ECOmove Qbeak : 2012

The eco friendly and practical car.
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A clean conscience.
Business motorists can gain several advantages with the QBEAK. The electric car gives owners as well as drivers a clean conscience by being climate friendly. No CO2, no noise, no smell.

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2012 ECOmove Qbeak.

Use QBEAK for stating your company profile and position on sustainability to the world. Design the car according to your company's needs and redesign it later if you change your image. A lot of the components for instance body parts, seats, carpets and accessories, can be replaced, and in this way you can redesign your car to your own liking.

Driver ergonomics is at the core of QBEAK. Electrical sliding doors make it possible to enter and exit in one single movement without any twists, avoiding strain on the back and arms. The driver is located in the middle of the car, with the possibility to enter and exit from either side, which is safer when moving about in the city. Combined with a professional turntable seat, the QBEAK is an effective workplace which can optimize transport and working environment of the company.

The car is spacious and the goods compartment is large enough to easily store an entire European wooden pallet. The flat bottom makes the car easy to organize or fill with goods. The goods compartment is accessible from the sliding doors on the sides or from the large double hatch in the back.

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ECOmove platform.

The world's most flexible electric car platform.
The platform consists of two principal units: Chassis and wheel unit. The chassis has a unique construction. It is delivered as a complete unit with batteries, control units, charger, pedals and steering gear. It is fully flexible when it comes to length, width, height, load battery capacity and tractive force. All parameters can be adapted to the task.

Why not choose a simple solution?.
No more springs and complicated wheel suspensions in heavy steel constructions. No more enormous engine rooms. The construction of the wheel unit is a combination of a well-known technology and new patented technologies, which totals low energy consumption and maximal flexibility to solve different kinds of tasks. The complete ECOmove wheel unit makes the electric car simple, easy and reliable. The unit consists of wheel, motor, brakes and the ground-breaking composite suspension.

By integrating motor and wheel, a lot of space in the cabin is freed and can be used for goods or passengers. In that way even compact cars will be able to fit more than two persons. Furthermore the ECOmove wheel unit reduces the number of movable parts significantly, which equals large savings on production and maintenance.

The platform is available with 2, 4 or more drawing wheels, and a battery capacity of 30 to 300 km.

Be among the first to become a QBEAK pilot.
ECOmove is now open for QBEAK reservations. The first cars are expected to be delivered in the middle of 2012.

The reservation fee is DKK 2.000 (EUR 270) and by paying you become among the first to have a QBEAK electric car delivered.

Send ECOmove the following information,

- Full name
- Full address
- How the car is going to be used, Business, Public organization or Private use.

When they receive your reservation they will send you confirmation including the necessary details for payment of the reservation fee.

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2012 ECOmove Qbeak.

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2012 ECOmove Qbeak.

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ECOmove Qbeak logo.

ecomove logo

ECOmove logo.


ECOmove Qbeak.

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