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Holden related emblems

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Assorted emblems specific to Holden, in no particular order or year.

holden logo 1

Holden logo.

holden monaco emblem micheal simcoe serial 06

Micheal Simcoe serial number dot from the last 2006 Holden Monaco. (source: GM)

holden commodore logo

Holden Commodore VE logo. (source: GM)

holden ecoline logo

Holden Ecoline logo.

holden torana gtr logo 80s

Holden Torana GTR 1980s advertising promo.

holden afm emblem

Holden "AMF" fuel saving technology for V8 automatic range emblem (2009).

holden diesel emblem

Holden Diesel emblem.

holden lpg emblem

Holden LPG emblem.

2 2direct emblem holden astra twintop 06

2.2 Direct emblem from a 2006 Holden Astra TwinTop. (source: GM)

holden berlina ve emblem 06

2006 Holden Berlina VE emblem. (source: GM)

holden ve calais v emblem 1 06

2006 Holden VE Calais V emblem. (source: GM)

holden crewman cross6 emblem 05

Cross 6 emblem from a 2005 Holden VZ Crewman Cross 6. (source: GM)

holden barina tk sedan emblem 06

2006 Holden Barina TK emblem. (source: GM)

holden tigra emblem 05

2005 Holden Tigra emblem. (source: GM)

holden rodeo emblem 4x4lt diesel 2 07

2007 Holden Rodeo emblem. (source: GM)

holden thunderii ute emblem

2006 Holden Thunder Ute emblem. (source: GM)

holden cruze emblem 06

2006 Holden Cruze emblem. (source: GM)

holden monaro emblem 06

2006 Holden Monaro emblem. (source: GM)

holden jf viva sedan emblem 05

2005 Holden JF Viva Sedan. (source: GM)

holden epica emblem cdxi

2006 Holden CDXi Epica emblem. (source: GM)

holden ve omega emblem 06

2006 Holden Omega VE emblem. (source: GM)

holden monaro cv8zwheel emblem

Wheel emblem from a Holden VZ Monaro CV8-Z. (source: GM)

holden sv6 ute emblem 06

2006 Holden SV6 Ute emblem. (source: GM)

holden captiva maxx emblem 06

2006 Holden Captiva MaXX emblem. (source: GM)

holden vz  ss z emblem 05

2005 Holden VZ SS-Z emblem. (source: GM)

ss emblem holden ve ss v 06

SS emblem from a 2006 Holden VE SS V. (source: GM)

holden thunderii ute ss emblem 06

2006 Holden Thunder Ute "SS" emblem. (source: GM)

v8 6litre emblem holden ve

V8 6.0 Litre emblem from a 2006 Holden Holden VE Calais V. (source: GM)

holden vz ute s v6alloytec emblem 04

Holden V6 Alloytec emblem from a 2004 VZ Ute. (source: GM)

3 0 vcdi emblem holden rodeo 4x4lt diesel 1 07

3.0 VCDI emblem from a 2007 Holden Rodeo 4x4 LT Diesel. (source: GM)

holden ve calais v emblem 2 06

V emblem from a 2006 Holden Holden VE Calais V. (source: GM)

holden ve85 sportwagon emblem 06

VE85 emblem, from a 2005 Holden VE Sportwagon. (source: GM)

cross trac emblem holden vzone tonner cross6

CrossTrac emblem from a 2005 Holden VZ One Tonner Cross 6. (source: GM)

elfin clubman emblem1

Powered By Holden emblem from a 2005 Elfin MS8 Clubman.

holden emblem 5

Holden emblem.

holden hsv monaro gto

HSV emblem from a Holden Monaro GTO.

special holden ej eh series b

Special badge as fitted to the front fender on EJ and EH series Holdens.

special holden ej eh series

Special badge as fitted to the front fender on EJ and EH series Holdens.

Holden Efijy : 2005   
Holden GTR-X : 1970   
Holden Launches Fuel Saving Technology For V8 Automatic Range   
Holden   Official site.
Rebecca3427 days ago

Hi there,
My step dad bought this cool holden badge many years ago it was made in england, it's black with a chrome lion in the centre, it has a crown on top of it, It also has Holden written in chrome under neith the lion,i was wandering if you could please tell me when this item was on the holden car and what holden and how old it is and if it's worth anything these day.

regards Rebecca

Kata3241 days ago

Can you make them to say anything? It would be cool to have my name to put on my truck

HUK3202 days ago

Where can I buy the Holden Diesel emblem pictured above? thanks

Carmine3022 days ago

I also have inquiry buying Holden Diesel emblem or could I know GM's part number? I really look forward to buy.

dimitris2810 days ago

The LPG emblem looks really really nice. I wish I knew the way to buy one from here.... plz if you're interested, send en email with instructions.

lisa2740 days ago

any1 know where i can get a cheap ve comm omege badge "OMEGA"?

laralee2589 days ago

I have a similar badge as the old eh holden special badge. In the same writting but it says holden. All id like to know is how much its worth?

TeViosHaper2113 days ago

I want to buy "Holden LPG emblem" 2 piece. Send to Chiang Rai in Thailand. How much for these? Please send detail to my e-mail.

Standa2060 days ago

Hi. I would like to buy Holden LPG emblem. I am from Europa. Is it possible to buy it? How many pieces do I have to buy. Please send me an email with details.

Robert de Bruin1985 days ago

I want to buy "Holden LPG emblem" 1 piece. Send to Netherland. How much for these? Please send detail to my e-mail.

Richard Talbot355 days ago

Hi All, I can custom make Vinyl Stickers for your cars or supply badges required as I am Located in Australia where these are made .

email me if you need anything Regards Richard

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