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Up to 450hp / 640Nm.
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January 5, 2010.
For more than 25 years the Siegen/Germany-based tuning partner B&B has optimized Audi and VW cars. The newest development of B&B, the tuning program for the new Audi TT RS, has been finished and enables the TT RS up to 450hp and 640 Nm. With this performance we reach super car grade: 0-100km/h 3,7sec – 0-200km/h 14,2 sec – Vmax 300km/h.

bb ttrs 1

2010 B&B Audi TT RS.

The tuning program for the 2.5TFSI, consisting of 4 engine stages, starts with a modification of the car's electronic device and an increase of boost pressure by 0,2bar. In this stage the car reaches 410hp and 560nm at the cost of 1950 euro.

The second stage at the price of 2950 euro reaches 425hp and 595nm. The boost pressure is raised over approx 0,25bar, the injection code field is adapted to this boost pressure, the induction pipe system and air conduction optimized as well as the ignition and fuel injection system processed.

Stage 3 (442 hp / 625 nm / 8.950 euro) includes a special race exhaust system with a metal catalyst and a change to the electronic code field. Thereby we reach a higher performance with reduced thermal load for the engine and the turbocharger.

To reach the final performance of 450hp and 640Nm , the B&B technicans exchange the charge-air cooler against a high performance charge-air cooler, special manufactured for the Audi TT RS, which has a bigger volume, more effective flow and a larger surface. The price for stage 4 is 12.950.- euro.

To reach the risen requirements and allow better steering performances B&B offers several chassis modifications, for example 20mm lower sport springs or adjustable thread chassis. Orderable for the TT RS are also wheel sets in 19" and 20", 4-/6- and 8-stroke braking systems as well as short shift adaptions. To reach a unique outer appearance B&B offers aerodynamic parts in qualities which are normally preserved by original manufactures.

(source: B&B)

bb ttrs 2

2010 B&B Audi TT RS.

bb ttrs 3

2010 B&B Audi TT RS.

bb ttrs eng

2010 B&B Audi TT RS engine.

bb logo 1

B&B Car Technology logo.

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