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DiMora Natalia SLS 2 : 2006

The world's first $2 million production automobile.
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MSRP Engine HP Manufactured
$2 million v16 1200.0 2006
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DiMora Motorcar Announces World's Most Expensive $2 Million Production Automobile. Mora Motorcar announces that it has begun work on the Natalia SLS 2 sport luxury sedan, the world's first $2 million production automobile. The Natalia will feature dozens of innovations, most never seen before in a production automobile.

dimora sr1

The variable-cylinder, aluminum DiMora Volcano V16 engine will deliver 1200 horsepower to the four steerable 24-inch wheels running on innovative flat-free tires. The chassis and body will be lightweight by using aerospace composites and structures. The Natalia will have brains as well as brawn. Onboard there will be over 50 computer systems controlling every aspect of this sport luxury sedan.

The Natalia will sense the emotional state of the driver including stress, heart, and temperature levels. This information will be fed into the onboard computers for interactions with the driver such as adjusting the interior temperature and lighting, the type of music being played, and how the brake and accelerator pedals respond to foot pressure. The computers will even talk with the driver in circumstances such as when drowsiness is detected.

The Natalia will have the latest state-of-the-art operational, navigational, computer, communication, and entertainment systems. Environmental conditions will be controlled by each passenger and the parked car will be kept cool or warm (as appropriate) for hours with the engine off. Rear seat passengers will be able to enjoy a soothing high-tech massage. The unique beverage holders will heat or cool drinks. For the convenience of the handicapped, the front passenger seat will slide to the right, rotate 90 degrees, and lower the passenger to the ground.

The founder, CEO, and driving force behind DiMora Motorcar is Alfred J. DiMora, who produced two of America's finest luxury automobiles, the Clenet (as owner) and the Sceptre (as co-founder). He and the Clenet were inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame in 1986 for the Centennial Year of the Gas-powered Automobile. He also co-founded Star Bridge Systems, which developed the hypercomputers now used by NASA and other technology leaders.

According to DiMora, "The goal for the Natalia is to be completely distinctive from bumper to bumper?the most powerful four-door sport luxury automobile in transportation history. The Natalia will set the standard for 21st Century automotive excellence."

DiMora further states, "I have drawn on my 30 years of automotive and computer expertise to design this futuristic vehicle, one that is safe, efficient, luxurious, nimble, and powerful."

As part of the production of this unique automobile, DiMora Motorcar will employ a first-time-ever approach for the auto industry--the world will watch the design, build, and test of the Natalia. Anyone with Internet access will be able to view this remarkable educational material via video-streamed webcams transmitting from the company's facilities. The DMC website will afford people the opportunity to comment on Natalia's design as it progresses and to submit their automotive innovations. DiMora states, "Many of the best ideas are created by individuals in their garages."

Among the many ways DMC will entertain the followers of the Natalia's creation, DiMora Motorcar is planning to award prizes to thousands of people in a worldwide treasure hunt that will culminate with one very lucky person winning the grand prize?a $2 million Natalia SLS 2.

(Press release by DiMora Motorcar)

dimora side

dimora st1

dimora top

dimora logo.gif

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sophie3469 days ago

its a car

chris frerecks3390 days ago

DiMora has also launched an informed piece on the proposed $34 billion bailout of General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler American that is relevant to taxpayers and the nation as a whole at their blog

Marc3295 days ago

Well, it looks pretty good, but with 855 CID, 1200 HP & maybe over 5000 lbs weight, what about the gas mileage?

Ignition2921 days ago

This one's a very slick car. Its exterior is one of the unique exteriors I've seen. Too bad only a few people can afford this one.

DI2810 days ago

The design is just very sexy. I love the exterior. I wonder though home much does this one cost. It looks very expensive to me.

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