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Mercedes-Benz Biome : 2010

Light Technologies from Nature.
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The Biome:
The Mercedes-Benz Biome is an ultralight vehicle that utilizes technologies from nature to achieve unparalleled efficiency and seamless integration into the ecosystem.

mercedes benz biome 10 01

2010 Mercedes-Benz Biome.

Mercedes-Benz Symbiosis:
Mercedes-Benz Symbiosis is a system in which the vehicle becomes part of the ecosystem like the leaves of a tree. Symbiosis vehicles collect energy from the sun and store it in chemical bonds, in the form of a fluid called BioNectar4534. Mercedes has also developed technology to retrofit trees with receptors which can harvest their excess solar energy into BN4534. This creates an incentive to plant more trees and collect more energy, while also helping the ecosystem. The vehicle can be composted after its lifespan is complete or used as building material.

Partnership With Nature:
The Symbiosis vehicle forms a seamless part of the ecosystem through green technologies. Most of the energy used to power the vehicles comes from the sun. It is stored in a lightweight grown material called BioFibre. It is much lighter than metal or synthetic composites, but stronger than steel when mature. It is grown in the Mercedes-Benz Nursery through proprietary DNA. The customer’s specific desires are genetically engineered into the Star and the vehicle grows when this combines with the Seed capsule.

Mercedes-Benz Nursery:
All Mercedes-Benz Symbiosis vehicles are grown in an ecologically sustainable nursery, using primarily organic materials.

Growth from Two Seeds:
The interior of the Biome grows from Mercedes-Benz DNA in the front star, when it fuses with the seed. The exterior grows from the rear star, creating the shape. The wheels are grown separately from four unique seeds.

Technologies from Nature:
Mercedes Benz Symbiosis vehicles release pure oxygen into the environment, helping urban areas to meet air quality standards.

Hubert Lee
Christopher Rhoades
Nicolas Garfias
Alan Barrington
Daniel Kim
Benjamin Messmer
Jack Luttig

(source: Mercedes-Benz)

mercedes benz biome 10 03

2010 Mercedes-Benz Biome.

mercedes benz biome 10 07

2010 Mercedes-Benz Biome.

mercedes benz biome 10 04

2010 Mercedes-Benz Biome.

mercedes benz biome 10 02

2010 Mercedes-Benz Biome.

mercedes benz biome 10 08

2010 Mercedes-Benz Biome.

mercedes benz biome 10 09

2010 Mercedes-Benz Biome.

mercedes benz biome 10 05

2010 Mercedes-Benz Biome.

mercedes benz biome 10 06

2010 Mercedes-Benz Biome.

mercedes benz biome logo 10

2010 Mercedes-Benz Biome logo.

mercedes benz 1

Mercedes-Benz horizontal logo (in B&W).

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Mercedes-Benz Museum   Official site.
Noticias de Coches2707 days ago

Beautiful Picture. Let's see the car ;-)

goutam parui2671 days ago

its terrific

Norman LaFave2667 days ago

I love the car and the idea. I volunteer to drive one around and show it off.

mark2667 days ago

wow,, like it.. so amazing

Everitt2667 days ago


vito2667 days ago

so does this thing have wheels? or does it float

vito2667 days ago

i mean does it roll on wheels ......cuz i saw one shot of the car and it looked like it wasn't touching the ground???????

Ricky Wu2667 days ago

how much of this car?

epi2667 days ago

such car looks like impossible to be happening in reality! or maybe so, around year 2100 at least. and the interior doesn't look comfortable at all. a one seater maybe...

nick2667 days ago

There's room for four-passengers inside, or so we're told, and the seating position is in a diamond format.

smitt2667 days ago

Show me More! This thing is gorgeous! Let the haters hate! I want dis car!

Brent2667 days ago

Put a smiley face if the yahoo article directed you here.

Habibies2667 days ago

wow i really love this Cool and Awesome Concept like it

Dheja2667 days ago

ummm can i have one in red?

Ali2667 days ago


THE PR0F3550R2667 days ago


edgar2667 days ago

this car will change the complete aspect of mercedes-benz. i love the images and how it gives the whole idea in the pictures now to see the car would be something else

Jordan2667 days ago

So does it actually have an engine, or does it power itself and require no engine or transmission or any of that kind of stuff? All inall a very nice concept, I would love to own one.

BanBan2666 days ago

Very smart. Futuristic. I love the way they design it. But how it move? I does not see any wheel. Or maybe it floating.

fenix2662 days ago

fake big fake
human raze doesnt have that technology
in mercedes-benz´s page dont appear any nes about it
sorry for mi acent . ym rusian

Ryu2650 days ago

It's still far from production but its definitely not a fake.

I really like the idea and would love to find out more about the engine.

Yasin2646 days ago

it's fantastic
I love it
it is a complete car

ahmed2646 days ago

mercedes-benz biome not just car ..... i want to see it in the street soon

ehsan2634 days ago

that sound's interesting but its size seem's too small let you pick your girl friend up to drive around..!!

Lloyd2543 days ago

yeah, it's cool but when will we start seeing these things in real life!

christian2062 days ago

many people said about this car but this car is can be in real, but design is pretty good. i impressed that lines.

Joshua1751 days ago

I hope everyone knows the physical version of this car is a large, plastic shell with no engine or controls. This is a design idea; it is science fiction, at the moment. There is no current ability to harvest liquid fuel from trees, no tires currently grown from seeds, and there is currently no completely organic, pure-oxygen emitting engine grown in a lab. So, in short, this car doesn't really exist (outside of it's big showroom, unpowered model).

Seguro para auto 682 days ago

that's why Mercedes has always been my favorite car. nice pics btw

Chriss Benitez656 days ago

awesome!!! i also love it

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