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Ford related emblems

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Assorted emblems specific to Ford, in no particular order or year.

ford motor co script

Ford Motor Company logotype script.

ford logo harold wills 03

In 1903 Henry Ford's engineering assistant and right-hand man, Harold Wills, who in his teens had earned money by printing business cards, learned that Henry was looking for a logo for his new company. Using his old John Bull printing set and a typeface he had used for his own visiting cards, he came up with the above.

ford universal car logo 12

1912 Ford Universal Car logo.

ford moto co classic badge

Ford Motor Co. classic badge.


Ford Maverick shield. Ford Motor Company has used the Maverick name on four completely different automobiles in the last three decades. The Maverick is best known in North America as a sport-styled compact car in the 1970s. The name has also been used by Ford for three different SUVs in Australia and Europe.

ford run wild be a meverick logo

Ford "Run Wild, Be a Maverick" logo.

ford product made in emgland

Ford Product. Made In England shield.

ford rs rear window sticker

Ford RS rear window sticker.

ford escort rs2000 mk2 logo 78

1978 Ford Escort RS2000 Mk2 logo.

ford falcon gl 30 annv logo 90

1990 Ford Falcon GL 30th Anniversary mark.

ford coin

For decades coins have been found stamped with the trademark of the Ford Automobile Co. While it is not know the original purpose of these coins, the 1958 "Numismatist" reported that "The tale of the Ford Company offering a new car in return for certain specified coins is an old one that crops up periodically..." Hank Thoele has noted that the Ford marks are of two sorts.

Those with a broken flourish to the "F" in "Ford" were struck c1963, and five years after the "Numismatist" report. It has been speculated that someone took a broken Ford stamp from a trash bind, and used it to stamp coins sold to collectors at car shows, but the precise origins of this variety are uncertain.

There is a relatively large number of these broken "F" coins, mostly on the silver half dollars that were common in circulation in the early 1960s. In contrast, the various stamps that do not have a broken "F" are "originals". They often are in thick script, are deeply struck, and are worth more. This is an "original" Script "Ford", bold XF, on obv. and rev. of Good 1904 Indian Cent. $50.00-$60.00.

ford trucks logo 01

2001 Ford Trucks logo.

ford fairlane logo 56

1956 Ford Fairlane logo.


Ford Ranger logo.


Ford Puma logo.


Ford Mondeo logo.

ford bronco logo

Ford Bronco logo.

ford taurus logo

Ford Taurus logo.

fiesta logo

Ford Fiesta logo.

ford excursion

Ford Excursiuon logo. The Ford Excursion was a full-size sport utility vehicle produced by the Ford Motor Company between model years 2000 and 2005. It was the largest SUV in the lineup while it was produced.

ford f 150

Ford F-150 logo. The F-Series is a series of full-size pickup trucks from Ford Motor Company sold for over 5 decades. The most popular variant of the F-Series is the F-150. It has been the best-selling vehicle in the United States for 23 years and the bestselling truck for 29 years. The F-1 series is a Half-Ton truck.

ford f 250

Ford F-250 logo. The F-2 series is a three-quarter-ton truck.

ford f 350

Ford F-350 logo. The first F-series truck (known as the Ford Bonus) from Ford was introduced in 1948. The F-3 series is a Heavy Duty truck.


Ford XR3i logo. The Escort XR3 was created to compete with Volkswagen's Golf GTI. Fuel injection finally arrived in 1983 (creating the XR3i). Produced from 1980-1986.

ford mustang gt logo

Ford Mustang GT logo.

rs focus

RS logo from a Ford Focus.

ka logo

Ford Ka logo.

ford del rey logo

Ford Del Rey logo.

ford festiva beta logo

Ford Festiva Beta logo.

ford fiesta mk1 xr2 logo

Ford Fiesta MK1 XR2 logo.

ford fiesta mk2 xr2 logo.jpeg

Ford Fiesta MK2 XR2 logo.

ford sscape hybrid lifeguard 07

2007 Ford Escape Hybrid Lifeguard Vehicles decal.

fx4 off road

Ford FX4 Off Road emblem.

ford teamrs

Ford Team RS logo.

ford focus emblem 15

2015 Ford Focus emblem.

ford fiesta emblem 14

2014 Ford Fiesta emblem.

ford fiesta titanium emblem 14

2014 Ford Fiesta sedan titanium emblem.

ford c max hybrid emblem 13

2013 Ford C-MAX Hybrid emblem.

ford fusion energi emblem 13

2013 Ford Fusion Energi emblem.

ford taurus sho taurus emblem 13
ford taurus sho emblem 13
ford eco sport emblem 12.png

2012 Ford EcoBoost emblem.

ford evos emblem 11

2011 Ford Evos emblem.

ford edge sport emblem 11

Sport AWD emblem from a 2011 Ford Edge Sport.

flex fuel emblem

Flex Fuel emblem.

6 7 power stroke b20 ford emblem

6.7 Power Stroke B20 Ford emblem.

6 7 power stroke b20 ford emblem 2

6.7 Power Stroke B20 emblem. The new 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 turbocharged diesel engine is compatible with biodiesel up to B20.

ford fiesta emblem 11

2011 Ford Fiesta emblem.

ford start emblem 10

2010 Ford Start.

ford mustang gt 11 06

2011 Ford Mustang GT rear emblem.

09 10 ford mustang badges

New 2010 Ford Mustang badge (top), with the 2009 Ford Mustang badge (bottom).

ford f 150 svt f150 raptor svt emblem 10

2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor "F-150 Raptor SVT" emblem.

ford f 150 svt rapto svt emblem10

2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor "Raptor SVT" emblem.

ford f 150 svt f150 emblem 10

2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor "F-150" emblem.

ford f 150 svt emblem 10

2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor "SVT" side vent.

ford taurus sho 5 10

Taurus side vent/emblem from a 2010 Ford Taurus SHO.

ford fusion sport emblem 10
ford f 150 harley emblem 10

2010 Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson emblem.

ford mustang shelby gt500 emblem1 10
ford mustang shelby gt500 emblem5 10

2010 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 front grill "snake" emblem.


Ford 2010 Mustang GT badge.

ford mustang shelby gt500 emblem2 10
ford mustang 45th anniversary badge 09

2009 Ford Mustang 45th Anniversary Badge. Thousands of Mustang enthusiasts from all over the world converged in Birmingham, Ala. on April 17, 2009 - officially declared "Mustang Day" by the state of Alabama - to celebrate the 45th anniversary of an American icon: the Ford Mustang.

ford f150 sfe edition emblem 08

2009 Ford F-150 SFE "Superior Fuel Economy" edition emblem.

ford focus rs emblem 09

2009 Ford Focus RS emblem.

rs emblem ford focus 09

2009 Ford Focus RS emblem.

ford f 150 harley davidson emblem 08

2008 Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson emblem.

fordharleydavidsonfseriessuper in 08

105 Years (1903-2008) Super Duty Harley Davidson Motorcycles center console.

ford shelby gt500 gascap

2008 Ford Shelby GT500 gas cap.

ford mustang bullitt cap 08

2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt gas cap.

ford mustang bullitt plaque 08

2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt plaque.

fordshelbygt500kr 08

2008 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500KR emblem.

4x4 ford explorer xlt 08

4x4 emblem from a 2008 Ford Explorer XLT.

ford c max 08

2008 Ford C-Max emblem.

ford focus emblem 08

2008 Ford Focus new emblem.

ford explorer america explorer decal1

Explorer hood decal on the 2008 Ford Explorer America concept.

ford explorer america stac1

STAC emblem for the Single Touch Access feature on the 2008 Ford Explorer America concept.

ford explorer america explorer emblem1

Explorer interior emblem on the 2008 Ford Explorer America concept.

ford explorer america tach1

Speedo from the 2008 Ford Explorer America concept.

ford mustang warriors pink 08

2008 (limited edition of 2,500 units) Mustang With Warriors in Pink Package emblem, to Benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure's 25th Anniversary.

v8 emblem ford explorer xlt 08

V8 emblem from a 2008 Ford Explorer XLT.

gt cs mustang cap 07

2007 Mustang California Special GT gas cap.

ford e250 emblem 08

2007 Ford E250 emblem.

ford airstream concept 06

Ford Airstream concept emblem. The Ford Airstream is a concept car which made its debut at the 2007 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan.

gt cs mustang 07

2007 Mustang California Special GT/CS decal.

fastback ford mustang

Fastback front fender decal from a 2006 Ford Mustang.

ford fpv gtp 05

2005 Ford FPV GT-P emblem.

ford bronco grill

From the 2004 Ford Bronco concept, located in the center of the front grill.

ford thunerbird emblem 02

2002 Ford Thunderbird emblem.

ford thunerbird type emblem 02

2002 Ford Thunderbird logotype emblem.

ford sierra rs cosworth emblem 86

1986 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth emblem. (source: Trigger's Retro Road Tests!)

ranchero emblem 77 79

1977 thru 1979 Ranchero . emblem, located on fender.

ford granada emblem 2

1975 Ford Granada emblem.

ford granada wheel

1975 Ford Granada wheel cap.

ford granada light crest 1

Turn signal crest from a 1975 Ford Granada.

ford pinto emblem

Pinto emblem from a 1972 Ford Pinto.

ford capri 5.0 v8 perana mk 1 emblem 72

1972 Ford Capri 5.0 V8 Perana Mk 1 "Built by Perana" emblem. (source: Trigger's Retro Road Tests!)

ford p100 mk1 logo

1971 Ford P100 truck logo.

ford caprigt mk1

Capri GT emblem from a 1970 Ford Capri GT MK1.

torino drivers side front of hood 70

Ford Torino drivers side, front of hood emblem. 1970.

351 ranchero 70

351 Ford Ranchero . fender emblems used on Ranchero (Fairlane and Torino) equipped with a 351 engine.

429 ranchero 70

429 Ford Ranchero . fender emblems used on Ford Ranchero (and Torino) equipped with a 429 engine.

69 70 mustang shelby cobra horn panel emblem

Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra Horn Panel Emblem. 1969-1970.

ford mustang boss 429 69

1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 side fender decal.

ford ltd 69

LTD shield from a 1982 Ford LTD.

cobra jet 68 72

1968 - 1972 "Cobra Jet" Ford Ranchero . hood scoop emblem for Cobra Jet vehicles. Used on Ram Air units. (Also used on Fairlane, Torino and Mustang).

ford letters 68 69

1968 and 1969 Ford emblem, located on the hood of the Ranchero ..

ford torino emblem 1 68

Torino crest from a 1968 Ford Torino.

ford anglia deluxe emblem 1 66

1966 Ford Anglia Deluxe emblem.

ford anglia emblem 1 66

1966 Ford Anglia Deluxe "Anglia" emblem.

ford anglia 5 star emblem 1 66

1966 Ford Anglia Deluxe "5-star" emblem.

ford letters 66 67

1966 and 1967 Ford emblem, located on the hood of the Ranchero .

ranchero emblem 66 67

1966 thru 1967 Ranchero . emblem, located on fender.

66 ford mustang gt gas cap

1966 Ford Mustang GT Gas Cap.

66 ford mustang standard gas cap

1966 Ford Mustang Standard Gas Cap.

ford super pursuit

1966 Ford Super Pursuit emblem.

ford galaxie 7 litre grill emblem 2 66

7 Litre front grill emblem from a 1966 Ford Galaxie.

ford galaxie 7 litre side emblem 2 66

7 Litre side emblem from a 1966 Ford Galaxie.

ford galaxie 7 litre side emblem 3 66

7 Litre side emblem from a 1966 Ford Galaxie.

65 73 mustang air cleaner aluminum ford racing

Ford Mustang aluminum Ford Racing air cleaner. 1965-1973.

ford galaxie 500 shield emblem 64

1964 Ford Galaxie 500 XL shield emblem.

ford galaxy 500 conv a 63

Galaxie 500 emblem, from a 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 convertible.

galaxie 500 ford

Galaxie 500 emblem, from a 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 convertible.

ford mustang 22 emblem 62

1962 Ford Mustang 2+2 emblem.

ford econoline

Ford Econoline emblem.

econoline emblem ford s 62

Econoline emblem from a 1962 Ford Econoline van.

ford emblem ford econoline s 62

Ford front emblem emblem from a 1962 Ford Econoline van.

ford consul 315 classic uk 62

1962 Ford Consul 315 Classic (UK). (submitted by Joaquin Massana).

ranchero emblem 60 65

1960 thru 1965 Ranchero . emblem, located on fender.

starliner emblem 60

1960 Ford Galaxie Starliner emblem.

starliner hood 60

1960 Ford Galaxie Starliner hood emblem.

ranger emblem ford edsel sm 59

Ranger emblem from a 1959 Ford Edsel.

edsel emblem ford edsel sm 59

Edsel side emblem from a 1959 Ford Edsel.

ford thunderbird 59 s

1959 Ford Thunderbird emblem.

ford letters

1957 Ford emblem, located on the hood of the Ranchero ..

ranchero bull emblem 68 71

1957 and 1958 Ford Ranchero . Bull emblem.

ranchero bull emblem

1957 and 1958 Ford Ranchero . Bull emblem.

fairlane500 4

The Ford Fairlane was an automobile model sold between 1955 and 1971 by the Ford Motor Company in North America. The name was taken from Henry Ford's estate, Fair Lane, near Dearborn, Michigan. For 1957, a new look gave a longer, wider, lower and sleeker look with low tailfins. A new top trim level was added, the Fairlane 500.

crown victoria emblem ford s 56

Crown Victoria emblem from a 1956 Ford Crown Victoria.

early ford thunderbird tbird v8 red emblem 55 56 57

Early Ford Thunderbird Tbird V8 Red emblem. 1955, 1956 and 1957.

ford crestline 1

1952-1954 Ford "Crestline" Sunliner emblem.

ford crestline sunliner

Sunliner door jam from a Ford Crestline (1952-—1954). The Ford Motor Company used the Sunliner name on many of its full-sized convertibles through the 1950s and 1960s.

ford crestline 2

Emblem from a 1952 Ford Crestline Sunliner.

v8 emblem ford custom sedan 1 s 51

V8 emblem from a 1951 Ford Custom Sedan.

8 ford coupe deluxe emblem 46

8 emblem from a 1946 Ford Coupe Deluxe.

ford coupe 34 s

1934 Ford Coupe V8 emblem.

ford conv 2 s 34

1934 Ford Cabriolet V8 emblem.

ford v8 pickup emblem s 22

1922 Ford pickup V8 emblem.

ford model t hub 19 03 2500w

1919 Ford Model T wheel hub.

ford model t roadster hub 14 01 2500w

1914 Ford Model T Roadster wheel hub.

ford model t headlight 13

1913 Ford Model-T headlight logo. (by Joaquim Massana of Petit Comite).

ford runabout emblem 1 11

The E and J Mfg. Co. 466 Model Ford emblem from a 1911 Ford Runabout.

ford runabout emblem 2 11

The E and J Mfg. Co. 466 Model Ford emblem from a 1911 Ford Runabout.

ford vin 1903

1903 Ford VIN plaque.

mach1 emblem

Ford Mach1 emblem.

st emblem fiesta

ST emblem from a Ford Fiesta.


Ford Focus emblem.

econetic emblem ford

Ford Econetic emblem.


Ford ST220 emblem.

ford capri 1600e boot badge1

Ford Capri 1600E boot badge.

f series harley

F-Series Super Duty (truck) Harley Davidson Motor Cycles (limited edition) emblem.

ford king ranch

Limited Edition Ford King Ranch, F150 (truck) emblem.

f350 xlt power stroke diesel emblem ford s 2

F350 XLT Power Stroke Diesel Ford emblem.

f350 xlt power stroke diesel emblem ford s 1

F350 XLT Power Stroke Diesel Ford emblem.

ford mustang av8r 08

2008 Ford Mustang AV8R gas cap. The one-of-a-kind Ford Mustang AV8R will be auctioned July 31 at AirVenture Oshkosh, the latest example of Ford's deep commitment to the world-famous air show and its Gathering of Eagles program for youths interested in aviation-related careers.

40th annv ford mustang emblem

40th Annv Ford Mustang emblem.

ford capri xlr laurel leaf wing mk1

Ford Capri XLR MK1 Laurel Leaf emblem.

ford capri l wing badge

Ford Capri "L" emblem.

bullitt emblem 1

Ford Mustang Bullitt emblem.

ford transit tdci

Ford Transit TDCi emblem.

svt lightning

SVT Lightning (truck) emblem.


Ghia emblem.

built ford though

Built Ford Tough (trucks) emblem.

ford escort rs turbo decal

Ford Escort Turbo RS decal.


Ford Falcon emblem.

ford camper special 100 emblem flickr r gust smith

Ford Camper-Special 100 emblem (source: R Gust Smith)

bronco sport emblem 3

Ford Sport Bronco emblem.

bronco ford 2

Ford Sport Bronco emblem.

bronco ford

Ford Bronco emblem.

ford galaxie 5001

Ford Galaxie 500 emblem.

ford country sedan emblem

Ford Country Sedan emblem. (submitted by Joaquin Massana).

ford prefect 11

Ford Prefect. (source: smenzel)

ford prefect 21

Ford Prefect. (source: smenzel)

ford f 250 1

Ford F-250 emblem.

ford 250 twin i beam

Ford 250 Twin I Beam emblem.

ford v8 truck

Ford V8 truck emblem.

v8 emblem ford panel truck s 1

V8 emblem from a Ford Paneltruck.

ford coupe trunk v8 handle emblem s

V8 Ford 85 coupe front trunk handle emblem.

ford coupe grill v8 emblem s

V8 Ford 85 coupe front grill emblem.

ford truck1

Ford logo from a pick-up truck.

ford 2

Ford Shield with flags emblem.

ford fairlane500

Ford emblem from a Fairlane 500. (submitted by Joaquin Massana).

390 ford galaxie

Ford Galaxie 390 emblem.


Old Ford Truck emblem.

ford truck

Ford Trucks emblem.

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Ford Econetic   Range of ultra-low CO2 Models.
Ford FPR   Ford Performance Racing (FPR) is the major Ford V8 Supercar team.
Ford FPV   Ford Performance Vehicles.
Ford SVT   "Special Vehicle Team" founded in 1991.
Ford   Named after Henry Ford.
Ford Focus C-MAX : 2002   
Ford Reflex : 2006   The innovative design of Reflex stretches the traditional boundaries of a subcompact car.
Ford Small Truck : 2006   
Ford F-250 Super Chief : 2006   
Ford Flex : 2009   
Ford Escape : 2005   
Ford MA : 2002   
Ford Synus : 2005   
Ford Bronco : 2004   
Ford Equator : 2001   
Ford EX : 2000   
Ford Explorer America : 2008   
Ford Fairlane : 2005   
Ford Shelby GR-1 : 2004   A sleek and muscular fastback
Ford Fiesta S : 2009   
Ford : Best Mustang storyteller   Will win a new 2010 model.
Ford Introduces MyKey   
Ford October 2008 sales   Down 29 percent compared with a year ago.
Ford Mustang GT : 2010   New look, inside and out.
Ford Vega Roadster : 1953   Sold at Barrett-Jackson $385,000 in 2006.
Ford Mustang GT Convertible: 2010   New look, inside and out.
Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 : 2010   In dealer showrooms in the spring of 2009.
Ford related hood ornaments   
Ford Taurus SHO : 2010   
Ford Ranger pick-up debuts in Europe   
Ford 2009 February Sales   A decrease of 48 percent.
Ford   Official site.
Jerry Obenrader3509 days ago

I sold a 1970 429 Torino Cobra to a friend of mine that has a museum . I am trying to find the 429 emblems that go on the front fenders. Can you help me out with a location where to find them.

Kathy booth3496 days ago

I have just purchased a ford fairmont 1979 and i am looking for the emblem that used to belong on it and cant find out what it is !!!!!! Can you please help me?

Kathy Booth

Patrick C Akins3439 days ago

I Am Looking For A Ford FLEX Logo

Pamela Brown3435 days ago

Looking for ford and Focus Emblem for 2007 focus.

Patrick C Akins3373 days ago

I Am Looking For Two Logos They Are Ford Fusion And Ford Expedition

Emmerich3282 days ago

I didn't see Flexifuel badge.

Xman3273 days ago

Hi, You don't have in your side Ford Sierra and Ford Merkur logo ;)

steve3265 days ago

looking for the front and rear emblems for the 1970 ford xl need to find pls help

Hank3250 days ago

I have a Boyce motometer radiator cap with ford logo with thermometer and wings what do you think its worth mint condition

seth hernandez3202 days ago

hey i am looking for a V8 emblem from a 1951 Ford Custom Sedan.or V8 emblem from a Ford Paneltruck. or 1955 pickup truck v8 emblem thanks

bmw parts3185 days ago

I really like the 2002 Ford Thunderbird emblem. It is very simple but very elegant..I would like it sticked above my cars bmw emblem..

Juliet3142 days ago

I am looking at a 2004 Mustang GT and it has this emblem of the word Moon. Anyone know anything about this emblem??

robert3131 days ago

hi i am looking for the gold 5 and 0 and the fairlane script that goes on the trunk lid of a 1959 ford fairlane 500 galaxie any help would be greatly appreciated.thanks.

Patrick C Akins3122 days ago

I Am Looking For A Ford Transit Connect Logo

ford emblems3119 days ago

Those are really nice looking ford emblems. I know, right now it'll be harder for them to produce another one.

Ugur3119 days ago

congratulating you for this logo collection.

William Bailey3088 days ago

I'm looking for the mexican for Lobo emblems. Am I going to need to contact a ford dealer in Mexico? If so can anybody supply a direct link? My eyes are getting tired of looking everywhere. Thxs.

Frank Foglesong2966 days ago

I see while scrolling thru you line you produce a Ford Galaxie 500 fender script, my question is where is your Galaxie 500 XL script? I'm searching for a pair and have seen others also searching for these, are you ever intending to produce any?

Adrian Lopez2942 days ago

Where can I purchase the 2008 Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson emblem?

Alogos2936 days ago

Good theme, i liked.

Mario Mora2862 days ago

Please we are interested to buy a 2010 Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson emblem, we dont find it please somebody who want to help us, thank you

alberto esquivias2776 days ago

i have 3 harley davidson supercharged f-150 1903-2003

aaron2696 days ago

looking for 1991 ford bronco silver anniversary embelum

Mike2693 days ago

The new 6.7's are by far the best diesel engines.

Futura Fan2621 days ago

What kind of Ford collection is this that doesn't include the Fairmont?

djordan2609 days ago

Cool emblems)

ALex2545 days ago

You also didn't have the 2008 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet logo (the snake head one with the spinning wheels)

sam2471 days ago

I like it.

George Crothers2417 days ago

I am looking for an F150 Harley Davidson emblem for right front fender
of my truck.
I see you have a 2010 displayed, mine is earlier, but I think they may be similar.
Great selection of emblems.

Fris2239 days ago

Wow! Nice logo collection! Like them all!

Clif 2225 days ago

Looking for hood decal "EXPLORER" in chrome for my 2011 truck. Anyone knows where I can find this.


Robby 2079 days ago

Im Looking for one Ford F-250 years 04-07 Harley Davidson side emblem. Contact me if you have one for sale

lowell2061 days ago

Very first-rate blog post I love your site carry on the excellent articles.

stasera1826 days ago

Well thought out post. Thanks a lot

gap1723 days ago

hi I am looking for all the badges for a 1966 ford anglia delux if some one can help me please

Doc1380 days ago

Wish they had a clean head-on PDF of the Power Stroke Diesel logo. Angle shots of badges... not what I want.

Gerry Downes1309 days ago

Can anyone tell me what font is used on the 2001 Bullitt?

Neil1121 days ago

I am looking for an image of a radiator emblem for a 1932 ford v/8 1 1/2 ton truck, it is about 2 inches long x1 inch wide and has the words ford 1 1/2 ton with blue background on brass and fits in a pressed recess in the radiator cowl

Ayman1094 days ago

hi there,
i just need to have the" Venom Gt "emblem with the yellow eye in the middile of the venom instead of the o.
thank you
best regards,

Christopher871 days ago

Which year did the f150 f250 f350 (the ones near the top of the list) appear? Thanks

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