem from a 1969 Dodge Charger RT SE Special Edition (only 619 built).

charger dodge daytona  69

1969 Dodge Charger Daytona - Charger badge.


R/T emblem, for the front fender of a 1968 Coronet R/T, the grille of a 1968 and 1969 Coronet R/T, the quarter panel of a 1969 Charger R/T and Coronet R/T, the grille of a 1970-1971 E-Body, and the decklid and front fender of a 1970 Challenger R/T.


Charger emblem, for the 1966-1974 Charger.

dodge emblem dart sm 66

Dodge emblem from a 1966 Dodge Dart.

440 dodge coronet 66

440 emblem from a 1966 Dodge Coronet.

dodge dart 330 emblem 3 62

Dart 330 emblem from a 1962 Dodge Dart 330.

dodge dart 330 emblem 2 62

Dart 330 emblem from a 1962 Dodge Dart 330.

dodge dart 330 emblem 1 62

Dodge Dart emblem from a 1962 Dodge Dart 330.

100 dodge sweptside pickup emblem 58

100 emblem from a 1958 Dodge Sweptside Pickup.

500 dodge coronet 500 conv emblem 68

500 emblem from a 1958 Dodge Coronet-500 convertible.

dodge lafemme emblem 56

1956 Dodge La Femme side emblem.

500 dodge saber jet super d 500 emblem 51

500 emblem from a 1951 Dodge Saber-Jet Super-D 500.

dodge coronet shield emblem 49

1949 Dodge Coronet shield emblem.

dodge bros 2

They used a blue and white double triangle which resembled a Star of David up until the takeover (by Chrysler), when it was put on a gold winged shield and used through 1938. Some years wings were more level, while later ones drooped. (Emblem restoration by Allan Heywood Enamels).

dodge bros 1

The Dodge brothers Horace and John were Jewish, that's why the first Dodge emblem had a star of David in it. (Emblem restoration by Allan Heywood Enamels).

dod bros front grill pickup emblem 37 b

Dodge Brothers front grill emblem from a 1937 pickup.

dod bros front grill pickup emblem 37 a

Dodge Brothers front grill emblem from a 1937 pickup.

db seniour emblem 29

1929 Dodge Senior Six Roadster radiator emblem.

dodge division

Dodge Division emblem.

viper commemorative decal dodge viper srt10 no84

Dodge Viper SRT10. number 84 of 100 commemorative decal.

dodge brothers spread wing radiator grille badge

Dodge Brothers Spread Wing radiator grille badge.

dart dodge

Dodge Dart emblem.

charger dodge

Charger emblem.

coronet dodge 2

Dodge Coronet emblem.

coronet dodge

Dodge Coronet emblem.

eandd evans and dodge bycicle logo

Evans and Dodge bicycle logo. Horace and John Dodge worked with Fred Evans to sell the new bicycle featuring the Dodge patented ball bearing system.

Dodge   Named after John and Horace Dodge.
Dodge Zeo : 2008   
Dodge Magnum SRT-8 : 2006   Beefed-Up American Muscle
Dodge Li'l Red Express : 1978   1978-1979.
Dodge Super Bee : 1969   
Dodge Copperhead : 1998   
Dodge Demon : 1971   
Dodge Kahuna : 2003   Surfboard optional.
Dodge Viper comparison   2000 vs 2006
Dodge Challenger R/T Convertible : 1970   340 Six-Pack.
Dodge Sprinter Heritage   
Dodge EV : 2008   All-electric Performance Sports Car.
Dodge Sling Shot : 2004   Genuine Dodge Character
Dodge Circuit EV : 2009   All-electric vehicle delivers sports car performance with zero gasoline consumption.
Dodge related hood ornaments   
Dodge Challenger SE Rallye : 2009   
Dodge Viper SRT-10 : 2009   
Dodge Ram Takes Top Honors in Ward’s “Interior of the Year” Competition for 2009   
Dodge Viper SRT10 Will Live On   
Dodge   Official site.
el jay3470 days ago

beautiful emblems. love them. :)

Patrick C Akins3438 days ago

I Am Looking For Three Logos They Are Dodge Sprinter,Dodge Grand Caravan, And Dodge Nitro

Phred3429 days ago

I need a replacement emblem. Wife broke the old one in half.

Any helpers?

1970-1975 Dodge Dart emblem. Side quarter panel

Adam3410 days ago

I'm looking for the three emblems for my Dodge Daytona Shelby Z and was wondering if I could get some help.

Justin Rodriguez3402 days ago

Are you selling these? I would Like 2 Dodge Viper emblems for my 2006 Dodge Charger. Please let me know the price for those.

CT3402 days ago

CT is simply an online gallery, blog and news venue and has no products to sell (other than what is in our “store”).

Patrick C Akins3356 days ago

I Am Looking For Two Logos They Are The New Dodge Magnum and Dodge Durango

sam eaves3310 days ago

does anyone know where to get a 340 six pack emblem?

John Stuart3281 days ago

I am looking for a 1949 Dodge Coronet shield emblem for the hood, also driver side fender molding.

Heather Sampson3263 days ago

I have a CNC laser cutter that i can do replicas of any of these in stainless in 2D, please check out my site, or Facebook "Precision LaserWorks"

Leo3231 days ago

I would like to use one of these pics as an album cover, who do i need to talk to or is that a complete no no?

J. Tyler3185 days ago

re: the 1937 Dodge emblems (black circle on a yellow cloisonne shield) - - The center six-point star emblem is NOT the Star of David as some believe (and as your website mistakenly claims). It is actually two intertwined Delta characters (Greek for "D") symbolizing each of the two founding Dodge Brothers. However, for export models only during the late 1930's, the symbol was altered to be a single Delta character so as not to raise anti-Semitic criticism in a European market on the verge of WWII

Lou Jones3056 days ago

Hi heather with the laser cutter....Can you do profiles when you do the cutting of badges and name plates, I would be interested to know if you can as I am after a few things done I have the real nameplates and can probably come to an arrangement to send same to you for copy....Cheers Lou

Frank Stallone2862 days ago

The Dodge Brothers WERE NOT Jewish. Try doing some research first. The symbol was not meant to represent the Star of David, but rather two greek letter's Delta. Translated to D for Dodge.

Matt2844 days ago

Hi. Can anyone tell me what the name of the font is that is used on the 1972 Dodge Charger SE. I've been searching for the name of this script font for some time now as I'd like to incorporate it into my new charger. Thanks for the help.

Tony J Barnes2827 days ago

Dose anyone know where I would be able to get a Decepticon emblem for my Dodge Magnum? I would like one for the front and the back.

tim kerrigan2724 days ago

need 1971 dodge grill emblem
square emblem with the word "DODGE"

Brenda Rimmer2708 days ago

i need to know on the 1971,72, 73 dodge demon where does the word DODGE go on the cars? We have 3 and none of them have it on them, my husband keeps telling me that they have it on them. Thank u for ur help Brenda

drew2554 days ago

i'm looking for some 360 magnum hood emblems. i've been to a number of website. they have 340,383,400,440 magnum, but no 360. can anyone help me out?

Mopar or No Car2362 days ago

The Dodge Brothers were not Jewish, not that it matters to me if they were. In fact, it is a matter of debate as to when the "Star of David" came into use as a symbol for the Jewish people. Many researchers agree that it was not until sometime after the John and Horace had passed on.

todd campbell2350 days ago

I have a 1937 Dodge Brothers emblem. The exact one in the two pictures with the long wings on them. Is it worth anything? What vehicle would it be from a Saratoga maybe?

oscar ornelas2253 days ago

cuales son las medidas originales de las calcomania de la rumble bee para una dodge 2004

Rhino2242 days ago

Whether or not the boys were Jewish. The Star of David has been used since the 11th century you wise guys

larry2168 days ago

need left and right charger special edition emblems that are located behine the rear side windows

Doug2060 days ago

I need two engine c i plates that are mounted under the body trim at the rear of the front fenders they could read "comando 413" or similar.

Sharon2028 days ago

I have 1937 emblem with long golden wings and star of David in the centre would any one be interested in buying it

necesito las insignias de dodge 1937, soy de argentina y como puedo hacer para conseguirlas..?

Ekaterina1296 days ago

Hello! Do you know the name of the font "La Femme"? It would be very grateful to you for your help!

d1264 days ago

I have a set of demon badges without the devil on them came on the car that way can't find info on them ???

Steve Weichelt1112 days ago

I have a 1951 Dodge Coronet in mint condition. However, there's one confusing thing I need help with. On the trunk there is the Dodge logo in chrome above the trunk lid latch but between the Dodge logo and the latch, there are three factory made evenly spaced wholes for another emblem or name, possibly Coronet but I have not found any photos of any emblem that fit here. Any suggestions? Any ideas?

chuck wooden1052 days ago

Does anyone know where I can purchase a nice reproduction of the 66 grill emblem?

KingsSpeedandKolor938 days ago

Does anyone know why Dodge made black and gold emblems behind the triple opera windows in the 70's? Are the different colors significant?

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