Bugatti Stratos by Delussu : 2009

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Delussu's vision of the future looks a bit of to the past and combines the aesthetics in this modern low-rider.

delussu 01

2009 Delussu concept.

Bruno is a graphic designer who likes to play around with various forms of images and is especially attracted by the Art Déco style of the 1930's and 40's, as this concept clearly shows.

"I got influenced by Bugatti and wanted to take their fabulous design a step further... into the future. I concentrated on simplifying the silhouette line and purifying the aerodynamics of my vehicle. I was not limited by the complex technicalities that a production line of such a car would require and found myself creating this vehicle for the viewer's eyes pleasure only."

About the Bugatti Stratos.
"As far as the concept of the car is concerned, the Italian cars of the 30's and 40's inspired me and then there is also Raymond Loewy with his streamlined locomotives.

For this particular design I got influenced by the Bugatti Type 57 for its general streamline and the Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Mille Miglia for its interesting nose.

I added a little touch of "futuristic optimism", in homage to the designers of the 40's and 50's, when they still thought of the future as being bright.

My aim was to create a very aerodynamic and fluid profile line, almost like the wing of an airplane, and to break that up with small knife sharp cuts to accentuate certain detailed diabolic angles of the car. Often sportive cars are compact, nervous and aggressive. I wanted the opposite.

(source: Delussu)

delussu 02

2009 Delussu concept.

delussu 04

2009 Delussu concept.

delussu 05

2009 Delussu concept.

delussu 03

2009 Delussu concept.

delussu 06

2009 Delussu concept.

delussu 10

2009 Delussu concept.

delussu 09

2009 Delussu concept.

delussu 07

2009 Delussu concept.

delussu 08

2009 Delussu concept.

delussu 11

2009 Delussu concept.

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