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Lamborghini Reventon : 2008

Only 20 will be built.
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n/a n/a 650.0 2008
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Lamborghini revealed its new Reventon supercar at the Frankfurt auto show. Based on the Murcielago sports car, the Reventon is said to be inspired by the F-22 Raptor fighter jet.

lamborghini reventon fs2

Recent reports indicate the car will cost nearly $1.6 million, significantly above the Murcielago $300,000 MSRP. In fact, anyone who wants the car has been asked to put down a deposit of nearly that amount.

The Reventon delivers 650 horsepower and 487 pound feet of torque. Lamborghini will only build 20 Reventons, and rumor has it all units have been spoken for.

Speculation about the super Lambo first surfaced on the Ferrari Chat online discussion forums after future owners reported putting deposits on the cars. (source: left lane news).

lamborghini reventon fs3

lamborghini reventon f1

lamborghini reventon r2

lamborghini reventon sr1

lamborghini reventon tr1

lamborghini reventon s1

lamborghini reventon ft1

lamborghini reventon in1

lamborghini reventon in2

lamborghini reventon in3

lamborghini reventon badge

Lamborghini Reventon badge.

lamborghini reventon logo

Lamborghini Reventon logo. Why Revention? Lamborghini has a long tradition of naming its cars after fighting bulls of courage and legend, including the Miura the Murcielago and the Gallardo. The company's symbol is, after all, a raging bull on a black background. Reventon was a Mexiacn beast, included in lists of the greatest bulls ever to enter the ring. in 1943, Reventon took on famous Mexican bullfighter Felix Guzman. Reventon gored the matador twice, but Guzman's last ramaining strenght claimed the bull's life. It was a short lived victory. Guzman lost enormeous amounts of blood and died ion the hospital a short while after. Unfortunately, there is no bull with the Raptor name, that which is given to the Lockheed Martin F-22 jet fighter that inspired the Reventon. As for the Reventon's internal, informal code name? BOA... Baddest Of All. BTW... Revention means "blowout" or "Flat tire" in Spanish. (source: Autoweek).

lamborghini logo3

The official automobili Lamborghini logo. Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A., commonly known as Lamborghini.

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steve3549 days ago

The Reventon was initially revealed at the Los Angeles Auto Show back in September.

tatahh3532 days ago

prefiro nao comentar

avtobazar3515 days ago

I heard that lamborghini intend to let out Gallardo in style of Revanton. is it a true?

Tom3384 days ago

Anyone know what typeface/font they have used for the logo and dash etc?

The military stencil type.

I found one called camo but it does not quite match.

KD0G3328 days ago

Easily the best Lambo Ever!!

tarik3314 days ago

je t aime lamborghini

???3202 days ago

this is so to infenity and beyond... lol nice!!!

???3202 days ago

also that has one big excaust!!

Oscar J. Acosta3090 days ago

I must clarify that I was born in Mexico and as such blood runs in my veins I can tell that Reventón not only means blowout or flat tire, quite uninspiring translation! Reventón as it comes from Mexico really means "To Party! Really loud!" or as a very loud and startling sound. So when you go to Mexico and want to party hard just tell your Mexican friends for true... "Vamonos de Reventón!"


al2839 days ago

the supercar is really super! the design is futuristic as well as its features... really love the car for sure!

stick2818 days ago


2818 days ago


chal2811 days ago

This has been one of the best lamborghinis I've seen so far. Love the design, speed and the mileage it gives to the car itself. Added to that is the car's aesthetic feel.

potar2714 days ago

Yes, design is simply class! Myself I want to car!

efe ergin2599 days ago

Make a state-of-the-art car and screw up inside? Allright, i have nothing to say for the outside, it is amazing but please couldn't Lamborghini do the indoor better? Anyway, i loved the idea of "1/10 Reventon

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