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Ducati Monster Cromo 900 : 1999

The photos do not do this bike justice. 900cc.
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Ducati's Limited Edition 1999 Monster Cromo 900. This was the first and only year for this carburated model, until the reintroduction of the fuel injected version for 2001, then discontinued again.

cromo 11

The list of accessories include:
- Carbon fiber air vent panels kit.
- Kick stand bolt.
- Carbon fiber clutch cover.
- Roadracing brushed aluminum tail section.
- Roadracing dash kit with tach.
- Stolz steering dampner.
- Stage-2 jet kit.
- Carbon fiber headlight fairing kit.
- Exhaust pipes polished.
- Tank protector.
- Billet footpegs.
- Aluminum oil cover.
- Carbon fiber high mount exhaust pipes.
- Geza bike cover.

Brand new battery put in on 6-23-5. All OEM stock items are also included.

My favorite, and I believe the most valuable of all the carbureted 900 Monsters, is the 1999 Chromo model. The Chromo is obviously unique because of its chrome tank. However, in 1999 the Chromo also received the adjustable front forks and the higher-output 74hp engine. Cosmetically it shared many styling cues with the 900S, such as the black frame and wheels and carbon fiber front fender. In addition, the Chromo was decked out with a carbon fiber rear fender and rear seat cover. There was no Chromo model for 2000, and by the time it reappeared in 2001 with fuel injection, Ducati had robbed the bike of the adjustable front suspension.

(from Ducati Garage, "Used Bike Marketplace")


cromo 3

cromo 2

cromo 4

cromo 9

cromo 7

cromo 13

cromo 6

cromo 5

cromo 15

cromo 8

cromo 10

cromo 12

cromo 14

cromo 16

cromo 17

ducati circle d logo

Ducati "D" logo.

Carlos's comments

I sold this bike on 7-17-5 with only 2976 miles. :-(

Ducati 748s Mono : 2001   Fantastic machine. 748cc.
Ducati MH900e : 2000   The first "internet" bike, only available thru the Ducati website. 900cc.
Ducati   Official site.
Alex Wong3268 days ago

Hi. Thx for this post. I am about to commit to buying one. Should I? Does it ride well? What else can u tell me? The one I am considering has 5 separate intruments and not like your dahs shown here.
Thx for the reply and consideration.

CT3268 days ago

Alex, this bike was alot of fun ( I did my first wheelies on it). The fuel injected bikes are even better (this one was carbutared).

Paulie3219 days ago

I have one, and I think its a fantastic bike, a true streetfighter. I opted for Staintune exhaust, in the standard location, to keep with the chrome appearance. But the carbon under/side of the seat exhaust is pretty cool also. Without the belt covers, etc., it looks pure rocket. The mirrors have got to go, to lose the mosquito look of the front, and tiny billet bar end units are what I opted for. It visually brings the handlebars way down, clip ons not necessary, but a damper sure helps! Good luck.

Harald HARB3118 days ago

How about maintenance: valve adjustments and keeping it in tune, is this a hassle and expensive for such a bike? I am thinking of getting one and I wanted to do the research first.


abe3095 days ago

please can anyone tell me if it advisable to get the 900s monster 1999 model. i have a er650 kwaka so which is the better . looking forward to a reply and am in durban south africa so are spares available . also can anyone help me out with a workshop manual for the above .. thanx

CT3095 days ago

Abe, I would recommend it. I had a Kawasaki 750 as well, and preferred the Monster.

felicity2870 days ago

hi love the bike i learnt to ride 2 years ago and now have a monster dark 750 and i am seriously thinking of going with the chrome look can ii just love it

invisible feline2820 days ago

I just bought one today with just 7000 kilometres on the clock.
Its a 1999 model. My bike was originally shipped from Italy to Japan new.I live in Australia.

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