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Looking back we see that there have been people ahead of their time. One such man was industrialist and creator Jose Artés de Arcos (1893-1985). As a young music fan, he built instruments that he could make music with. But his early life was one of constant struggle and, among many other jobs, he worked as a coal miner in various mining companies in Melilla. It was in this city in 1910 that he patented the rotative engine.

jose artes de arco logotype

Jose Artes de Arco logotype.

In 1918, he moved to Barcelona and some years later, in 1927, he opened a small car workshop. He bought three machines from which he developed his own inventions, from a petrol economiser to the most famous of all his creations, the air aspiration car horn.

Artés radios, made in an Art deco style can be found in the home, and the car radios, which were first manufactured in 1947, are highly sought after by collectors. He opened a small company dedicated to the manufacture of safes, giving rise to the recognized safes that bear his brand name. Another of his creations were the compressed air and Setra gas carbines, much coveted by the lovers of compressed air guns.

After developing a number of products, all within the car accessory sector, the Spanish State decorated him with la Medalla de Plato al Mérito al Trabajo - the silver medal of merit in work - in 1965, as well as la Gran Cruz al Mérito Civil.

But his most publicised creations were the Formula IV car, the Guepardo, the amphibious 6x6 vehicle, the Gato Montés, and the Campeador sports car.

It is the root of the curiosity there has been for the achievements of José Artés de Arcos that Pepo, one of his grandsons, has decided to bear witness to his work and with a keenness to satisfy the public love of Retro, to make available a very exclusive textile collection of high quality, bearing the logos and design drawings of the products that were part of an era of great impact.

Continuing the philosophy of social conscience that characterized their protagonist the Artés de Arcos Vintage collection donates 0.7% of its proceeds to the Sonrisas sin Fronteras foundation, which visits Oncology hospitals and centres for children.

(source: Artes De Arcos)

artes logo 1

Artes logo.

artes logo 2

Artes Fabrica De Accesorios logo.

artes logo 3

Artes logo.

artes safes logo 4000w

Artes safes logo.

artes campeador emblem 67

1967 Artes Campeador emblem.

artes sign 2

Artes factory sign.

artes sign 3

Artes logo inside factory.

artes campeador flyer 1158w

1968 Artes Campeador catalog.

artes catalog 68

1968 Artes Campeador catalog.

artes celebration fabrica calle venus

Artes celebration at Calle Venus in Barcelona. (source: Artes De Arcos)

artes fabrica calle venus 1

Artes Factory at Calle Venus in Barcelona. (source: Artes De Arcos)

artes factory 2

Artes Factory at Calle Venus in Barcelona. (source: Artes De Arcos)

artes factory 1

Artes Factory at Calle Venus in Barcelona. (source: Artes De Arcos)

artes stand salon automovil 2

Jose Artés de Arcos (sitting at right) at the Artes Stand at Salon Automovil. (source: Artes De Arcos)

artes stand feria barcelona

Jose Artés de Arcos (in white coat) at Artes stand in Barceloa Fair. (source: Artes De Arcos)

artes stand salon automovil 1

Artes Stand at Salon Automovil. (source: Artes De Arcos)

artes factory 09

Artes factory building at Calle Venus in Barcelona (factory floor is now a parking lot) is still family owned and occupied. (source: Artes De Arcos)

Artes Campeador : 1967   Only one produced.
Artes Gato Montes : 1971   
Artes   Official site.
Jose Artes De Arcos   Official site.
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